Propain Unveils 2 Unused Custom World Cup Bikes for George Brannigan

Dec 15, 2020
by PROPAIN-Bicycles  

We would have loved to see these bikes on the World Cup Circuit – unfortunately, this only happened to a limited extent. In collaboration with our partner RS Farbroller these beauties were created: Three custom painted Rage CF for our World Cup rider George Brannigan. The DH bikes were painted by 70.ID – there were no limits to creativity.

The result: Three elaborately painted frames with love to detail. The colour concept was inspired by the design of our sponsors and the World Cup team. 70ID used a special form of painting, the candy glaze, which gives the frames a unique and eye-catching “glossy” look.

bigquotesI've only ever had two custom painted bikes, so to have three in one season is pretty special. This thing is a work of art! George Brannigan / Propain Factory Racing

All three bikes are built up with the same components:

Frame: PROPAIN Rage CF (Size L/XL)
Wheelset: Stans EX3
Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 DH (1×7) Kit
Handlebar: SIXPACK Millennium 35
Tires: Vee Tire 2.5 Prototype
Fork: RockShox Boxxer Ultimate
Seatpost: SIXPACK Millenium
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC
Saddle: SIXPACK Millenium
Chain Guide: SIXPACK Kamikaze

The Rage CF in the colour combination Badmint/Racing Orange is the only one we could also see in action. On the DH track in Lousa, Portugal George Brannigan could turn a few runs on it, before he unfortunately injured his hand, which meant the end of the racing season for him. But here are some impressions of the bike in the wild:

You can watch the whole process of the paint job here in our video:

At this point we would like to thank our partners:

RS Farbroller
Stans No Tubes
VEE Tire

Pictures and Videos:

Ralf Schupp / thesureshot
Kuba Gzela


  • 140 0
 If they are just laying around taking up space I can take one. You know, so they aren’t in your way.
  • 11 1
 Way to take one for the team! (Pun intended)
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  • 10 1
 Santa Cruz could learn from it.....
  • 44 0
 "On the 25th day of Christmas... Propain gave to us....."
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 It seems these might also conflict with Knolly's patent for a general full suspension mountain bike.
  • 7 0
 well it definitely does after all it has a seat tube thats a usable length
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 How much would something like that cost to have done to your frame. Genuine question as it looks awesome!
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 I think one of the big bummers of painting your frame professionally is that it may void your warranty.
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 I don't know what he would charge(I'm guessing over $1,000), but I got into painting frames for a bit and found people want a lot for pretty much nothing, so I stopped doing it(besides my own bikes). I'd get a request and I'd offer a two color fade, which included stripping the frame(can be a ton of time), primer/paints and three layers of clearcoat for $300 and only occasionally did someone pay(I did a handful for a frame builder, and same story with painting surfboards...people love the designs I paint on mine but nobody wants to actually pay!). I also make glass art which was and is still my focus, so I opted to concentrate on the glass which has given a good life and lifestyle, but most people don't realize the time that goes into making something look good! And yes, the warranty is also void, so you're pretty much stuck if you crack your pretty looking frame.
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 It's super pricey.....multiple colors, layers, stencils, etc... time and level of complexity is what jacks the price up really high.
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 @diggerandrider: yeah it's one of those catch 22s. I would love to have a frame done but I only ever consider it when I've had that bike a year or two and it's looking tired, at which point I'm just trying to breathe new life into something that I've kind of already lost the love for. I am under the impression it costs something like £800 to have it done by a pro, which I think is totally justified considering the work that goes into it... But hard to justify if one is doing it instead of getting a new bike. I would totally pay $300 American for two colours. I don't think that's too much at all. No way I would ever pay $1000 though. I'd rather do it myself for 10% of the cost and just accept it will only look 50% as good. Just don't get too close and only take photos of it on really sunny days.
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 @jaame: I did the whole investment with a shed to hang the frame in a clean environment..bought a couple high end automotive spray guns and a shelf worth of primers, paint colors, pearls, and clearcoats...don't forget the safety gear because these paints are toxic and gnarly! I already had the sandblasting equipment for my glass art. So you're talking a bunch of cash just to get started, nevermind the time to learn how to use the stuff and waste a bunch in the process. But, I recently built up a frame using sections that didn't match colorwise(front triangle, chainstay, seatstay/rocker), and I use rattle can spray paints to make it match and it came out looking about as good as a factory job! I did a purple to grey fade with blue spray glitter(to achieve a metallic paint look) and a color changing coat on top, then some layers of clearcoat---that's the big difference..clearcoat from a spray can can never look as good as sprayed from a gun...the spray fan is too small therefore it's hard to get a good covering without creating thick spots that will run. But besides that a paint job can look good without the big money!
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 @GlassGuy: it does sound good. My dad has a spray gun and compressor from when he learned as you describe - for motorcycle fairing panels. I don't know, I'm not that into it. I did my latest rattle can job in summer on a used BMX. It turned out so so, but it only cost me about £35 in materials so I'm ok with that. The lacquer did run though!
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 @GlassGuy: For a custom, multi-color paint job with fade effects, custom decals and what not, assuming you're not starting with a bare carbon frame, which means a lot of work sanding the original finish down, priming, more sanding, with all the prep work and masking that would go with multiple pieces of a full suspension frame, I'm betting you're easily looking at upwards of $2k.
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 @jaame: I custom painted my bike with a fade from black to red. i bought it used and the pivot bearings needed replacing anyway and the old paint was a bit tired. If ur gonna do it yourself definitely take the time to remove the old paint and used a good lacquer. I used paints which were good, didn't really run but their lacquer wasn't the best, maybe use an automotive one.
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 @arek: I use to have my own company building and spraying and worked for a couple custom companies. With the 2k number I’d bet you’re close especially if they weren’t bare to start.

Materials are nothing, it’s all labor. Although for something like that, the pattern looks a lot more complicated than it is so you’re also paying for the professional knowledge. If you want a trick paint job that’s done right, it’s gonna cost. And a lot of people are willing to pay especially in the Roadie disciplines.
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 Time is money with anything custom. If you do the laborious prep work yourself (i.e. pulling out bushings, sanding/stripping paint, masking off areas, etc), you'll probably save at least half the cost...having a custom painter sit there four hours sanding down a carbon frame is a big chunk of money.
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 We have ColorMonkey here in BE, they built their business on exactly this.
Prices start at €300 and you can go as wild and expensive as you want.
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 @jaame: I've got a hardtail frame on order (first attempt at building a bike - figured it would be good to learn) and i'm stripping my old nukeproof mega for parts.

My mate recently sprayed his bike (old model bought 2nd hand so no warranty issues) and it looked lovely. So it got us thinking.

Since my nukeproof was a somewhat 'bold' colour, i was thinking of painting the frame once it's stripped. Maybe just hang it as art (and emergency spare frame).

Anyway, i really liked the idea of spraying it subaru blue with yellow decals and some gold anodized bits - really get that classic WRC look.
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 @DidNotSendIt: That sounds rude, classic coulourway. Plus, it's definitely easier these days with the solid colours and minimal decals that are currently fashionable.
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 This is the best reason to pick up a steel hard trail!
It cost much less to strip and paint as it’s not as fragile/complex as a carbon dual sus. It’ll always be an awesome second bike so doesn’t need to be upgraded every second year and In a decade it’ll still be an awesome pub bike!
I’ve had two HT’s painted by a local custom car guy for around $300-$350 (Aus dollars) each due to worn paint and crash damage.
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 Looks better than a session
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 I can take one off your hands. I promise to look after it and occasionally wipe off the drool so as not to damage the paint work.
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 "I've only ever had two custom painted bikes, so to have three in one season is pretty special. This thing is a work of art!— George Brannigan / Propain Factory Racing"

That's nice, George. Most of us haven't had one in any season lol
  • 8 0
 well, most of us aren't lining up to race a world cup season 2 cents
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 That black an copper tho........ Drool emoji
  • 7 0
 More importantly, When can Kiwi’s actually buy Propain bikes?!
  • 2 0
 exactly, and not via Australia please
  • 4 0
 The rage is relentless. We need a movement with a quickness.
  • 3 0
 You are the witness of change And to counteract We gotta take the power back!
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 You may be interested in our newest Instagram post Wink
Yu have the chance to win one of those gorgous frames:
Good luck!
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 Freaking fresh as a ripe kiwi
  • 2 0
 This is absolutely gorgeous, especially combined with the old pro10 linkage.
  • 2 0
 Propain makes gorgeous bikes. Do they still not sell them in North America?
  • 1 0
 they have a limited availability in the USA. everything says coming soon. By the time they have it set up, I'll likely have bought something else. The 26" Yuma would be great for my kid now. But he is getting an XS 27.5 which will be shipping in April 21.
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 already a good week for beautiful propain bikes and its only tuesday
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 these look sick! hit up self taught genius when it comes to custom bikes.
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 It’s really amazing, to see them, in the wild , it’s where, they belong ????
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 Does the rear shock on these bikes see increased wear due to its location and getting covered in dirt?
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 As these bikes probably aren't going to be used, why don't Propain auction them for charity?
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 that paintjobs are awesome. this guy painted some of my frames as well. best paintjob I´ve ever seen. every penny worth it.
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 Hey Propain what about revealing your 2021 DH bike instead?
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 Room for a water bottle on those. Missed opportunity on a DH bike tbh.
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 How many grams did that paint add?
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 They forgot to pup up the front tyre (1st pic).
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 Ready when you are bro!
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 Nice work !
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 Fuck and Yes.

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