Podcast Round Up: July 2023

Jul 3, 2023
by Christie Fitzpatrick  
Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds the last little while. Let us know below what you've been enjoying, we're always on the hunt for some new voices!

Podcast: Ed Masters on The Black Pearl, seeding 2nd at Fort William & winning an EWS

Words - George Thompson

The DH World Cup season is just around the corner & in this episode George, Jack & Emi discuss the amendments to the rule changes for 2023. Then, they’re joined by Pivot Factory Racing’s Ed Masters for a chat about The Black Pearl, seeding second at Fort William & winning an EWS. Expect a lot of laughs…

Podcast: Pinkbike’s Brian Park on MTB Media, Nothing's For Free, and 3D Printed Junk

Words - Jason Lucas / IFHT Films

Head of Mountain Bike at Pinkbike, Brian Park, joins IFHT to talk running the biggest mountain bike website in the world, the history of Pinkbike, having to get airlifted off a mountain with a broken arm, his love of 3D printing, and more.

Podcast: Jarrad Connolly on mind training techniques for racing, and how to approach challenges in your riding.

Words - Jake Johnstone

Jarrad's journey in the biking world started early, racing BMX and tearing it up on motorcycles before he even hit six years old. By the time he was eight, he was already racing motorbikes, and in his teens, he was even a mechanic for national motorbike races. Talk about a lifetime of two-wheeled experiences! Fast forward to today, Jarrad is the sales manager at Steed Cycles in North Vancouver and the host of the Steed Cycles Podcast. But that's not all - he also shares his extensive knowledge and expertise as a coach through the DEVO Youth MTB Academy right here on the North Shore. With over 30 years of riding and racing under his belt, Jarrad has truly built a foundation of wisdom and skill.

Podcast: Tahnee Seagrave on coming back from concussion & Roger Vieira on Provateer Life!

Words - George Thompson

World Cup DH racing is back & in this episode George, Jack & Emi discuss the first 2 races of the season; then, they’re joined by Canyon Collective FMD’s Tahnee Seagrave for a very candid chat about the concussion that blighted her 2022 season & changed her as a person, before closing out the show with Brazil’s Roger Vieira in a new feature called Provateer Life...


Podcast: Jake Johnstone Reshapes The Mountain Bike Coaching Game

Words - Steed Cycles

Jake Johnstone is reshaping the way most riders are looking at coaches with their mental game becoming as much of a priority as the physical game. He doesn’t come from a high profile racing career like a lot of the coaches that you will find in the sea to sky but comes from letting his bike take him on adventures which led him to Squamish, BC to pursue his coaching career and as you will hear he knows his stuff. After a few years with Endless Biking he is out on his own creating a new experience for all levels of riders to excel at their riding with his coaching company The Mind Mountain.

Podcast: Getting To Know Nic Walser, Coach To The World's Fastest Racers

Words - Pascal Pensa

We sat down with Nic Walser to talk about his journey to become a coach to some of the world's fastest racers. After working towards a professional downhill racing career himself, Nic started coaching friends during his sport science studies as a hobby that allowed him to combine his own passion for bikes and racing with the insights from the text books and the lab. It was really interesting to hear how he puts his own education and experience into practice, not only in his day job in a sports clinic, but also as a coach dedicated to the gravity disciplines in mountain biking, helping athletes achieve their goals and dreams.

Podcast: Brendan Fairclough on his pro earnings, fatherhood, riding clipless and more

Words - TheRideCompanion

Brendan Fairclough aka Brendog is back on the podcast with arguably his best appearance yet! During this episode, Brendan Fairclough talks about the ACL injury that changed his career, taking a huge pay cut to ride for Honda, Steve Peat's financial advice, his preparation ahead of the 2023 World Cup season, hating being called a 'freeracer', fatherhood and loads more...

Podcast: Matt Smith on managing mental health in high stress environments, and life as a MTB event first responder.

Words - Jake Johnstone

With over 20 years of experience as a paramedic, Matt has been involved in some of the most challenging and high-stress situations imaginable. We touch on how he manages to stay calm and focused in high-pressure situations, and how his passion for mountain biking has helped him stay grounded and balanced in his personal life. We also talk about how to manage risk as a mountain biker, and what to carry in your first aid kit.

Podcast: Episode 8 of Gromcast with Head Impact Trauma

Words - Jake Johnstone

I'm super excited to bring you this episode where I chat to Nick from Head Impact Trauma ltd. HIT company founder Euan and Nick are right at the cutting edge of concussion research with their Impact sensor and work with The Brain Collective. A growing number of World Cup downhill riders are going to be using this device on their helmets this season. Company founder Euan has been out at the Lenzerheide World Cup with The Brain Collective working with the riders on the ever growing #Hitsquad, with legend of the sport Sam Hill, Brook MacDonald and Kade Edwards being the latest notable additions. The potential for what this device can help with and what it may lead to in the future is really interesting and a hugely positive move in the sport of downhill.

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 I've been amazed at how well podcasts can expand people's world views, and create a deeper desire for learning. Glad to see so many people in mtb contributing to having genuine long form conversations.
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 And yet on the other side of the coin some people think the world is flat. We couldn't even ride DH bikes if it was. /s
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 I love a good podcast. I love the PB podcast, Downtime, Vital, Singletracks, all sorts, but I just don’t get Making Up The Numbers. Am I an outsider? Is Making Up The Numbers for insiders only? Making Up The Numbers makes me feel like I’m not a mountain biker. I’ve tried and I’ve tried, drawn in by the big names in the titles, but ten minutes in and I still don’t know who’s talking and who they are talking about. Who’s racing in Portugal? Who’s that guy with the rich northern English accent? Ten minutes in and the title guest still hasn’t been introduced. And there is no information on their website explaining the hosts or the episodes. More Downtime please, that’s the model, props to the Downtime Pod.
  • 16 0
 Hi Chris, sorry to hear you're not enjoying the show! When we started the pod Downtime & Hookit were already pretty well established & there's not really any point doing the same thing as someone else if they're already doing it well so...

MUTN has always been about racing (the name comes from the fact that all my team mates were winning races & I was making up the numbers) & on reflection I guess we're a little bit niche (although the numbers of downloads / streams is pretty huge for long form content) & we don't actually talk about bikes or mountain biking 'per se' very much Smile

Ironically, I've just managed to buy makingupthenumbers.com though after chasing it for a couple of years so there'll be a bit more of an online presence over the next few months.

I'm the one with the rich northern English accent btw; Jack is a current World Cup racer, team owner & coach & also the one who's been racing in Portugal & Emi is an ex World Cup racer with multiple World Cup podiums; now a brand ambassador for Pivot & Conti & the Vice President of the Riders Association. We used to intro the guest pretty quickly but the data shows that the audience enjoy the intro - there's usually around a 6% drop in audience from the start of the show to the first ad break which is slightly less than the drop off for the guest - usually around 7-8%.

You can't be all things to all people & we're pretty happy doing our thing but really sorry that we make you feel like you're not a mountain biker!
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 I listen to all the podcasts you listed and I LOVE Making up the Numbers but to George's point if you don't follow WC DH pretty closely it's probably not going to be super interesting to you (that's not a value judgement, just my take on who will like MUTN).
The nice thing is there are so many good MTB podcasts out there that there's something for every level of interest these days.
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 @george-thompson: I love Making Up The Numbers and it's format. It's possibly / probably the best podcast out there if you are really into the DH racing.

Any episode of Moving the Needle where Sven Martin makes an appearance is also a must listen.
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 Thanks for the props @mrchrisj there's so much great podcast stuff out there that it's great to hear you still like Downtime!
  • 4 0
 @george-thompson: great answer, I feel embraced, thanks George.

I haven’t given up yet, I’m still drawn in by the excellent guests :-)
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 @mrchrisj: Oh great to hear, thanks for persevering with us! Your comments have really given me a bit of food for thought - I've stopped even introducing myself & Jack & Emi but we've picked up a lot of listeners in the last 12 months so will do that on the next episode - cheers for the reminder.

As I headed up to bed last night I actually started thinking just how far away racing actually is from trail riding. I very rarely ride in a group anymore, usually just on my own (partly due to having kids) but every ride I do is just chasing segment times, that's what's fun to me. I then started wondering if you gave me, Jack & Emi the choice between a 40km trail loop or an afternoon racing lawnmowers or go-karts which would they choose & I'm pretty sure Jack & I would choose the latter; not too sure about Emilie but will ask her Smile
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 @george-thompson: that’s got “future episode” written all over it
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 @george-thompson: huge fan of the podcast George. I will say, the format was different than I expected, but I love it now! Great insight and world class at Team Rumouring!
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 No downtime? ….mk
  • 5 0
 Yeah, that's a weird one to leave out, loving the "Downtime Goes Racing" series they're doing this year too.
  • 4 0
 @dolface: Thanks mate, we're enjoying making it!
  • 2 0
 @downtimepodcast: Soooo... if you are working on it... you aren't having any downtime? It's all so confusing.
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 @downtimepodcast: You're doing an awesome job Chris, keep it up mate
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 @74NZ: thank you mate!
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 Don't know if it was mentioned elsewhere.

June 29th episode of the Bikes and Big Ideas podcast "Anna Newkirk and Abbie Hogy on Beyond Racing, the Contra DH bike, and more"

Awesome episode that will get anyone stoked! I wish there was a series about them like Neko is doing with Frameworks.
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 I’ve been impressed with the “Donuts and Bikes” podcast. Each episode has delivered some quality content this far. themountainbikecoachingpodcast.buzzsprout.com
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For those wanting there Rob/Eliot fix. So far better than anything GCN has put out for a wrap up
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 Psilocybin for TBI looks super promising: www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fneur.2021.685085/full
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