Privateer Bikes Sign Fergus Ryan

Jan 15, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

Privateer Bikes has announced it has signed Fergus Ryan to race and help develop its bikes for 2022 and 2023.

Fergus Ryan has been racing as a 'privateer' taking on UK national races, the EWS and select Crankworx events. For 2022 and 2023, he has signed with Privateer Bikes with the option to choose whatever components he wants for his race bike builds.

bigquotesSo excited to be riding for Hunt/Privateer for this year and beyond. I have always loved the look of the bikes and the companies approach to producing race-specific bikes. I have been riding the 161 for a month now and I am in love and cannot wait to get between the tapesFergus Ryan

bigquotesWe are excited to announce that Fergus Ryan will be joining us for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Fergus Ryan has been racing as a “privateer” for many years, showing he has what it takes to help Privateer Bikes develop and bring our bikes to the next level. With the luxury to choose whatever components he prefers; we look forward to seeing how he builds his race bike for the coming season.
Privateer Bikes

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 So Fergus went from being a sponsored privateer to Privateer sponsored.
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 I am super interested in what parts he chooses outside the Hunt/Privateer stable. This kind of bike check is a lot more valuable to the average Joe than a super bike decked out with Sram from head to toe.
One for the diary, Pinkbike?
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 The parts in stock, like the rest of us probably?
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 Well, apart from the obvious Privateer frame and Hunt wheels, It looks to me like:

SRAM X01 AXS Drivetrain
Fox 38 + Float X2 Factory
Magura MT7 brakes with Shimano Ice-Tech rotors
OneUp Dropper post
Crankbrothers Mallet pedals
Burgtec RW bar + stem + Cloud saddle
Peaty's Tubeless valves
2x Maxxis Assegai (looks like DD on the front, probably downhill casing rear)
ODI Elite grips
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 I think the saddle i possibly a Fabric Scoop and he might be running VHS tape on the chainstay aswell.
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 "So i was given the option to run any components I wished, so i made sure to choose the most out-of-the box bland spec that I possibly could with the exception of the cockpit."
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 @ungod: If he's paying out of his own pocket then buying the best value but "boring" stuff is sensible...
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 I dont trust him. Why is his last name ahead of his first name? Somethings going on here
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 No more pink megatower! I met Fergus at MTB beds in finale, top lad. Good luck this season!
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 Come back soon!!
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 But does it actually have 161mm of travel, or did they make that up ?
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 Only the P4 gets the 161mm of travel
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 @sourdiesel: what travel do the rest of the frame sizes get?
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 @thebradjohns: spectacular,
Well said
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 Met Fergus through thedirtfundproject…what a great guy and talented rider, looking forward to following him next year..
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 That’s a brilliant thing you’re doing! I’ve just donated.
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 @ODubhslaine: thanking you, it all goes to help UK/Irish Privateers
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 He was on a hunt to be a privateer for some time
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 Yes Fergie - awesome news mate! I’d like to think dragging you round Bedgebury and that miserable ride back made this all happen. It didn’t, but we can pretend.

Well done mate, super pleased for you.
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 does he know his names are backwards?
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 "Fergus Ryan has been racing as a “privateer” for many years, showing he has what it takes to help Privateer Bikes develop and bring our bikes to the next level."

2024 Press Release: Privateer Bikes rebrands and is now Factory Bikes
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 I thought his mum and dad were just funding his dream ?
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 Username checks out
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 Wow you’re original aren’t you @jaycubzz:
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 @kingdick: thanks king dick
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 Don't most parents help their kids out if they can? Do you make the same comments about people studying at university or taking an apprenticeship?
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 @jaycubzz: In the context of Privateer bikes, wouldn't calling him a Hunt be more appropriate Wink
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 He’s not 18 or 21!!! All I’m saying is if mummy and daddy have funded the dream this far surely there’s is someone more deserving of a free bike @korev:
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 @kingdick: you sound a bit sour mate? Did he beat you in a race? He's a good lad that represents his brands well, pretty decent attributes to sponsor I'd say.
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 sick Ryan fergus sounds better though
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 First met Fergus in Morzine a few years back! Great dude always a pleasure to ride with him in the alps. Going to smash it in 2022!
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 Must be good not being a Privateer anymore!
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 This is awesome and good luck Fergus!
Not that I’ve been keeping count but there seems to be a-lot of new sponsorship announcements this year. I know some are moving from one team to another but somehow it seems more people either new or moving are being sponsored in general. That’s gotta be a good thing.
BTW My bike is also private and I’ve also chosen whatever parts I wanted from ebay and amazon
I think I may even sponsor myself !
.I mean even ,Strava, says that I’m an “Athlete”.
Yep Im def. a “pro ,bro” Helmet
Ive gotta be.
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 He is no longer a privateer then? Or is he?
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 Great news - Congrats Fergus!
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 Congrats dude and good luck!
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 Isn't it a little ironic that Privateer bikes is sponsering people haha?
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 Stoked for you, Fergus - Can't wait to see what the 2022 season has in store for you!!
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 You could say this is about saving Privateer Ryan.
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 Oh how the turntables…
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 Nice work Ferg

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