Podcast: Offseason Gains with Jonny Thompson from Fit4Racing

Oct 27, 2019
by Downtime Podcast  
Photo - Peter Ostrowski

Words Chris Hall : Photo Peter Ostrowski

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Jonny Thompson from Fit4Racing, to talk about how to make gains in the off-season. We cover loads of topics including how to approach putting together your own plan, the potential benefits of fasted training, how simplification can help you achieve more, how to spot signs of overtraining, and plenty more. Give it a listen in the player above, and get your offseason training on track.

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 The BIN fitness plan. Beer, ice cream, nap.
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 Obese America
  • 35 0
 You've misspelled fatness.
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 @cliff-huckstable: very clever. I say this as I relax on my lazy boy chair eating Halloween candy that I’m supposed to give out in a couple days.
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 If you ride a lot and burn tons of calories, you can drink beer and eat ice cream moderately. Tons of the athletes I follow eat bad stuff occasionally but it is not their core diet and they are burning thousands of calories per day.
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 What is this offseason you are referring to?
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 Only racers have off seasons. Real riders and trail builders go all year.
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 @JustinVP: unfortunately that's not an option in lots of places, for instance Canada
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 @etm94: Do you ski or board?
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 @etm94: Year-round fatbiking on Baffin Island, I hear.
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 In Northern California the fall through spring is the best part of the year to mountain bike. Summer is good but you have to get up early.
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 @etm94: There are less than 5 days of snow I can't bike in, here.
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 @jorgeposada: yeah I snowboard, so i suppose that counts
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 @Regamaro: Ontario and Quebec have a slightly different climate than the island...
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 @JustinVP: Racers are riders that race...
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 Fit 4 casing. Make them do burpees, those silly ropes and then use a jackhammer to prepare for them for 2 weeks of beers and brake barbecue in Alps.
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 Commercial Jackhammer might be useful!!
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 @greg390: WAKI ultimate Brit Summer in Portes du Soleil:

Warm Up: Burpess x10, plank 1.5 min, hip bridge raises x5, stretchband pullups with weight vest x10

Circuit 1 x3: throwing ball to each other while doing box jumps x10. 30s sprint on assault machine, jackhammer 5 minutes
Circuit 2 x3: squats x10, kettlebell swings x20, side leg raisesx10, jackhammer 5 minutes
Circuit 3 x3: rowing 2 minutes, single leg deadlift with juggling lacrosse balls, jackhammer 5 minutes.
Cardio: run with jackhammer for 5 minutes

The jackhammer would be the actual conditioning exercise, preparing them for enduring hours of making brake bumps with nearly locked out brakes. The rest is only to distract them and make them feel like they are doing something meaningful.
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 @WAKIdesigns: stretchband weighted pull-up have to be the most meaningfull exercise in that whole hardcore training plan ! Those gainz gotta be sick lol
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 @Balgaroth: jackhammer on 20mm steel plate if you want to simulate wet conditions and armed concrete for bone dry brake bumps on Super Morzine.
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 @greg390: Commencal make jackhammers now?
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 @WAKIdesigns: tried your workout, jackhammer gave me arm pump.
Solved it with revgrips, all good.
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 I can't believe it's already "off season". Looking out my window at 6" of snow on the ground and still coming down, 10 degrees F out there. Our second measurable snow and October isn't even over. At least fire danger is about 0% in Colorado at the moment. Thoughts with those in California, hoping you guys get some precipitation.
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 The blabber about Westside is pure bull shit. There are plenty of guys and gals at Westside who arent loading with the goal of being competitive at all. Same goes for Matt Wenning's programming, who is a former world record holder from Westside who does his own version of conjugate. Conjugate is for maximum performance regardless of your goals. And saying that all they do is max is silly. They've been doing 3 week on, then one week of deload since before this guy touched a weight This guy is always full of malarkey
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 Grateful for the free content, but wow his answers were vague, wishy-washy and hard to follow.
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 Sorry to hear you felt that way @nwarren I hope you got something from the episode though.
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 @downtimepodcast: Thanks for the reply. I listen every episode of your show and love it. Thank you. I did not mean for this comment to be negative, I could have been more constructive in my feedback. I felt you were asking him great questions but his answers were wandering and off topic, ETc. Do you give guests a heads up on topics that you want to discuss so that they have time to prepare and give a bit more structured/thought-out answers?
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 @nwarren: I'm glad you're enjoying the shows. I didn't read it as negative, I just always hope for listeners to get something from the episodes. I sometimes give people a heads up, it depends on the style of the episode, and the guest, as sometimes that can mean it becomes less natural and a bit forced. In this instance, there was a rough plan. I think perhaps we drank too much strong coffee before it!
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 @downtimepodcast: fair enough on the 'less natural'. cheers and thanks
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 Charlotte Gains-bro.
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 Do they even lift? Because they don’t look like they do.

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