POV Video: EWS Tasmania Practice with Wild Man Keegan Wright

Mar 29, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Keegan Wright attacking the Enduro World Series practice in Derby, Tasmania for Round 2 of the 2019 Enduro World Series.

MENTIONS: @devinci / @EnduroWorldSeries / @GoPro


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 Looks rowdier than a lot of World Cup DH tracks.
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flag ohrourkee (Mar 29, 2019 at 11:55) (Below Threshold)
 Not even close
  • + 9
 Those rock tunnels are so tight and sketchy looking
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 @ohrourkee: rowdier than Leogang ..
  • + 17
 C'mon Keegan - I got you on my team, bro.
  • + 14
 Course looks sick. Rocks with plenty of flow. I would definitely clip my bars and probably never get out of those tunnels. Robert
  • + 4
 I'm having a hell of a time trying to judge how narrow those really are with the wide-angle lens distortion. They look narrower than XC bars, but the riders are coming through them at a decent clip so there's gotta bit a bit of room for error. Just wish I could tell how much.
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 @big-red: having been down them...less than a meter wide. They are legitimately tight. The second gap has a nasty little crack in the rock 3/4 the way down that makes the gap much harder
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 That's some Millennium Falcon maneuvers. I think I'm bruised from watching.
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 Cool video, ace riding, amazing place! Does anyone know how many runs riders get at these sort of legs before race day? Are they shuttled for practice or is it a case of practice as much as you have energy for (to pedal/push up)? My understanding is it’s the latter, but it blows my mind how fast they can ride at first sight or from just 1-2 practices. Riding fast onsight freaks me out. What’s round the next corner?!
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 1 lap...but you can hike sections obviously.
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 @MikeyMT: cheers, that takes skills...
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 I've been riding and racing for a long time so I'd consider myself a fairly competent rider, but the speed he kept through those tech sections made me feel like I have no idea how to ride a bike. Impressive!
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 Keegan has got to be the best value for fantasy EWS. His results and potential should def bump him up in ‘salary’, but hey, I aint complaining. Kick some a$$, Keegan!
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 Think short bars might comeback in to fashion..
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 that is one rough section...do 800mm bars fit through there?
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 Yea Keegs! Only thing missing from that madman riding is the maniacal laughter at all times
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 section beginning at 1:20 is absolutely f*ucked
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 Just ask the step in my collarbone how much room there is in the ‘cracks’
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 Was that Maes with another hand injury?
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 Slowed it down to half speed, looks like they were just doing some helmet adjustments. Don't scare me like that, I need him for my fantasy team.
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 Wild Man Keegan Wright getting rowdy!
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 Holy sht, that is some badass riding!
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 The rock garden on shear pin is brutal!
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 I won't be attacking that trail without my DH bike. Those guys/girls definitely have massive balls
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 That terrain is brutal.
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 Was that filmed using a gimbal or Go Pro Hero 7 built in stabilisation?
The track is tight af.
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 Looks damn fun
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 Wouldnt a DH bike be more appropriate? 70% full downhill and very rough.

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