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Sep 2, 2020
by Mike Kazimer  

PRO is Shimano's cockpit-focused offshoot, and they've recently broadened their range of mountain bike offerings, which includes the 3Five Carbon Bar. Initially only available in a 20mm rise option, four new models have been added - the Flat, Flattop, Minirise, and Highrise - with 0, 5, 10, and 30mm of rise respectively. All of the bars have 9-degrees of back sweep, with 0-degrees of upsweep for the flat bars, and 4-degrees for the remaining models.



34.9mm seat tube diameters are becoming increasingly common, and PRO has answered the demand with a 150mm version of their Koryak dropper post. The $300 price tag includes PRO's shifter style lever, along with the cable and housing necessary to get the post up and running. Hopefully longer travel version are in the works, since one of the claimed benefits of the larger 34.9mm seat tube diameter is that it makes it easier to create a durable dropper with even more travel than what's currently the norm.


The new Tharsis 3Five stem is designed to complement the aforementioned 3Five carbon bars, as long as you aren't looking for anything shorter than 60 millimeters in length. There are shorter stems in PRO's catalog - the 3Five CNC is available in 35, 45, and 55mm lengths - but the stem shown here is aimed more at the XC or gravel crowd, with 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100mm options, all with a 9-degree rise or drop, depending on how it's oriented. Weight for the 80mm length is a claimed 160 grams, and the retail price is $110 USD.

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 I mean, its not super exciting, but its always more exciting than the work I'm putting off by reading it
  • 24 0
 definitely more exciting than 11th grade spanish
  • 5 0
 @oragy: Better than Trig 100%
  • 4 0
 @DaFreerider44: better than 12th grade english
  • 15 0
 more exciting than teaching 11th grade math
  • 6 0
 Better than quality control
  • 8 3
 Had me at beaver
  • 5 1
 @oragy: way way better than 11th grade religion
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 not the love story we wanted, but hey its still love... man, when is shimano going to make a di2 dropper??!
  • 2 0
 @rickybobby18: Or setting up five million google classrooms, me irl.
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 This comment can be a macrocosm for everything 2020 related.
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 A $300, 150mm dropper post! Amazing! I'm sure it'll fly of the shelves.
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 if the lever is good it is not far off from a $200 oneup and a $70 lever.
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 @Snowrydr01: Don't forget you still have to buy housing and cable with the Oneup as well
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 @yourrealdad: When I bought mine the lever came with housing and cable. Or the seat post did...I don't recall 100% but I'm pretty sure it was with the lever. Either way, if you buy both, you'll get everything you need to install and operate it.
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 No one ever in the history of mankind paid full RSP for Pro components
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 @big-red: makes sense. I have never bought the lever. I always use a Wolftooth lever, so I have to buy the cable/housing as none of the Oneup post I have bought have come with it.
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 @Arierep: they look like they should say hardware at the end lol
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 It's like a fork that has 40mm stanchions but only gets 120mm of travel.... Kind of missing the whole point
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 35mm clamps suck. Bring back 31.8
  • 3 2
 why not both?
  • 3 1
 @DanielP07: a why 35?
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 Just use your 31.8 bars in the 35 stem. It's basically like having undamped handlebar suspension with harsh bottom outs, but regardless, more suspension is always better.
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 thats exactly what I thought. I would have been interested if 31.8mm.
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 In my experience, the latest generation of 35mm bars are really really good. So much better damping that the first several years worth and better than the 31.8 that I was using before I switched over. As someone with multiple hand and wrist injuries and lots of metal in both sets of hands/wrists for me it absolutely makes a noticable difference. (FWIW I now have a Oneup bar on my trail bike and a Deity Speedway on my DH. Previously I used a ProTaper and an Enve and the 35s feel noticeably better).
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 Bring back 31.8, where did it go? I mean I just bought a brand new Chromag, HiGo v2 in 31.8 for my OSX Fubars. Last year I got a 31.8 Race Face, Atlas for my Six C bars.
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 Am I reading this right? the 35mm clamp stem that comes in XC lengths? If I was an XC person, why would I want a 35mm clamp handlebar?
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 I am a bit of an XC person, and I am not sure I want a 35mm clamp???
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 @JSTootell: Yup. No consumer wants a 35mm clamp.

Never have I installed a component that had such an immediate detrimental effect as going from a 31.8 to a 35mm bar.
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 35mm really was designed for cosmetics. As fork stanchions and frame tubing got bigger, 31.8 looked small. I rode a 35mm alloy bar in Moab and was super sad. However, I do enjoy a well designed 35mm carbon bar like Chromag BZA or OneUp's newest offering.
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 @JSTootell: Is that a question.
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 35mm handlebars are a joke. They went from 31.8mm to 35mm and then suddenly all companies started adding flex to their handlebars because they were too stiff... I can only kind of understand it for ultra wide DH handlebars, nothing else.
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 So the stem is long, heavy, and expensive? What the what?!?!
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 Down country!

First, SID ultimate with 35mm stanchions, now 35mm cross country handlebars/stems, what’s next?
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 @Call-911: who was the guy who thought it was all Zen to have loads of things being 200mm (suspension travel, rotor size...), is he responsible for this?
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 @slovenian6474: What do you think?
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 @SpeedMountain: Yeah, Diety is what I finally found that works in 35mm. Flex designed in, no wrist or hand pain.
Truvativ was too straight for me, One Up too much sweep.
Diety has identical sweep and rise to Race Face.
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 The saddle rail clamp design on the koryak is the quickest way to ensure your balls go straight to the ball guillotine of the Liteville 301...
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 I don't really get the point of the dropper or the stem as aftermarket products.. A stem that looks like (enter $35-$50 stem here) but at Chromag prices, and a dropper post that is just now offered in 150mm drop, also at a pretty steep price? I could understand releasing these to get some OEM sales, but aftermarket at this pricepoint seems silly. What am I missing here?
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 Why can't you just make the zero or 5mm rise options at least 780mm wide and let us cut them? Stack heights are getting so damn high these days....
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 They also announced a pretty wild looking integrated bar/stem, Bike Rumor covered it;
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 That 80mm stem surely weighs 160g, not 60g?
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 heavy means reliable (c)
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 @nickmalysh: if it doesn't work you can always hit them with it.
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 For some reason I thought Shimano parts, such as these, would look different than that.
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 $110 for that hunk of junk stem... LOL!!!!
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 Pro equals boring Shimano products.

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