Podcast: The Long Hard Road To Turning Pro And Supporting Privateers With Wyn Masters

Jun 13, 2019
by The HKT Podcast  

Words: Davi Birks // Photos: Keith Valentine & Sven Martin

Wyn Masters is one of the most likeable characters on the planet, a true gentleman who's living life the right way. What most people might not realise is that Wyn's journey to turning professional was a long and tough one. His first couple of years racing World Cups were entirely self-funded after working solidly for over six months in the gold mines of New Zealand and Australia. Once he made it to Europe he had to quickly get to know people to help him get from race to race and help with maintaining often broken equipment.

On this episode of The HKT Podcast we take a deep dive into what he went through as a privateer and the many reasons that led him to start the privateer GoFundMe page plus plenty more stories and insights from his years of travelling the World Cup series.

2009 aboard Wyn's first pro ride on Ancillotti, 2019 on the GT Factory Racing team.

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Make a donation to the privateer GoFundMe

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  • 13 0
 Wyn Masters, take a bow. What a good c#nt.
  • 5 1
 The highest accolade in the British vernacular!
  • 2 0
 @alexhyland: hahahahaha so true!
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 @HookitProducts: that was great btw. Amazing stories, some very funny and some pretty scary stuff!
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 @alexhyland: Appreciate that man, thanks!
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 Appreciate the share Pinkbike! Hope y'all enjoy listening... total pleasure having Wyn on the podcast this week to tell some stories and discuss the privateer fund. If your reading this and you feel like giving back, there's a link above to make a donation! Cheers
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 Had 6 hours of drive time yesterday, and this helped. Thanks!
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 @Hogfly: Your more than welcome!
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 well that was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride!
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 hahaha right!!! Thanks for listening bud
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 Wyn seems like such a genuine dude. Epics stories too. Those early years were wild!
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 Wyn is my hero, dont matter what place in the world cup he gets.
To me he is always a winner, besides being the Wheely Master Masters !!!!

Saludos de México.
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 Great stories and a very interesting insight into Wyn's life. Intoducing Jason... vimeo.com/7075008
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 Yes, Wyn sent me this yesterday and I was going to post it on our social media over the weekend once more people had listened! hahaha
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 The penguin story is goldSmile @HookitProducts:
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 Even the underwear ad at the beginning cracked me up. My nutsack can't wait!
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 Hahaha, been doing reads for SAXX for a couple of years now. Trust me, that was one of the more 'pc' ones...
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 @HookitProducts: I've clearly got some catching up to do!
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 what a great new zealander
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 Great guy. Couldn't stop listening.

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