Podcast Round Up: Vaea Verbeeck on Progression, Kade Edwards' Red Bull Sponsorship, Being a Responsible MTBer, & More

Jan 13, 2021
by Sarah Moore  
Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds this month when we haven't been busy recording The Pinkbike Podcast.

Until Sunset Podcast: Vaea Verbeeck - Queen of Crankworx & Aggressive Downhill Rider

Queen of Crankworx and 3 times DH national champ. Vaea Verbeeck, an aggressive downhill racer talks about how she re-considered her career after a broken femur. For us she defines the word of progression in the sport and we got to film with here for a Shimano "Make Your Mark" video. She gets into how working on power moves is what opened up her riding possibilities and gives some great tips on how to approach features that you feel might be beyond your current level.

bigquotesI did not process I broke my femur…meanwhile I am staring at my foot in my face.

The Performance Advantage Podcast: World Cup Mechanic Dr Lewis Kirkwood on Vibrations and Data in MTB

Besides working as a mechanic for the Norco Factory team, Dr Lewis Kirkwood is also a leading MTB researcher at Edinburgh Napier University focused on understanding vibrations during riding. In Episode 71 of the Performance Advantage Podcast, we discuss potential dangers due to vibration exposure in MTB, how the bike-rider system can function optimally, and how data is used at the World Cup Downhill races (spoiler: it could be used better!).

The Performance Advantage Podcast is committed to bringing sports science to the people. In each episode, leading experts offer their perspectives on practical applications to sports science to help you understand and use the information for yourself.

Podcast: Yoann Barelli On Becoming a Coach, Testing the Grim Donut, Finding His Inner Freerider and More

Photo - Shane Roy
Words Chris Hall : Photo Shane Roy

Let’s start the year off right with a dose of energy and positivity from the one and only Yoann Barelli. Yoann has made some big changes to his setup over the last year and we chat all about it in this episode. From starting his own coaching business to changing his team set up, we find out what he’s been up to. It’s super interesting to hear what Yoann has learned while becoming a coach too. We also chat about testing the Grim Donut for Pinkbike, finding his inner freerider and much more. So hit play below and listen to this episode with Yoann Barelli.

Podcast: The Lockdown Companion with Olly Wilkins Returns

Lockdown Companion is back baby!! Let's be real, it's kinda bitter sweet though isn't it?! 

Olly Wilkins and Davi started The Lockdown Companion podcast series back in March 2020 when the world went into lockdown. The premise was simple, have some fun and try to ease the stresses of lockdown whilst bringing in some fascinating guests for a chat. The series led to some hilarious cameo appearances from the likes of Clay Porter, Ed Masters, Boris Beyer and the creator of Spikeball Chris to name a few. The series also led to the birth of a small invite only event at Rotate Bikepark dubbed Freedom Ride.

Once again the UK has been plunged into a full lockdown so they've brought the series back until lockdown restrictions are lifted. On this episode Davi and Olly discuss their Christmas experiences, Olly's broken ankle, Mongolian throat singing and set out some new plans for how to get involved with this often ridiculous podcast and support small UK businesses in these difficult times.

The HKT Podcast: Are You A Responsible Mountain Biker?

On the latest episode of The HKT Podcast, Davi is joined by Rogate Bike Park manager Sam Bowell. Sam is also a founding member of the B1KE organisation who are responsible for managing mountain bike sites across the South of the UK, including Tidworth Freeride, Windhill, Rogate and the S4P dirt jump site.

During this episode we discuss what it takes to be a responsible mountain bike rider and user of the great outdoors. It's no secret that the recent mountain biking/cycling boom has brought with it some difficult challenges, from public liability, litter on the trails and land ownership complications through to trail preservation and how we interact with other outdoor space users.

We both hope this episode acts as a thought provoking conversation and a framework for how the mountain bike community can work together to have a positive impact on our environment. Naturally, we'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the subjects mentioned too...

The Drop In Podcast With Duncan Shaw: Kade Edwards Talks His Red Bull Sponsorship, Racing, and Rampage

Duncan Shaw is joined by Kade Edwards this week, as they sit in the van to discuss, how his new Red Bull deal came about, his ability to master any bike and whether we will ever see any tricks within one of his World Cup race runs in the future!

The podcast can be viewed in video form on YouTube, or listened to using most podcast streaming services.

Moving the Needle: Andrew Neethling Chats to Gee Atherton About Bouncing Back from Injuries and Pushing his Limits

Sven Martin Pic
Pic: Sven Martin

Gee Atherton is easily one of the most successful MTB Downhillers of his time. The 2 time World Champion catches up with the show to discuss his early beginnings and where that work ethic came from that got him to the top of the sport.  Gee is also known as one of the toughest riders in mountain biking. He discusses his process to getting through crashes and injuries and his motivation after all these years. 

The HKT Podcast: Jono Jones Talks About Being A Professional On & Off The Bike

Jono Jones joins Davi for this episode of The HKT Podcast to discuss finding balance between holding down a corporate job whilst racing at the highest level, competing at RedBull Hardline and the £100 backflip bet, growing up with brother Matt Jones and why there careers ended up going in different directions plus lot's more...

Downtime Podcast: Laurie Greenland and Olly Morris on the Search for Ultimate Performance

Trail Creatives Red Bull Content Pool
Words Chris Hall : Photo Trail Creatives / Red Bull Content Pool

Laurie Greenland is one of the few people who’s shown that they are capable of taking the win at a DH World Cup amongst the current crop of incredible riders. But what does it take to stand on the top step week in, week out? In this episode, I sit down with Laurie Greeland and his friend and coach, Olly Morris, to find out what they are doing in the quest for ultimate performance. We discuss the work they undertook last winter to help Laurie acheive his goals, both on and off the bike. From planning, to testing, to race mindset, find out more about Laurie’s approach and what it takes for him to lay down that winning run. The detail that goes into being world class is fascinating, and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. So hit play below and give this episode with Laurie Greenland and Olly Morris a listen.

Downtime Podcast: Chris Hilton, CTO of YT, Chats About His Career and Shaping the Technology That We Ride

Photo - YT Industries
Words Chris Hall : Photo YT Industries

Chris Hilton has spent his career shaping the technology that we get to ride, and his journey has now taken him to Chief Technology Officer at YT Industries. We sat down to find out about his incredible career. From his early days as a racer through numerous roles, not just within the bike industry, right up to today. We chat about some of the innovation that he has been a part of, as well as finding out about some of the challenges of the modern mountain bike industry. What’s it like developing products to please customers, athletes and media at the same time, what impact do patents have, and plenty more. So hit play below and give this episode with Chris Hilton a listen.

Beyond The Tape: Talking to Canyon About the New Spectral 29

Canyon Spectral 29 2021

In this episode, Beyond The Tape chats with Jack and Leo from Canyon about the new Spectral 29. Jack looks after brand for the Gravity Mtb division at Canyon and Leo was in charge of the engineering. We have a good chat about the Geo updates, balancing aesthetics with function, and the tricky parts of the design of the bike. It was also important to identify the riders this bike is for as the new Spectral is a genre-defying rig.

The HKT Podcast: Matt Macduff Talks The War Of Art, Overcoming Resistance And Living A Full Life

Matt MacDuff x Title Mtb Watch the video at TitleMtb.com Photo by Jordan Sullivan
Photo by Jordan Sullivan

On this episode of the Gettin' Booked podcast series Matt Macduff and Davi sit down to discuss Steven Pressfield's book, The War Of Art. 

If you are new to the Gettin' Booked series then the premise of the podcast is to read a book each month that has had a positive impact on our lives. We then use these books as a framework for conversation and share with the listeners our thoughts, take aways and experiences. Of course, we want you to come along on the journey too so make sure you listen to the end of the episode where we reveal the next book on our reading list. This time, it's chosen by Cam Zink.

This is one of the most fun and thought-provoking podcasts I've ever recorded. During the episode, we break down what 'resistance' means to us and the ways it has presented itself in our lives, how we have worked to overcome it, fear, un-lived potential and stepping out of our comfort zones. Of course, Matt shares the details of his latest Title MTB film too and why this latest project meant so much to him. 

Trail EAffect Podcast: How Trails Evolve From Concept to Reality with Jed Olson
Photo Credit Chris Guibert of Rock Solid Trail Contractors. The Builders riding their creation

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a trail system built? Thanks to the IMBA Trail Accelerator Grant we provide the backstory about how a trail system went from Concept to Complete. If you want to learn more about the IMBA Trail Accelerator Grant tune into Episode 10. Jed Olson is our Guest on this show, Jed is the newly hired Executive Director of ORA Trails based out of La Crosse, WI. Jed has previously served as a volunteer, trail builder, Pumptrack builder and all around really involved human. To learn more about Jed you should check out Episode 2 of the Driftless Dirt Podcast where we go deep into the backstory on Jed.

Trail EAFFECT hosted through the Mountain Bike Radio Network via The Outdoor Route
This podcast can be found by searching "Mountain Bike Radio" or "Trail EAffect" on your favorite podcast player / app such as Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, ect...

Moving the Needle: Exploring Mindfulness and Performance Under Pressure with Andrew Neethling & Taylor Rapley
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Taylor Rapley is a mental skills consultant and facilitator, currently with a special interest in performance, resilience and well-being. She has a keen passion in how mindfulness can help high-performance athletes. We touch on all things like the "flow state", performance under pressure and getting the most out of your mind. We also chat about how these methods can be used to improve your everyday life. To learn more be sure to check out www.ahuapsychology.com 

Downtime Podcast: How Morgane Charre Went From Downhill World Champ to EWS Winner
Photo - Boris Beyer
Words Chris Hall : Photo Boris Beyer

Morgane Charre has excelled in both Downhill and Enduro, taking the 2012 Downhill World Champs and winning her first EWS in Finale Ligure this season. We sat down to chat about her journey from a background in Skateboarding and BMX to becoming a world champion. Morgane tells us why she chose to move to enduro and how she has adapted her riding to take her to the top of that discipline too. There is plenty to learn from Morgane’s approach. So hit play below and give this episode with Morgane Charre a listen.

Beyond The Tape: Chatting Racing, World Champs, & Moving to Sweden with the Zwar Bros

In this episode, Beyond The Tape is joined by Oliver and Ben Zwar. They are two brothers who are some of the most underrated riders coming out of Australia. Determined to do their own thing and succeed, the Zwar brothers set up their own UCI team, manage their own schedules, and have decided to move to Sweden as a way to take their riding to the next level. 

They chat about their racing history, there stand out 2019 season, and why they moved to Sweden. There are some blunt truths and good banter throughout the episode. Oliver and Ben have some big things coming and can't wait to see their progression. 

Trail EAffect Podcast: Braydon Bringhurst's Braydon's Rise in the MTB Scene & His RAD Tribute

Braydon Trail EAffect Cover

For the final episode of 2020 we bring you Braydon Bringhurst. Braydon is relatively new to the mountain bike world, but well known to those who are familiar with his Instagram content and videos. We sat down to discuss Braydon's rise in the mountain bike scene as a brand ambassador / videographer, and we caught up on the projects that Braydon is currently working on which includes a tribute to the movie RAD and a fundraiser for his local community of Boise, ID. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview one of the most talented and humble humans I've ever met.


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 Thx, the one with Sam Bowel is a really good one! Recommended to everyone.
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 Thanks for the support. It’s so cool to see it being relevant across the globe.
Happy trails
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 Thanks Eric!
  • 8 1
 The hkt podcast episode with Sam is a must listen for everyone! Relevant to the UK right now but I'm sure it's the same all over the globe
  • 8 0
 For sure, there are a lot of 'entitled' riders out there at the moment who are going to royally screw things for the rest of us.
  • 4 0
 Cheers guys. It’s pretty crazy around these parts right now but I’m seeing it kicking off all over the place. Really appreciating the continued support from everyone though.
Happy trails
  • 3 0
 I'll definitely check it out. An issue I'm becoming increasingly aware of and worried about.
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 @JunkeeThrottler: keep up the good work, looking forward to bering able to get down to Rogate again once the lockdown lifts.
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 Thanks mate, kind words!
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 Extremely relevant here in Santa Cruz CA right now. All of this interest in being a responsible mountain is bringing some hope back to me. Things have gotten out of control in my neck of the woods so I have decided to try and do something about it. I have been doing trail maintenance, putting up signage and writing letters. Just last week I sent out a letter to many of the larger purveyors of mountain bike web content about the need to start running some articles about being a responsible mountain biker. Nobody (including Pinkbike even responded) except the folks at NSMB who may be running a short article I wrote on the topic. I am sorry to hear that other riding areas have been negatively impacted but I am a little relieved to get some validation in the fact that this enduro craze is out of control.
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 @spunmonkey: I'd love to cover this topic on a future episode of Trail EAffect as responsible trail use is a very relevant topic, and could use all the attention it can get to help us all be better trail users.
  • 1 0
 @spunmonkey: I feel similarly buddy. Keep up the good work and thanks for listening.
  • 2 0
 @blum585: That would be great. I feel like mountain bike content sites do a really good job of getting people amped up to get out and ride but are not doing enough to educate riders on behavior that will promote the longevity of being able to access our trail networks. There is some responsibility here on their part. It can be as simple as stopping and thinking about how viewers behavior may be effected when they watch videos with the word "Slop" in the title. I know everyone wants to just keep this bike party going but my head is starting to hurt and we are going to be in for one hell of a hangover if we don't check ourselves.
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 Question to fellow listeners:
What podcast lengths do you prefer?

I'm asking because these 1-2-3 hour interviews are interesting on one hand but on the other I just can't get myself to listen all the way though in one go, and eventually I leave it unfinished after a couple sessions.

I mostly listen to self dev/marketing podcasts (and have one myself) that are rarely longer than 30 minutes – and even long interviews are split up into shorter episodes (either by major topics or a time limit) and spread out over several days. Not sure why but I find them much more digestible that way.

If MTB podcasts could do this, that would be stellar!
  • 3 0
 I've got to say, a long length puts me off even clicking on it. Maybe if we were allowed to travel anywhere I might have one as road trip entertainment.
My life isnt hugely exciting at the moment (work, excercise, netflix, craft hobbies)but I still dont see a 3 hour gap in my schedule and think I'll sit and listen to a podcast.
30-40 minutes to watch on my lunch break or while going for a run I'd be a lot more into.
  • 4 0
 I've listened to quote a few of these podcasts, generally when walking the dog. Personally I don't have any issue with listening to them over 2-3 sessions, no-one is forcing you to take it all in at once.

Both the HKT and Downtime podcasts have some excellent content. With the Downtime interviews some of them which they have done, I could've happily had more (Nigel Page, Paul Aston, Ratboy spring to mind).

Going to have a listen to the Kade and Gee ones from that list (already listened to a few of the others).
  • 4 0
 The quality of the content is proportional to desired length for me.
  • 3 0
 Depends on the subject and on the interviewer.
He's not featured in here for some reason (arf arf), but Spomer's Vital podcasts with veterans of the sport can go for a couple of hours and easily maintain interest. It feels like listening to a couple of old pals talking about old times.
Younger riders don't tend to be so interesting unless they are very strong minded (Matt Walker for example), while certain interviewers are lacking a bit of craft or are just plain irritating in their obsequiousness to guests (or waffling on about MX).
As a journalist myself, I often listen to pods where there's an interesting guest who hints at something revealing and the interviewer totally misses the obvious follow-up question - just saying "cool yeah" or whatever.
Erm, anyway, it basically comes down to whether the content is there to support the length of the format - be it an article, video or pod.
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 In addition to my other comment, I'd just add that the PB podcast has developed to be one of the best MTB ones - largely because of the chemistry between the hosts, the roundtable format and the reasonably sharp editorial focus. Sounds like they are ramping up the guest content for 2021, which is where I think they can add a lot of value. Example - get racers on to talk about racing and give a bit more insight than the journos can provide.
  • 1 0
 @chakaping: I'm with you, I hate 'interviewees' like that.
  • 2 1
 As others have said, 40-60 minutes is ideal max length really. I think that's true of all podcasts though, irrespective of subject matter. Any longer than that and it needs splitting into parts/chapters, with defined segments
  • 2 0
 I always like it when long interview podcasts put a little breakdown of what's covered @ what times in the podcast (either on their website or on the episode description in the feed--somewhere I can read it before choosing to download/stream). Sometimes I'll skip to a part that seems interesting, and if it's really good I'll listen to the whole thing.
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 I workf fulltime as a trailbuilder and some tasks are done alone during long period of time. The longer the better for me! Especially when using excavator or some other machinery.
  • 1 0
 The Performance Advantage podcast with Dr Lewis Kirkwood. I'd put money on the product discussed called the holy grail for hand arm vibration and speed being the Fasst Flex handlebar. Ultimate setup has got to be the Fasst bar, non lock on grips and really good brakes.
  • 3 0
 Thanks for providing this list! There are so many podcasts out there and new ones popping up all the time; it's hard to keep up.
  • 4 0
 I've said this before, but from all us drivers out there, THANKS for this article
  • 1 0
 Is aggressive downhill the same as aggressive downcountry?

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