Podcast Round Up: Life Changing Injuries, Creating Careers in Cycling and Competing at the Highest Level

Aug 28, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Here are some of the best podcasts that have been filling our earbuds recently that didn't make it to the homepage:

Paul Basagoitia Talks in Depth About his Life Changing Injury and Recovery on The Powell Movement

Paul Bas shredding Rampage

Paul Basagoitia’s life has been a rollercoaster of insanity. He powered through a dysfunctional childhood by racing his bike. When his race career came to an abrupt halt do to lack of support at home, his bike became an escape. Then he met Cam Zink, eventually got on a mountain bike, had overnight success, became a pro, and had a life altering injury. We talk about it all on this heavy podcast.

John Beasley on Working at Red Bull & Monster Energy and the Emerging Social Network Vero

The Insider Ep.4 John Beasley

John is the former Head of Brand for Red Bull UK and the former Vice President of Marketing for Monster Energy EMEA. We take a look back over the course of John's unique and successful career as he worked his way from advertising agencies to senior positions at 2 of the biggest soft drinks companies in the world. From developing Virgin campaigns and M&S food radio adverts to leading Red Bull F1 activations, beers with Lewis Hamilton and shredding with Ken Block and Steve Peat. We cover nearly 2 decades of John's career and look at the how brands like Red Bull and Monster Energy have changed the modern landscape of marketing and organisational culture. Beyond knowing every word to the Anchorman movies and being a huge fan of snowboarding, John is now a driving force behind Vero, a new and emerging social media network that is shaking up the game. If you have wanted to understand the mind of the people behind some of the most influential brands in the world, then episode 4 of The Insider with John Beasley will give you a glimpse into this world.

Sam Blenkinsop Talks About His Schladming Win, That Gamble Section, Becoming a Dad and More

Photo - Cameron Mackenzie
Photo: Cameron Mackenzie

There is no doubt that Sam Blenkinsop is one of the most stylish mountain bike riders on the planet. With a career that started with racing in New Zealand at a young age, Sam worked his way up to win the 2008 World Cup in Schladming, beating the seemingly unbeatable Sam Hill. We sat down for a chat to find out more about his rise to the top. We also chat about what it’s like to work with teammates like Nico Vouilloz and Loic Bruni. We cover Crankworx, that amazing Gamble segment, becoming a Dad and much much more. So hit play below and give this episode with Sam Blenkinsop a listen.

Elliott Heap Talks About Winning the EWS Title, Hangovers, 4X World Champs, Pies and More

Photo - Laurence Crossman-Emms
Photo: Laurence Crossman-Emms

This week on the Downtime Podcast, I’m joined by enduro rider and under 21 EWS series winner, Elliott Heap. Elliott quickly rose through the ranks of enduro and downhill after a childhood of racing motocross and some support from Nigel Page. We sat down in person to chat about those early days, what it took to win the EWS series title, and the hangover that followed. We also chat about his 4X World Champs success, pies, and plenty more. No doubt Elliott is going to be one to watch in the elite ranks, so hit play below to give it a listen and find out more about him.

Tyler Villopoto Talks About his Switch from Motocross to Mountain Biking


Tyler Villopoto might have one of the most unique stories in all of two wheeled sports. You may already recognise Tyler's last name? After all, he is the younger brother to multi time motocross/supercross champion Ryan Villopoto and has himself been in and out of professional racing for many years. However, like many other motocross riders before him he has recently discovered mountain biking and has made the switch to racing downhill.

During this episode Tyler talks about growing up racing motocross with older brother Ryan, being home schooled in order to pursue a professional career, injuries, witnessing huge family sacrifices and the negative side effects of professional sports. We also discuss the differences between both industries and why the skills picked up from motocross racing often transfer to a downhill bike so well.

Just five years ago Tyler rediscovered mountain biking after pulling an old Tomac out of his shed which he'd originally bought from John Tomac himself. Fast forward to the present day and Tyler is riding for Specialized Bikes and is a true mountain biker.

Wyn Masters Speaks to Sam Dale on his Approach to Bikes and Racing

Sam Dale s XL Santa Cruz Nomad. Almost a DH bike.

I was lucky enough to catch up with my ex teammate and good friend Sam Dale, and discuss his road as a pro rider and a bunch of good stories along the way and why he's happiest with the simple life, racing out of his van. What it was like standing on World Cup DH podium, and also the value of riding a range of different bikes has on building your skills.

A Glimpse Into the Life of Tyler McCaul


Tyler McCaul's backstory is the classic tale of little brother chasing big brother (Cam) and eventually breaking out of his shadow and creating a life of his own, without comparison to his bro. On the podcast we talk about turning his home pool into a water ramp, racing downhill, Chili’s, Rampage, Cam and a whole lot more. It’s Tyler’s first podcast and an entertaining listen.

Cam Mccaul on Following your Gut, Positivity, Work Life Balance and More

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Cam McCaul was one of the early pioneers of freeride mountain biking. Cam is always one of the best guys to be around. His fun and positive attitude is infectious. After a successful career in slopestyle and Rampage, Cam still maintains a career in freeride and announcing all while being a devoted husband and family man. Follow along on his YouTube channel.

John Waddell Discusses his Recovery from Being in a Coma for 26 Days


When I was getting into the sport as an early teen I would often see John Wadell's name in all the big magazines.

As one of the pioneers in the sport, he has seen everything from racing Downhill on a bike with V-Brakes to racing 24-hour events on a bike 10 times safer. The story behind the transition from fast-paced risky downhill to 24-hour races is even crazier than the transition itself. In 2003 John had a huge crash resulting in massive brain trauma and John being in a coma for 26 days. We chat about his rehab and his unbelievable calm attitude towards the recovery.

Wyn Masters speaks to Amaury Pierron on his Road to the Top

Amaury Pierron celebrates his first elite win at Fort William Scotland.

It was great to chat with the 2018 World Cup Downhill overall champion and 2019 World Cup runner up Amaury Pierron, Amaury has made an impressive rise to the top of the sport, but not without plenty of hurdles and some adversity along the way, he credits this for helping him to have strong mind and also to enjoy all the moments along the way and enjoy the sport for the fun of it also.

Charlie Harrison Talks Snowshoe, Relationships, Testing, Early Nights and More

Photo - Jack Rice
Photo: Jack Rice

This week on the Downtime Podcast, I’m joined by Charlie Harrison. Charlie Harrison was one of the standout riders of 2019. He stood on the podium at the first and last round of the season but unfortunately suffered a wrist injury that required surgery mid-season. We sat down to chat about his career so far, all the way from his early moto days to that amazing 3rd place in Snowshoe. We cover teammates, the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, faith, early nights, and more. So hit play to give it a listen.

Where's Olly? Episode One - Knockouts, Secret Lines and Secret Bikes with Olly Wilkins



After the fun and success of The Lockdown Companion Olly and I decided we had to launch another podcast/video series. So, here's the first instalment of 'Where's Olly?'

The premise of the show is simple; On the 23rd of every month there will be a brand new episode available on all podcast streaming platforms, accompanied by a YouTube version which includes riding footage, photos and a few surprises. The series will document Olly Wilkins travels and projects as a professional rider, the plan is to share more of the behind the scenes stories, insights and draft in a few guests along the way too.

On this first episode Olly and Davi catch up on what they've been up to since The Lockdown Companion ended. Olly talks about his first crash in a long time, his bike packing trip to France with girlfriend Georgie, a secret shoot in Glasgow with Cut Media and what plans are in the pipeline for the release of a new Focus bike...plus much more!

Brian Lopes on Longevity, his Competitive Drive and More

Moving the Needle Podcast Sven Martin Pic
Photo: Sven Martin

Brian Lopes started racing BMX at age 4. He then went onto become one of the most successful mountain bikers earning 4 World Titles and 6 World Cup Titles. He was inducted into the MTB hall of fame. Age did not slow him down at all competing well into his 40's. He talks about longevity, his drive and what set him apart.

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