Preview: Swatch Prime Line 2015 - Munich

Jun 24, 2015 at 4:10
Jun 24, 2015
by rasoulution Communication Agency  
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It’s almost time for Swatch Prime Line! The rider field is now complete and 24 of the world’s top mountain bike slopestylers are honing their tricks in advance of the Munich Mash Weekend and the Swatch Prime Line headliner set for Saturday, 27 June. Swatch Proteam athlete and legendary FMB World Tour rider, Sam Pilgrim (GBR) is back again after a thrilling performance and second-place finish at the first ever Swatch Prime Line event last year. Sam will be up against elite riders from around the world, including last year’s winner Louis Reboul (FRA).

by Markus Greber

Swatch Prime Line 2015 - Munich

The complete list of riders competing.

In addition to the top mountain bike athlete line up, BMX icon and multi-time X Games medalist Ryan Nyquist (USA), has been invited as a wildcard to compete in the slopestyle contest.

Building on the début of Swatch Prime Line last year, the new course will send the riders from the top of Olympic Stadium all the way down to the Olympic Lake. It starts with a drop from a 13m/43ft high tower which is followed by a 5m/16ft high step-up box. Flowing round the berm, the riders will drop down from a 10m/33ft step-down into Coubertinplatz where tens of thousands of cheering spectators will show their support as they hit the two big doubles (10m/33ft and 7m/23ft long). From there, they will shoot up onto the bridge, over a spine and send it off the 10m/33ft step-down to gear up for the grand finale on the lake. The huge 12m/39ft long jump will be their last chance to earn big points at Swatch Prime Line.

Swatch Prime Line 2015 - Munich

After last year’s event drew more than 50,000 fans, Swatch wants even more people to enjoy the show, so this year’s Swatch Prime Line is free! No tickets needed for the headline event: thrills, chills and amazing performances by mountain biking’s slopestyle tricksters.

by Christoph Laue

And what better way to wind up the day than at the Swatch Up Your Night after-party? The Niceguys, from Bern, and the new shooting star from Paris, Guillaume Berg, are polishing their playlists for the party of the year, with Swatch Prime Line athletes and sports fans out on the dance floor.

For more information about the event, including the live stream, visit the website.

MENTIONS: @rasoulution / @sampilgrim

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  • + 22
 Anyone knows whats with Semenuk and Söderström?
  • + 8
 Semenuk only wants to take part at crankworx events and (I hope) rampage Wink
  • + 12
 Brandon might be also working on his movie Revel in the chaos these days.Premiere is just a month and a half away.
  • - 13
flag RedBurn (Jun 24, 2015 at 11:20) (Below Threshold)
 this event isn't great enough for them, it clearly doesn't deserve to be a diamond event
  • + 7
 I heard somewhere that Söderström is filming but i dont know if its true, hope it is coz a film with his steeze in it is worth watching
  • + 2
 Söderström broke his leg again i guess ...
  • + 2
 Söderström broke his leg again, confirmed on facebook Frown
  • + 3
 small fracture on both bones in the same place as before i think. gone 8 weeks he wrote
  • + 2
 yeah, I saw that this morning
  • + 0
 given how Semenuk f*cked up Rotorua one would guess he could use a couple of points ...
  • + 20
 Where is Martin?
  • + 17
 where is the claudio course preview ??
  • + 12
 Really can't understand why Nyquist got a wildcard for this competition!?
I mean it's cool to see such a legend riding a mountainbike but there are so many talented riders that works really hard to get to such an event... They earned it way more and FMB should not change the rules all the time.
Remembering Pete Henke and Sam Reynolds wasn't invited to Crankworks due to some injurys the season before...
  • + 13
 Nyquist again !?
  • + 4
 Go Nyquist go!
  • + 7
 "Ryan Nyquist (USA), has been invited as a wildcard", for what?!
  • + 0
 Why not?
  • + 2
 for being a bmx legend diegoooooooo!
  • + 6
 The final on the lake, and removing the open-loop, seems to be a good idea !
  • + 5
 Lol at the people who still ask where semenuk is on events like this
  • + 4
 Rheeder and Rogatkin are going to be fun to watch!
  • + 3
 could nyquist be converting to mtb?
  • + 1
 I don't see why not. A little time getting used to the larger bike/course layouts and his entire bag of tricks should transfer over. He was already pulling Suicide 360s and No Hand Backflips in the video from 26Trix which was his first comp on a MTB. 720 Truckdriver anyone?
  • + 1
 that would be pretty sweet if he did more events, is he still rocking mongoose in mtb guise?
  • + 1
 Nope, looks like a Haro Steel Reserve 1.3 with some Deity goods and a gyro:
  • + 1
 nice bike, strange brake choice though
  • + 2
 no idea why i said mongoose when he rides haro bmx
  • + 1
 Gotta go cable caliper with the gyro. Hydro gyros are leaky and have drag.
Maybe because he has been hanging out with Greg Watts who rides for Mongoose??
  • + 1
 oh maybe bud lol
  • + 1
 chris, im trying to reply to your message but it says you have blocked me?
  • + 1
 sorry bud no idea what happened
  • + 1
 still says, im blocked haha, but the frame is still for sale mate and i can do frame only
  • + 2
 Awesome that swatch is letting the tickets go for free! more exposure for the sport is awesome
  • + 3
 Too bad no Soderstorm
  • + 2
 really hope someone boosts into the lake
  • + 1
 Saw the course to toady in person It looked way better than last years loop.
  • + 2
 Go Tom!
  • + 2
 Nyquist= ticket sales
  • + 2
 where is brian ?
  • + 1
 Peter Henke??
  • - 2
 No Brandon Semenuk? Anyone know why?
  • + 4
 probably workin hard on his Revel in the chaos movie. Premiere is in less than 2 months Wink
  • - 11
flag cunning-linguist (Jun 24, 2015 at 9:42) (Below Threshold)
  • - 3
 I really aprecciate having a diamond event only 20 minutes from my home but that course looks horrible.
  • + 3
 On the bright side it's FREE!! Course doesn't look too terrible.

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