Podcast: Tahnée & Kaos' Dad Talks About Bringing up Fast Kids, Running FMD Racing & More

Jan 22, 2019
by Downtime Podcast  
Photo - Dan Hearn

Words Chris Hall : Photo Dan Hearn

This week on the podcast, we talk to Tony Seagrave, father to Tahnée and Kaos, head of FMD Racing, and half of MarshGuard, to find out what being the father of two of the fastest and most stylish riders on the circuit is really like. We discuss Tony's background growing up riding BMX in London, his decision to move the family to Morzine, how the kids got into racing, the challenges of running a team, and much more. Hit play and give it a listen.

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 Mr. Seagrave begins at 5:22 into the podcast.

Sry - I'm short on time - need to leave work soon.
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 My other half overheard me listening to this, and she just walked into the room and said "we're going to name one of our son's Kaos" and walked right back out. Color me confused, pleased, and full of questions.
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 Great episode, always wondered how these guys (and other small teams) managed for cash etc, i really dont think many truly i=understand that moolar needed to travel the world in this way and compete, as well as live life day ti day, in fact i reckon its even harder than stated in the video, great passion and commitment to keep it all going.

Anyway, good podcast - cheers
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 thanks @makdthed, it's certainly not easier for the smaller teams!
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 Mint. Loyal to their sponsors...big respect to their set up. Quality listen
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 Good work Tone xx
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 best dude in the pits!!! cheers ol´T
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 Great listen. It's pretty crazy that this really is the only DH team with a female lead
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 The only one, except for the other ones.
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 Thanks @freeridejerk888, I'm glad you enjoyed listening.
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 What other team has a lead female? Not spe sh, not trek ( they have two lead riders gee and Rachel). Not polygon, not commercial, not pivot @spaceofades:
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 @freeridejerk888: Saracen/Madison with Manon before she retired was team #1 rider. (Just as Tahnee was up and coming)
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 @freeridejerk888: It could be argued that YT is now led by a female junior.
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 Now. In this day and age. Not 7 years ago when tahneee started. What I'm saying is fmd racing started with a female lead but no other team did @njparider:
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 One of the best ones yet.
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 thanks @krystianj, glad you're still enjoying listening.
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 Enjoyed staying with the Seagraves in Morzine, good holidays Smile
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 That must have been some fun times @lacuna, wish I'd have had the chance back then!
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