Podcast: Ric McLaughlin on Covering the World Cup & EWS Circuits

Sep 30, 2019
by Downtime Podcast  
Ric McLaughlin seen during UCI XC World Cup in Nove Mesto na Morave Czech Republic on May 26 2019 Jan Kasl Red Bull Content Pool AP-1ZGDRYYGD2111 Usage for editorial use only

Words Chris Hall: Photo Red Bull Content Pool

This week on the podcast I’m sitting down with Ric McLaughlin. If you’ve watched the coverage of the World Cup, or the EWS then you’ll have seen Ric at work, bringing us trackside insight from the world’s top riders. We sat down to find out more about his career, how he ended up in his current role, and what it takes to bring us the awesome coverage that we get from World Cups and EWS rounds. Ric’s passion for the sport is clear, so sit back and have a listen to what he has to say.

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 Thanks for posting this @pinkbike I hope people enjoy finding out more about Ric!
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 I really enjoyed this interview. Proper honest and interesting to hear how difficult and awkward he feels on camera when actually the opposite is true. Keep up the good work on the podcasts. Look forward to them every week.
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 @dubod22: great to know you're enjoying listening mate!
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 This was great! I always thought Ric was a natural.
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 @ricardosafreire: yeah I was surprised to hear how challenging he finds it, it doesn't come across that way!
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 @downtimepodcast: already listened to it last week ! while trucking the US.Was hoping to get to listen to again some Elliot Jackson ( i know you had him twice already ) and a Rob Warner interview and another Brandan Fairclought please. yes i know i misspelled his name
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 @barbarosza: Eliot will certainly be back at some point... I'll do my best to get Rob and Brendan!
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 Thank you !!!! Rob warner !@downtimepodcast:
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 I know there isn’t really that much competition right now but this is definitely the best mountain bike related podcast I’ve come across so far.
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 Thanks @thenotoriousmic it means a lot that you feel that way. I work hard to make it as good as I can, but please let me know if you've got any feedback to improve it.
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 Keep up the good work! (both of you -- enjoy watching/listening to that stuff)
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 Was great to know his background turns out we went to the same uni. Another great episode.
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 Great interview. Downtime is always excellent content.
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 thanks @rpet I'm glad you're enjoying listening!
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 I'm excited to listen to this podcast. I don't want to be mean but as much as Ric sounds like a genuinely nice and passionated guy, I think the EWS would be better served by somebody else. The TV coverage is already challenging for the EWS and i believe they could do much better. They have to understand it's an entertainment and then it should be driven by entertainers. Look at Winn or Rob or even Cathro, they alll have a specific flavour but they all communicate lots of excitment...Ric not so much.... The format also would need to be improved and to gain some consistency. Look at the DH WC with the track walk, time training, quali, finals and after party.. It's a real ritual with stories unfolding along the way...The cideo contentfro each round is pretty consisitent... It sounds like EWS video content is all over the place, they try to show lots of riding instead of telling stories... My take will maybe change after hearing the podcast!!
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 I think at the very least he needs the support of a second person who could bring out each others charisma. As is, its a bit dry with just Ric. Tough job though.
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