Podcast Round Up: On Being Greg Minnaar's Mechanic, Riding 1 Million Feet in 200 Days, & Private Jets

Nov 23, 2021
by Sarah Moore  
Here are some of the best podcasts that have been filling our earbuds this month.

Brett Tippie Podcast: Brett Rheeder Talks About Expectations

Brett Rheeder is one of the most accomplished competition riders of all time. He talks to Tippie about his atypical path to mountain bike supremacy growing up in rural Ontario. He shares his experiences with stress and expectations and how his mindset has evolved over the years because of it. The Bretts talk about Rheeder's new interest into the world of downhill racing and his bike component company, Title, which has just reached its one year anniversary.

August 31, 2021

Brett Rheeder x Brett Tippie = Brett²

Beyond The Tape Podcast: Miranda Miller on Challenges, Pushing Boundaries & Mental Health

Newly crowned Canadian National Champion Miranda Miller ready to battle it out on home soil.

bigquotesThis has to be one of my favourite episodes by far. I never thought that I would ever have the chance to sit down with Miranda and talk about her career. She has been one of my favourite riders for a very long time now because of her amazing attitude, hard work ethic, and resilience against adversity. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording this Episode. Beyond The Tape Podcast

Trail EAffect Podcast: Episode 37 with IMBA's Executive Director Dave Wiens
Photo Credit Mervyn Creative

Episode 37 features Dave Wiens. While Dave has been around the world of mountain biking as a racer since nearly the beginning, we chose to focus on Dave’s current work as the executive director of IMBA. We discuss the path Dave took to become the executive director of IMBA, along with everything else trails. The reoccurring theme throughout this show is the importance of relationships. We also went deep on “More Trails Close to Home” and the importance of building great trail communities.

Making Up The Number Podcast: Greg Minnaar & Myriam Nicole Join George Thompson for the Royalty Episode
Greg Minnaar seen at UCI DH World Cup in Lousa Portugal on November 1st 2020
Myriam Nicole seen at UCI DH World Cup in Leogang Austria on June 12th 2021
Images from Red Bull Content Pool

bigquotesWe’re calling this one ‘The Royalty Episode’ because our guests are the GOAT, Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Greg Minnaar & 2017 World Cup Overall Winner & 2019 World Champion, Commencal Muc-Off’s Myriam Nicole!

From Greg’s advice for younger riders to how Myriam conquered her fear of jumping, this episode has it all…
George Thompson

Downtime Podcast: Can Laurie Greenland's Coach Make Me Faster?

Photo - Chapter Studios
Photo Chapter Studios

bigquotesCan coaching make you faster? I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to be faster on my bike. So in this episode, I took a coaching session with Laurie Greenland’s coach, Olly Morris. We sat down afterwards to discuss the process we went through. Find out how Olly identified areas that could be improved and the exercises that he used to help me. It was a really interesting day for me, and quite different from what I expected. We also discuss coaching in general, and hopefully give you some good pointers if you’re interested in taking on some coaching yourself, be it to go faster or for other reasons. So sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Olly Morris.Chris Hall

The Enduro World Series Podcast

bigquotesThe (liquid) dust has now settled, the power washers have been put away and the riding kit is dripping in the garage... the 2021 EWS-E and Enduro World Series is in the books. After a failed attempt to broadcast from the road, Ruaridh and Ric are back however with plenty to discuss and debate.

Over the course of the next few episodes we're going to be looking at the second block of racing, the busiest in Enduro World Series history with nine races in just five weeks! Who were the big winners, who were the losers and what were the stories behind them?
Ric McLaughlin

The Drop In Podcast: Katy Winton on Factory Team Vs Privateer

Duncan Shaw is joined by Scottish Enduro Mountain Bike Racer Katy Winton. Back In November 2020, Katy was given the shock news that her contract with Trek Factory Racing was not going to be renewed. After four years of riding and racing for one of the best known and biggest bike brands in the world she was suddenly left with the reality of being unemployed, without a team and even without a bike to ride for the 2021 season.

Downtime Podcast: Ben Hildred Talks About Riding One Million Feet in 200 Days

Photo - Callum Wood
Photo Callum Wood

bigquotesBen Hildred is an inspiration. In 2021, while working a full-time job, he managed to climb and descent 1,000,000 feet in just 200 days. Never one to make life easy, this came after Everesting the Queenstown bike park, climbing the height of the stratosphere in 30 days and the height of the solar system’s highest volcano in just 3 days. Ben is a real inspiration for those days where you don’t feel like heading out on the bike! We sat down to find out more about Ben, where these crazy challenges come from, what they are like to take on, and how he goes about it. We chat about his bike and kit choices, nutrition and sleep, motivation and mindset and plenty more. Sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Ben Hildred.Chris Hall

The HKT Podcast: Paving A Way For Women In Mountain Biking With Helen Gaskell

Helen Gaskell is a former professional downhill mountain bike rider who started her career at just 8 years old. During this episode of The HKT Podcast Helen shares some incredible stories from her days on the World Cup circuit, how she first secured sponsorship, becoming a brand ambassador for Specialized, starting her own MTB insurance business plus much more...

Gypsy Tales Podcast: Aaron Gwin Discusses his Impact on World Cup Racing

Gypsy Tales is a motocross podcast hosted by Jase MacAlpine but it has also hosted mountain bikers in the past including Sam Hill, Dean Lucas and now Aaron Gwin.

With nearly 4 hours of discussion on tape, there was guaranteed to be some great insight and Jase has published the above highlight on his YouTube. In it, Gwin talks about breaking into the sport, what advantages he had from his moto and BMX background and how his moto-inspired training program helped to raise the level of downhill racing.

Tune in to the full podcast for some more great insight into Gwin's process and story. Our highlights were the discussions on why Gwin thinks he was sometimes perceived negatively early in his career (2:45), how he learned to deal with the pressure of winning (3:10), how he sees the future of his career (3:38 ) and that Val di Sole run in 2012 (3:45)

Liston to the full podcast on iTunes or Spotify

Moving the Needle: Andrew Neethling Talks to Dr Jason Richardson on Going From World Champion BMX to Sports Psychology
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Dr Jason Richardson is a former World Champion BMXER turned Psychologist. He helps create results for current or past athletes, entrepreneurs and execs by combining psychology and coaching.  This conversation hits home on so many levels and every person I feel can benefit from looking a little deeper into the mental side of sport and life. 
We hit a broad range of topics including the mental side of performance, retirement from sport, confidence vs preparation, physical vs mental and loads more. Enjoy 

Full Episode :

Downtime Podcast: Chatting With Greg Minnaar's Mechanic, Lyle Hyslop

Photo - Sven Martin
Photo Sven Martin

bigquotesLyle Hyslop is mechanic to the most successful downhill mountain biker of all time, Greg Minnaar. Lyle took over as Greg’s mechanic in 2020, where they took a race victory in their first season together and backed that up with a World Champs gold medal this summer. We sat down to find out about Lyle’s background, his time in Morzine and how he became Greg’s mechanic. Lyle shares some great insight into Greg’s setup and processes. We chat about their findings from testing a mullet, hear about the modification that Lyle made to Greg’s bike for World Champs (that even Greg doesn’t know about) and much more. So sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Lyle Hyslop.Chris Hall

Moving the Needle: Andrew Neethling Talks to Darcy Wittenberg from Anthill Films About the Long Live Chainsaw Documentary

Sven Martin Pic
Pic : Sven Martin

MTB Legends.

Long Live Chainsaw is a documentary on the life and legacy of Canadian downhill rider Stevie Smith. Darcy Wittenberg from Anthill Films joins the show to discuss all things about the film and Stevie. We get some amazing insights and inside stories of Stevie's life, upbringing, and what it's like to make a film like this. This is a MUST watch for anyone that wants to be inspired.

Find out all you need to know: LONG LIVE CHAINSAW Also the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation

Brett Tippie Podcast: Yoann Barelli on Why He Loves the Sea To Sky

Yoann Barelli, the wild man himself joins Brett, The Director of Good times, for the most energetic episode of the podcast yet. We all know what Yoann is capable of on his bike, but do you know how he got here? Brett dives deep to learn about Yoann's early days growing up in France, being inspired by his famous cycling neighbours, the evolution of his racing career and how he ended up in the beautiful Sea to Sky region of BC. Enjoy!


Aug 25th, 2021

Can you match the Energy of Yoann Barelli and Brett Tippie?

Gypsy Tales Podcast: Dean Lucas on Getting a Private Jet Home from World Cups

Getting back to Australia after the World Cup season finished was no joke for Dean Lucas. His flight home ended up costing more than $10,000.

Listen to the full three-hour Gypsy Tales podcast below.


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 Of course it's a sharing website. It always was..
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 What other mtb websites are good? I only know a couple that are decent, but the PB banter section is what puts it above the rest.
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 @tacklingdummy: comments are the funniest part
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 It would be nice if we could get a round up, of all the round ups. Hard to keep up these days.
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 @tacklingdummy: Banter? I'm only here for the elitist separatism, name calling and armchair engineering punditry!
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 To be fair, I actually find these podcast ones pretty useful. I burn through a lot of podcasts, and finding new relevant/interesting ones can be tricky. I've discovered a few podcasts I've subsequently subscribed to through these round-ups, so these posts are serving a purpose.
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 It’s ironic; so much focus on growth that they’re going to lose the base that helped them evolve in the first place…. pretty much annihilating any kind of identity that isn’t attached to consumerism. RIP Pinkbike

Levy, Richard, Kaz & Henry have been great on some podcasts but even that is starting to go down.

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 @housem8d: weird thing is i have been on many forums (mainly bicycle building ones) many years have passed and all of them have either gone the way of the DODO or are still running but with a different younger crowd at the coal face , the point is things move on someone will set up another cool website it will grow it will die , this happens
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 I listen to most MTB related podcasts including all of the above and I have to say Downtimepodcast is a head above the rest. Always very prepared, quick comeback questions but still very though out. And the Brett Tippie one is super entertaining! great in a different way Gypsy tales with Aaron Gwin and Sam Hill is great however the guy is a pain in the ass to listen to, but is worth it.
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 Thanks @timmy1701 that's very kind. Such an awesome mix of podcasts these days, so hopefully something for everyone... apart from people who hate podcasts ha ha!
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 I mean, he's able to have conversations with some of the best athletes on the planet and they're lining up to talk with him and more and more folks are listening all the time so...Maybe the pain is in your ass.
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 @inside-plus: Gypsy Tales is 3/10, I only listen to his podcasts when he has really big guests on(Gwin, Hill, etc). The guy drones on so much about himself and jiu jitsu it makes it a rough listen. Its at least 1/3 of the show. How many times can the guy say the same things about himself? "When I was in ameriker I was like f*ck I need to to do jiu jitsu maaan... It's f*cken crazy maan, hold on dont tell me about your experience I need to tell you about my experiences(JIU JITSU)... when I was in ameriker it was crazy man like f*cking wild I was taking pictures of dudes on dirtboikes and f*ck it was so crazy youd never imagine". Sounds harsh but every episode I've listened to has a conversation along those lines.

@timmy1701 This is spot on. The Tippie podcast is becoming my favorite, funny, good stories and lots of dad jokes haha!
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 @mtbforlife4: foiking nailed it man
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 @timmy1701 Agreed, gypsy tales gets THE BEST people but I can't listen to it, I tried again last week to listen to Moir interview but no,5 minutes in I gotta shut it down.damn shame
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 @mtbforlife4: I love Jase but this really made me laugh haha
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 so good the Bareli/tippie one
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 @downtimepodcast is a level above. The man we strive to emulate.
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 @mtbforlife4: Your opinion is your opinion, he gets Athletes to talk better than most others, he's got the nack for that. lol ffs Joe Rogan harps the f*ck on about BJJ every episode till this day $100 million later.
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 The Miranda Miller interview is one of the best podcasts for a long time, such an easy listen. Funny that she thinks she is whacky and different, but she is one of the most grounded and easy to listen too top riders out there, giving such an awesome and honest interview. Comes across just like a normal rider who just happens to be super fast and a rad person.
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 @betsie for you to say that considering how many big hitters are on the list makes me happy. Thanks for listening, I truly appreciate this.
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 The question that remains unanswered: when did the twins Lyle and Joshua get separated?
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 you won the comment section today, best comment here
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 So everesting is really a bit meh “1million feet”
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 You know what would be a really good story to report on? A mountain biker who posts informative videos and helps the mountain bike community. But now is struggling to even get out of bed because of a reaction to the vaccine. Let's not pretend that you even care about other mountain bikers when you there are zero stories on Kyle.
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 Pinkbike I would be interested if you could interview Warner. I think obviously the issue is so politicized that I am surprised you haven't dove on it for the clicks. It's a really sad situation but also important to keep in mind that reactions happen to anything and that of the millions of people to now have the vaccine, incidences of myocarditis and pericarditis like that appear quite rare. As of October I think the stats were about 800 reported cases per 54 million doses and places a risk of about one per 100,000 with most cases as mild. That said, those people who have been effected are people who intended to do something beneficial for society and now are paying a price with their lives so I would be very interested to hear more about that experience and also what can be done to support people like Warner who are wading into unfamiliar waters with powerful social narratives behind them and potentially devastating personal consequences.
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 Cheers for sharing these @pinkbike
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 HKT Podcast is so frikkin amateur.
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 @pinkbike Thank you for including the Trail EAffect podcast in this Podcast round up!
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 Too much clutter
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 This past month? That tippie one is almost 3 months old…
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 I’m an avid HKT podcast listener, the Helen Gaskell episode is well worth a listen!
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