Podcast Round Up: World Champs, Minnaar's Incredible Career, Optimizing Your Training & More

Oct 16, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds this month that didn't make it to the homepage:

Making Up The Numbers Podcast: World Champs Review with Camille Balanche, David Trummer & Dan Slack

bigquotesJoining George Thompson & Jack Reading for a special World Champs review show are the 2020 Elite Women’s World Champion Switzerland & Team Dorval AM's Camille Balanche, Elite Men’s Silver Medalist Austria & The YT Mob's David Trummer & Junior Men’s Silver Medalist Great Britain & SR Suntour One Vision's Dan Slack. This episode also features some strong opinions on British Cycling & a statement from Danny Hart regarding Madison Saracen not renewing his contract.Making Up The Numbers

Downtime Podcast: Racism in Mountain Biking - How Are We Doing?

Photo by Jeff Clark

bigquotesIs racism an issue in mountain biking? Why are people of colour so under-represented in the sport? In order to find out, I’m joined on this week’s episode of the Downtime Podcast by Eliot Jackson and Phil Young to talk about diversity and racism in mountain biking, find out how we are doing and what needs to change. Eliot has recently started the Grow Cycling Foundation specifically to increase diversity and Phil has spent a lot of time working on this challenge across the outdoor sports industry, so they are the perfect people to talk to on this topic.

We chat about their own experiences growing up in the outdoor sports world. About why people of colour are so underrepresented in our sport, what benefits could be had from doing something about this, and how brands should be approaching it. We also talk about what we can all do to help. I really enjoyed this chat and learned so much along the way, so a massive thanks to Eliot and Phil for taking part and being so open.
Downtime Podcast

Moving the Needle: Needles and Marc Beaumont Break Down the 2020 World Championships

Your top 3 men. 1st Reece Wilson 2nd David Trummer 3rd Remi Thirion.

bigquotesRacing is finally here. A bizarre year calls for a bizarre World Champs. Weather played a huge role in the race and it's not surprising with it being October in Europe. Marc Beaumont joins the show to bench race with me about the 2020 Downhill World Championships. We share our thoughts on the crazy race where Reece Wilson took the win in the men and Camilla Balanche took the win in the women.Andrew Neethling

Beyond The Tape: Chatting To Olly Wilkins About Riding, Racing, and Rampage

bigquotesI am so stoked to have Olly Wilkins in the podcast. I crisply remember seeing him in a dirt magazine for the first time, front end dumped down, nosing it deep into the next set of dirt jumps. Since then and the explosion of social media, he is still in my eyes, the spirit of MTB. Stoked to be riding all the time, frothing on new tech, and is at the forefront of brands embedded in the industry. We have a chat about riding, racing, and of course, Rampage.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.
Beyond the Tape

Moving the Needle: Andrew Neethling Chats With Greg Minnaar About his Incredible Career and Keeping Up with the Young Guns

bigquotesMinnaar is currently the most prolific winner among male professional downhill mountain bike racers, with 21 world cup career victories. Known as the Goat, Greg has had an incredible career and is still mixing it up with the young guns all while nearing the age of 40. How does he do it? How does he always seem to perform under pressure? Needles catches up with Greg and digs into to it to it all, plus how he struggled in Europe in his early days and doubted if he could make it as a professional. Easy to look to Greg and think it was always easy and he was always winning. Well it was almost that easy and quick... but even he had to learn to work a washing machine in Europe, live away from friends and family as a teenager and make silly mistakes like melting his body protection in a dryer.Andrew Neethling

The HKT Podcast: Talking Infinitie Looped Videos and e-MTBS with Olly Wilkins and Stu Thompson

Designed for DOWN shoot

bigquotesThe ebike special! On this episode of the podcast Olly and Davi catch up on Olly's recent trip to the Focus Bikes HQ in Germany, Freeride Madeira and Glasgow for the Designed for DOWN video. They also discuss kangaroo knockouts, ebikes, airport pranks and special guest Stu Thomson joins the podcast to give some behind the scenes insights into the SAM² shoot.The HKT Podcast

Beyond the Tape: Chatting with Connor Fearon About Racing Bikes and Staying Humble

Photo by Kane Naaraat

bigquotesConnor Fearon, what else do I need to say?

He is one of the most humble and down to earth humans in mountain biking. Known all around the world as one of the best at cornering, the most stylish on the bike, and yet if you were to see him on the trail he acts like an everyday bloke. That is probably the reason he has been the most requested guest for the podcast. I was super stoked to have him on and I hope I have done the episode justice. 
Beyond the Tape

Downtime Podcast: How to Optimise Your Training and Riding for Maximum Gains with Derek Teel From Dialed Health

bigquotesIn this week’s episode of the Downtime Podcast, I sit down with Derek to find out a bit about his background racing downhill for Yeti. We talk about how that took him on to personal training, and ultimately to founding Dialed Health, with the aim to become the number one resource for cycling fitness. We chat about optimising your week of riding and training to make sure you’re getting the biggest gains. Derek talks about the 7 essential movements that you should be doing each week. He also explains how food tracking works, and how you can use it to get lean. There is so much useful stuff in this episode, I really hope you find something to help improve your riding. Hit play below and get ready to learn!Downtime Podcast

Moving the Needle: Andrew Neethling Chats with Downhill Racing Legend, Jurgen Beneke

bigquotesJurgen Beneke is a legend in the Sport of Downhill and MTB. He was a pioneer of the sport and won the first official Downhill World Cup Series in Dh in 1993.  We talk about origins of the sport, sneaking alcohol into Norway to pay for racing and just so much more.  He feels he is also one of the luckiest riders alive escaping many crashes along the way. He has launched a fundraiser and campaign to give back to those riders that weren't so lucky.  He urges everyone that has had a lucky escape and we all know we have to donate $10 for every crash to a
GoFundMe page. 
Andrew Neethinling


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 This is a great idea. Loads of podcasts in one place. That's all my commuting sorted for next week. Thanks
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 Excellent conversation with Elliot and Phil, thanks Downtime Podcast!!
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 It always boggles my mind, Minaar is still racing!
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 Crazy to look at the names of the racers in the first wc he qualified for back in 97, even Jimmy Deaton was still racing then.

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flag andrew8404 (Oct 16, 2020 at 13:35) (Below Threshold)
 Such an awesome guy and class act. But I don’t get why everyone keeps mentioning Goat. He has the most wins no doubt but that’s over so many years. Gwin is only one race behind Minaar and has done it in half the time. Either way both great riders just don’t get it the Goat comments. Longevity wise and being competitive Goat no doubt. But the GOAT I don’t know.
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 @andrew8404: Goat is earned from having the most wins in Men's Elite class. Gwin may be one a way from a tie, in a lot shorter time, but most wins is most wins. Gwin is (was?) on fire, but Greg has the consistency. 5th place Maribor today after all those years racing. damn. Being able to hold to together and race/ qualify for that long of a career is noteworthy in itself, continuing to podium is amazing.

Just don't bring the women into this!.. Because Rachael smashed all the men's numbers! 1st in all the races and Worlds in one year! while the acronym GOAT fits, it's not as flattering. She's a goddamn unicorn that leaves rainbows in her wake.
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 Elliot was also on the Trainer Road podcast in the last few weeks and they talked a lot about training for DH, as well as a comparison between DH, moto, and road. I found it a great convo!
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 Not surprisingly missing vital's excellent inside line podcast. Still very nice to see this kind of roundup!
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 Yes, but, Vital has a whole site devoted to their podcast
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 Yes brother Phil still blagging it for all these years

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