Podcast: The Insane Life & Times of Casey Brown

Jun 25, 2019
by Mike Powell  

Casey Brown has one hell of a story. This bad ass mountain biker’s life has been filled with twists and turns that I will not spoil in this intro. I will say that Casey had an upbringing different than anyone’s that I have met in my life. Based on all that Casey shares, you would think that she would have a totally different, maybe even strange personality. I found none of that, what I did find was an amazing athlete who knows all about highs and lows. It’s another incredible story.

Casey Brown Show Notes:

1:30: Traveling and growing up in Barn Bay, NZ

13:00: Moving inland, learning to bike, divorce, and losing everything in a fire

21:15: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code powell30

Evo: The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

22:45: Leaving her mom, Revelstoke, and her first real bike

28:00: The myth of her brother, skiing, and biking

32:40: Crankworx at 16

38:15: Spy Optic: Get 20% off on their site Spyoptic.com using the code powell20

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

39:45: Losing her brother, focusing on going pro, sending it in the wrong headspace

42:30: 2012 is the year it all happens, being a woman in the bike world, and competition

50:00: Changing things up in 2016, TGR, and other film projects

56:00: Rampage

60:00: Inappropriate Questions

MENTIONS: @ThePowellMovement


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 Listened to it yesterday, man now there's a life lived. Brilliant podcast.
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 Super interesting life she has had. Did not find the judgement she was getting from Mr Powell cool though. So she walks around barefoot and grew up different yet for him if you deviate from the norm your a freak. Even after Casey states walking barefoot is pretty normal in New Zealand I could "hear" his eyes roll...and the comment about "high tech" shoes is just laughable! Millions of years of evolution has made our feet great and modern shoes are coffins that prevent natural movement and cause all sorts of problems.
Not even going to discuss the ad talk...
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 I was the same. I didnt really see the point on whether she had a bf in high school or wore dresses to prom. Must be a cultural difference between american upbringing and Australia/nz. Casey is a legend and one of the most underrated atheletes in the international mtb scene.
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 That was fascinating and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your amazing story, Casey!
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 I think of Casey whenever I buy my kids a Clif Bar. After hearing that, I know I'm making the right decision. What a human.
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 Great podcast, I was wondering about her and Rheeder...
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 Casey Brown is such a legend. Such an inspiring human!
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 Great interview of a very interesting subject. The free ride sport has a potential for equalization using bike tech that is now readily available. If women need more power to compete against men in non-timed events, I say let them use e-bikes. On the other hand, no battery will give you the balls you need to ride like Casey.
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 What an amazing person! That was brilliant.
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 Casey is such a rad ambassador for cycling. Stoked on this interview! Thanks!
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 Such a cool and down to earth person
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 Brilliant podcast and what an amazing human Casey is! Deeply impressed!
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 Wow Casey, I had no idea of your life background, really interesting insight. You are a cool human !!!
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 A movie or documentary about the life she’s led would be ???????? Awesome. Great story there.
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 Loved this......great job!
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