Podcast Round Up: Concussion Protocol, Are World Cup Downhill Semi-Finals A Good Idea & Home-Made Carbon Bikes

Jan 24, 2023
by Christie Fitzpatrick  
Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds the last little while. Let us know below what you've been enjoying, we're always on the hunt for some new voices!

Dec 9th, 2022

More fun is more fast, even for World Cup racers.

With improved consistency and a load of podiums, Andreas Kolb and Charlie Hatton had a hell of a 2022 World Cup race season. Both re-signed with Continental Atherton and will be back on their custom AM.200M downhill bikes until 2026. Henry and I caught up with them to talk about the season, bike development, tire testing, and so much more. Kolb and Hatton also stressed the importance of having fun, the dangers of over-training, and why having your mental game on-point is so important.

Podcast: Tahnée Seagrave on Dealing with Head Injuries, Concussion Protocol & More

Tahnée Seagrave joins Olly Wilkins and Davi to talk about the launch of FMD Racing's new fly on the wall series 'How We Roll'. During the episode Tahnée talks about how she was first exposed to mountain biking, her siblings and the pressure of riding on the world stage as part of the family business. Tahnée also talks openly about her battle with the effects of a concussion suffered during the 2022 season, head trauma protocol at races, loosing followers after getting injured and the steps she found helpful to rediscover herself.

Podcast: Brook Macdonald on his 2022 struggles, a new Mondraker DH bike & the broken back he sustained in 2019

Words: George Thompson

George, Jack & Emilie round up all of this offseason's #teamrumours & chat with the Bulldog, Brook Macdonald about his struggles in 2022, a new Mondraker DH bike & the broken back he sustained in 2019. Enjoy…

Podcast: Reece Wilson on The Sleeper Podcast Launch

Words: Max Rendall

Sleeper explores the Downhill Mountain Biking world from the perspective of Max Rendall, a filmmaker and creative who has traveled the world documenting the sport. The aim is to provide an honest insight into the many weird and wonderful athletes, characters and creatives in this "Slept on" sport. Exploring wider themes of health, performance, spirituality, psychology, art, love and life in general. In Episode 1, Reece explains intimate details of his life and career as a downhill racer as we kick off our first ever podcast with a bang.

Podcast: UCI Rule Changes, Richie Rude On His Return To DH & Todd Schumlick On The New Intense DH Bike

Words: George Thompson

In this episode… George, Jack & Emilie try & make sense of the new DH rule changes. Then they chat with 2 x EWS Champion Richie Rude about that DSQ in Innerleithen, his battles with Jack Moir & Jesse Melamed & his return to DH. Will there be a new Yeti DH bike? Is there a new Pivot DH bike in the works? There’s definitely a new Intense DH bike & in the final section of the show Todd Schumlick talks about the development process, life on Intense Factory Racing & training his Perform X athletes. Enjoy…

Podcast: Are World Cup Downhill Semi-Finals a Good Idea?

Words: Chris Hall

There has been some big news in the past week around some of the rule changes to both the Downhill and Enduro Mountain Bike World Cup for 2023, so I thought it would be a good idea to get on a couple of people who live and breathe this to help us understand the changes and how they might impact things.

So I’m joined by Chris Kilmurray and Neko Mulally to dig into the changes in the rule book and what they actually mean. How will a semi-final work, who will have protected status and how does the points structure impact the riders. Will skin suits return? Is live radio communication to riders likely to happen and plenty more. So sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Chris and Neko.

Podcast: Home-Made Carbon Bikes & Other Fun Workshop Projects

Words: Pascal Pensa

We sat down with Pinkbike user @SleepingAwake to talk about his home-made carbon bikes, learning by doing it wrong and his many workshop projects. Starting out with making kiteboards and skis, he quickly progressed to his first carbon road bike during the pandemic and is currently working on the second iteration of his high-pivot enduro bike. But there’s also a #toolboxwars worthy box and self-made tools, too. Naturally, Reto and his friends also jumped at the opportunity to sign up for Red Bull Flugtag with a self-made “flying machines” and we get to hear the story behind their record attempt – and win! – at the event in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2021.

Podcast: Alex Preasant Talks Wrenching for Yeti & Travelling Around the Globe

Words: Beyond The Tape

In this episode, I was lucky to be sit down in the studio with by Alex Presant. We chatted about his new gig at Yeti, travelling around the globe and just a bunch of other general crap. I hope you enjoy. 

Podcast: Scar Cycles, Gearboxes & Home-Made Bikes with Stefan Lorenz

Words: Pascal Pensa

I sat down with Stefan Lorenz to talk about Scar Cycles, some recent projects and how he came to make his own bikes in his garage. With the HFS high-pivot gearbox prototype bike on show at the recent DT Swiss Craft Bike Days and a @TEBP feature of Brotlos Designs mpEV01 that he helped bring to life, Stefan’s work was front and center at the end of 2022. It was great to hear his perspective on the two very different bikes and how the feedback and discussion in the aftermath help to steer his future projects. We also get the inside view of how he got to make his own frames, the meaning of “Scar”, his choice of techniques, materials and styles, the builder community and why we should all try out a gearbox bike.


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 Shameless plug, but for a free resource:


A friend suffered a concussion followed by long lasting screen intolerance. She asked if there was any software that could help her block out parts of her monitor, so I created this browser extension. Hope it can help anyone suffering from post concussion symptoms.
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 Sam Blenkinsop on The OTB Podcast to discuss his move to Crestline and his plans for 2023. Plus an epic story including Eddie and Wyn Masters and a borrowed van!

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 Pinkbike have been sleeping on this one
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 I've never heard Brook weave so many words together before. The podcast was very good and recommend it! The sphincter tale is quite the laugh Smile

The Downtime Podcast with Neco and Chris Kilmurray was quite enlightening too as they discuss the rule amendments as put out by the UCI. A good listen.
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 thanks @handynzl I'm glad you enjoyed the episode about the World Cup changes.
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 @downtimepodcast: I was quite surprised about the team getting kicked out of the competition if they have no riders through injury or whatever. I know World Tour Teams get fined if they don't turn up to a World Tour event, but they don't get kicked off the tour!
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 Yes the semi final run is stupid, and I bet they'll only do it one year and drop it. If anybody gets injured in their semi run and can't do the final, the stupidity of pretending it's safer will be questioned. Gives no real value to the fans that I see, just makes everything more complicated. I never pay much attention to the points race and now I'll really care less since the results will be completely contaminated and compromised with semi final points.
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 Sleeper podcast has been ace so far!
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 seconded! listened to the one with Innes on sunday, super cool guy!
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 I’m surprised there isn’t more talk about the semi finals idea. As a fan. It’s gonna be hard to keep tabs on how riders are going and what not. I vote we scrap the ‘protected riders’ rule.
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 I also recommend: Bikes & Big Ideas:

Gamux on Doing Everything Differently (Ep.152)

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 The DTSwiss Craft event has some grinduro with a winning 57deg head angle! www.mtb-news.de/news/craft-bike-days-2022-alutech-armageddon-v2
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 Gypsy Tales. Second best podcast on the planet. After Joe Rogan. Cheers PB for the feature, Tahnee was an awesome guest... more coming with her crew too!
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 Bro you ever done mushrooms in a plunge tank
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 Any MP3 over ftp? I don't have Spotify here.
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You can download the MP3 files of the Skids & Giggles Podcast directly on our homepage.
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 @pensamtb: enjoyed the 2 podcasts about homemade bikes, thanks for your work!

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