Aug 29, 2014
by Fest Series  

Stay tuned for more from HoffFEST at Retallack.

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 Kurt and andreu. You are the gods of freeride. That train was unbelievable.
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 Don't forget about Aggy... Smile
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 Zink and Strait better build something for fest too.
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 This Video shows me again, how fucking lame i am.
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 I wonder what josh bender would build if he was in on this
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 That 3 tho ! Rather insane
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 sick sending it tree high on dh bikes. i Always like the reflection of the trees in extreme sports. you guys are making it look like yur ski ing josh dropped it also tree high it would have been sick to have a picture in another section of the jawseroni drop some fest riders have send those bender sized drop already or almost i dunno. but josh bender did it just way earlier he just likes to ride bikes that why he such a great rider.
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 Bender would build an 80 ft drop to flat.
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 Watching Sorge and Lacon makes me forget myself and just enjoy the flow, style and badass skill these two have!
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 It's so weird coming back to mountain biking after a few years and seeing all these guys ride, everything is so clean. I remember getting Double Down and watching those guys ride and thinking how insane it all was. Now wathcing all I see is people crashing, it's like the idea back then was just to jump off something and have some suspension to mitigate injuries. Bender was my idol, but now that I think of it, he never landed anything.
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 Heard there's going to be a couple winter stops on the Fest circuit! Cali and NZ.. If this is true thank you Fest for keeping the stoke alive through the winter!
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 I hope we'll see some big 3s like that at rampage this year
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 So sick, before andreu started his run i knew he was gonna superman that last jump
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 That was probably the sickest flat three in the history of the world.
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 someone please do a slow motion video of andreu's 360
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 Flat spin 450 Wink
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 Real time...and is was slow motion!
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 Spooged in my pants...
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 It was so sick it wasn't until the 4th time watching it I really appreciated how sweet Sorge's whip was on that hip. I could watch 1:30-1:34 again and again and again......
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 about even with robbie bourdon's flat 3 in NWD 9 Wink
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 I-ride-things, nope, not even. Bourdo f*cked his like 7 times before getting lucky. Lacondeguy just lays it out like Sunday first try & yeah you see that there's whatcha call a double. A hip in fact. Bourdo was hitting a straight table with a forever runout on it. Bourdo's was a nice move, especially for it's time, but "even" they are f*cking not. Not even close.
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 It's the pinkbike post from heaven.
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 I wonder if anyone unofficially broke Zink's record.
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 Andreu is the sickest guy. FMB needs to pay attention to the FEST series.
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flag chyu (Aug 29, 2014 at 10:35) (Below Threshold)
 how about a no.
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 how about a yes.
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 why would you want fest to be in fmb
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 I want FMB to man up and build some duckin huge senders to equal or better the FEST series.
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 who gives a rats ass about FMB! fest on its own!
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 One aspect of FEST is: f*ck FMB.
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 Once again, these fest articles really bring out the FMB hate. Who cares - it's a different segment of the sport altogether, and each have their merits. No one has done anything nearly as technical (and impressive) as the FMB guys are doing, and they're pushing the sport in their own right. Let's see someone do a 360 double tailwhip, or an oppo-double tailwhip on these jumps. No worries though, keep on with the hate. Lord knows there isn't enough of it in the mountain bike world already.

Surely you can come up with some better criticism than "F*ck FMB", as well. What is it exactly about the FMB that you don't like? Have you considered writing them a constructive, respectful email with your thoughts? That usually goes further than a pinkbike comment containing profanity.
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 I was wondering if Zink's record will last long. It is only a matter of time with events like these.
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 Lacondeguy for president! Just incredible riding.
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 Watching the fest series has been like having a naughty affair behind the FMB's back. The FMB is like you're wife of 15 years, where an early night is still pleasant but not some on the same level of excitement as bangin the hot bird from the office on the photocopier.
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 the first person to try jumps like these are true mtb heros
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 This litle spanish guy has the biggest ball on earth, he is so f*ckĀ“in crazy.
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 This year's fest series has definitely pushed a DH bike, and the sport like no year before. - Well.. maybe. Zinks rampage backflip did it last year too
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 and his 360 before that, and Crankworx slope, and Rampage in general every year they have it, and Romanauk's insane gaps/drops... etc, etc. haha.
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 Dont forget wade, dangerous dan and even super t.
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 Wayyy too many to name, also one other name people seem to forget is Bender. He did a whole lot more than just fall on big drops.
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 jesus i suck at mountain biking
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 Stay with it, Hardyk! If you have fun on your bike & progress at what you like to do than one day you'll be sending some sick jumps. Don't hate on yo self
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 Each FEST event I'm like this is the sickest thing ever.. and then somehow the next one is even sicker..
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 360 on that jump is just insane. Sick stick sick
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 I hope we some Fest Series style lines at rampage this year. Fast and flowy all the way down the mtn. The fest crew should team up to build it.
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 Limited build time and crews this year but if Aggy, Sorge, Vink and Andreu teamed up it might work. Poachers aside I wouldn't like to judge between them.
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 They need to session Vanderhams section from Seasons, that would be sick.
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 The air time of those jumps is just silly
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 Living the dream! Crushed it boys...soak it all in man!
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 Sorge...for winner at rampage!!!!!
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 I think Huge is a understatement for the fest series...
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 You know is Andreu when he tricks every jump.. 360 SOoooo sick..
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 407.5 ?
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 what about andreu's winning rampage 2014.I bet he will.He looks so pumped
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 Crazy big ass jumps.......still overshoot them FTW!!!!!!
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 Youporn audience dropped off 50% after this Pinkbike publication !
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 Whoaa Andreu does sicker things everyday!
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 Andreu one of my fav riders love the moto style.
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 That screen.enough ...............
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 What the hell man? Lol holy shiat. That was so insane.
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 I'm not even mad.. Just impressed
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 Holy hell that train was straight e-tarded
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 Man JHerb's backflip on the third one...
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 Oh my god!
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 These guys ROCK !!!
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 ohhhh boyyy!!
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 dat wetbike looks like the most fun all weekend! amazing riding, huck on!
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 So Sick Rock Gods
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 that was the most insane 270 ever period
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 That 3..... Soooooo slow
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 DAT WHIP!!! sooo sick (1:32) BEAST!!!!!!
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 Any other footy?

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