Cascade Components Announces Santa Cruz Nomad LT Linkage

Jun 3, 2019
by Cascade Components  
Nomad LT link
Cascade Components brings you the Nomad LT link

PRESS RELEASE: Cascade Components

We are pleased to announce that the Nomad LT link is now available for the Santa Cruz Nomad 4. The link offers a more progressive leverage curve, longer chainstays, and the option to get up to 190 mm of travel all while keeping stock ride height and pedaling characteristics. All links are designed and made in Everett Washington.

Nomad LT link
Nomad LT link

The Nomad LT link is rider designed, manufactured, and tested. By increasing the progressivity, your suspension can be tuned to offer better bottom out resistance than stock while maintaining its small bump sensitivity or tuned to offer better small bump sensitivity while maintaining the same bottom out resistance. Plus the more progressive leverage curve suits coil shocks better and allows running fewer volume spacers. Throw on a 230 mm x 65 mm shock and you've essentially got a modern mini-DH bike that pedals like an enduro rig.

Over forking your bike to gain descending performance is no longer the only option. Increasing travel in the rear slackens the bike out at the bottom of its travel when you need the stability the most. The travel is well managed regardless of the shock length it's used with or shock type. It keeps the suspension supple off the top so that it can track well through any chunder and ramps up to provide mid-travel support making it still poppy off jumps and solid in corners. The Nomad LT link is at home anywhere from the bike park to local trails. All parts are entirely CNC machined.

Since early March the link has been put through the wringer with a 230 x 65 DHX2 and a 230 x 60 Super Deluxe. The coil with extra travel feels superb through rough terrain and holds traction through anything and still has plenty of pop off jumps. The Super Deluxe has a surprising amount of small bump compared to the stock link and feels completely bottomless. Even with two volume spacers, the Super Deluxe doesn't feel harsh through its travel. If you want your Nomad to be burlier the Nomad LT link offers a substantial performance increase.

All critical features of the link are held to the tightest tolerances, as they are all hit in a single set up in our 4 axis mill. This ensures that bearing bores are perfectly aligned and widths are spot on for every single link, ensuring smooth motion and precise fit.

Specs and details:

• +6 mm chainstay length
• 190 mm of travel with 230 mm x 65 mm shock
• 177 mm of travel with the stock shock
• 8 mm x 30 mm eyelet spacing
• Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
• Colors: Raw, black, blue (longer lead time)
• Material: 6061-T6 Al
• Price: $249.00
Leverage ratio curves
Leverage ratio curve comparison

A little bit about Cascade Components:

I have been riding in the Pacific Northwest since I was 12. My background is in mechanical engineering and riding has always been a big part of my life so naturally bike component design has also been an interest. I have various parts on my bike I have made, but I wanted to offer something completely unique that increases performance.

The Nomad LT link began as a side project last winter when I had some downtime due to a broken chainstay. Apparently, that happens when you hit stumps midair going fast. I had been contemplating long shocking the bike and sat down and made some parametric equations for the leverage curve. That's when I noticed that with a stock link and a longer shock the leverage ratio actually becomes regressive at the end of travel which is less than ideal especially for a coil spring. I began playing with numbers for the lower link and found with some slight modifications it could make the leverage curve more progressive, add all the travel I could ever want, and increase the chainstays by 6 mm. I took those numbers into CAD and modeled, programmed, and machined the prototype Nomad LT link for my bike.

Made in Everett Washington
Machining the first Nomad LT link

When I got my first ride in on it I immediately noticed how much better the bike tracked over rough terrain. Any off camber rooted line became fair game and the ramp up made G outs feel more controlled. To my surprise when I got to the jumps it actually offered more pop than my previous setup, which again can be attributed to the increased progressivity. I was so surprised with how good the link felt right off the bat that I thought other people might benefit from it too.

After feeling out potential interest Cascade Components was created. There are some other components that I currently have on my bike that, depending on interest, may be offered in the future such as ball bearing eyelets for Fox shocks, seat clamps, and derailleur pulleys, but the focus will be on performance-oriented components.

Cascade Components is an offshoot of Dive Xtras Inc and ClaroWorks Product Development, where we are highly experienced with designing and producing CNC machined parts.

For more details visit

MENTIONS: @CascadeComponents


  • + 1
 Two hundred and fifty b*stard dollars for a b*stard piece of b*stard metal that's barely the size of a b*stard tennis ball that does something that I don't know what it b*stard does???!!!

Aye go on then I'll have one, looks nice.
  • + 3
 This reminds me of the old BETD links for Kona Stinky bikes back in the day, minus the increased tire rub from poor engineering foresight lol
  • + 1
 I'm intrigued!

@CascadeComponents What's the bottom bracket height with the new link + long-shock (65mm) and new link + stock shock (60mm)?
  • + 1
 Bottom bracket height for both length shock strokes remains the same at top of travel. Bottomed out both go lower obviously, but I haven't noticed any more pedal strikes than usual and I've logged a lot of hours with the link. Here's a plot of wheel position compared to stock if you're interested
  • + 1
 @CascadeComponents: The bottom bracket height is equivalent to the high mode then on the stock link (344mm)? I ask because I've gone back & forth between high and low mode on the flip chip and definitely prefer the lower mode for BB height (339mm) and head angle.

Also interested in the ball bearing eyelet for Fox. (A few of us on another forum were looking for something similar to Rockshox but had to finally settle on RWC.)
  • + 0
 @CascadeComponents: does it still use a flip chip for high/low bb setups?
  • + 2
 @kdiff: Correct. the BB height is equivalent to high mode. If it were the same as low tire clearance would be an issue with the increased travel. Running slightly more sag to achieve the lower BB height will give similar ride characteristics. The thread on bearing eyelet that replaces the stock one is potentially available anytime and I'm still working on the thread together version that works with the stock eyelet.

@nismo325: There's is no flip chip on this. Putting it any lower would create tire clearance problems with the longer stroke shock so I did away with the flip chip in favor or running more sag to get a lower ride height.
  • + 1
 Interesting idea, some other bikes could benefit from this for better leverage ratios or convert to metric shock
  • + 1
 Product looks first class. Really need this for my Transition sentinel, a bit too linear.
  • + 2
 Out of interest are you running a coil, how do you find having 140mm travel vs 150-160?
  • + 2
 @zyoungson: Im running the stock fox dpx2 air shock. Also have tried every recommended psi/token size combo on the net. Im still not content, so im going to get it revalved in a few wks time.(add extra high speed comp/ less high speed rebound)

Ive owned lots of bikes, but this one has taught me that geometry vastly dictates speed and handling more so then any suspension components. The fork and shock get out ridden quickly, because you are going WAY faster thru chunk then ever before. If re shimming my shock doesnt help the shock dynamics, I’ll look at a new scott randsome, it has a very progressive leverage ratio and nice geo.
  • + 2
 Impressed with price. I hope this does well and we see more brands.
  • + 1
 Are you working on a link for the new Bronson . Be very interested
  • + 1
 I am. There's a preliminary leverage curve on the website. Hopefully it can be made at least that much more progressive.
  • + 1
 Cool idea but a little pricey Frown
  • + 1

Web link doesn't seem to work?
  • + 1
 Wow. This is pretty sweet stuff
  • + 1
 This is a really cool idea

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