Protection Insert Brand D3O Acquired by Elysian Capital

Sep 21, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

D3O, which provides protective inserts for brands such as Fox Racing, Scott Sports, Troy Lee Designs, Pearl Izumi, SixSixOne and Endura, has announced it has been acquired by Elysian Capital III LP for an undisclosed sum. The brand was previously owned by the Beringea US & UK and Entrepreneurs Fund.

D3O is an orange material that is lightweight and flexible, but when it encounters an impact, it hardens to provide protection. D3O partners with mountain bike protection brands to provide the protective inserts that go inside the pads they produce.

Stuart Sawyer, CEO of D3O, said “We are delighted to be working with Elysian for the next phase of growth for D3O. Our talented and hard-working team have done an exceptional job at establishing D3O as the market leader for impact protection. We look forward to building on this foundation through continued innovation, delivering best in-class customer service and providing a compelling brand value proposition. I’d like to thank our previous investors for the support they have given us in establishing D3O, we now look forward to scaling the business and realising the significant opportunities to protect people and their things around the world”.

James Cunningham, Partner at Elysian Capital, said: “We have been very impressed with the way Stuart and the team have developed the D3O brand and the breadth and quality of the customers the company serves. We look forward to supporting them as they realise the potential for the brand across existing and new market segments.”

It's unclear exactly what the acquisition will mean for D3O but with both parties talking about scaling the business, it's possible we'll be seeing a lot more the distinctive orange pads in the future.

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 Impactful article……
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 Wait until he consumers feel the impact on the price hikes!
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 It was absorbing
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 New owners propose moving to a subscription model...D30 comments section explodes.
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 D3O is an orange material that is lightweight and flexible, but when it encounters an impact, it hardens to provide protection*.

*This is true only if the user's subscription is active.
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 @wolfvf: Introducing Drm3O!
  • 8 1
 Love this stuff. Armor has come such a long way. Only wish the chest protectors would cover more vital parts and not just your chest.
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 I know right!!
  • 2 0
 whatever style or brand you choose, over the years….pad up and ride faster, longer…its worth the effort and time to find what fits and actually works. took me a few years before finding the right sizing, body coverage, resilient material and ventilation for hotter or colder temps. rock on!
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 Just got 661 Recon II elbow pads with D30 and I'm loving them after 2 rides. Elbow and forearm protection that I forget I am wearing
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 D30 is the only protection I get.

It really is amazing stuff and not just marketing hype B.S. and I'm willing to say that anyone who has never owned or used a D30 product and got to test it in an actual crash don't know what they're talking about. (fight me bro)

To me the fact that it's light, flexible and rubbery makes for easier movements and in the event of an impact the material's properties harden up in an instant dispersing a lot of the impacts energy outward away from the body. This out does the competition.

I just hope with the buyout they will invest more R&D to further improve D30's performance and obviously make it more mass produced to keep costs down.
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 Let's hope the pad manufacturers don't feel the impact of this.
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 Time to buy some Teslas, boys
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 How do you wash this stuff, since most of the time it is inside the equipment? My 7IDP pads, you can remove the impact material and then just wash the sleeve.
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 same for this. I have some fox sleeves where you can take this out.
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 I just throw the whole pad in the machine, doesn't seem to do anything to it
  • 64 6
 This guy washing his pads lol
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 @quinnltd: had no problem with d3o so far. just be carful if you buy sas-tec pads from ion, they brake in the waching machine
  • 5 5
 @jeremy3220: I soak my pads, gloves, chest/back protector, and helmet. I try to clean them after a week or so of riding

I can understand not washing your pads because you’re not sweating when you ride like a squid and don’t sweat
  • 5 7
 @jeremy3220: Maybe try harder? My have to wash after every couple of rides. We have this thing called rain and it creates mud. Add that to sweat and the pads get nasty.
  • 9 0
 @onlyDH: Who said anything about not sweating?
  • 4 2
 @jeremy3220: ah, so you’re just a nasty kid
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 @quinnltd: From D30's website:

"If applicable, D3O® protectors should be removed carefully from the garment
before washing. D3O® protectors are wipe-clean only, using a damp cloth.
NEVER use cleaners or detergents on or launder your D3O® product. This
may result in irreparable damage and will severely reduce the effectiveness of
your D3O® product. After washing, allow to dry in a ventilated space at room
temperature; do not use hair dryers or other heaters to dry your D3O® product."

It's the same for any of the "hardens on impact" protectors. You may not think you're doing any damage, but you can't tell. The pads still look and feel the same... it's the material's ability to harden under impact that is damaged.
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 @islandforlife: That causes somewhat of an issue for bliss protection which is similar and sewn into the garment. Bliss reccomend only washing 50 times....
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 @bombdabass: Yep, which is why I don't buy pads with this type of protection that don't have removable padding.
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 @jonas-stadler: Actually, they brake even outside the washing machine.
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 Dirty 30
  • 1 0
 Yep, have D30 in my Troy Lee knee pads ... haven't tested yet. Also in the knuckles of my gloves–good for hitting tree branches I guess.
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 Things have never gone wrong when venture capital buys a bike / bike parts company.
  • 3 1
 Hardened my attitude to protection...
  • 2 0
 The headline could have been written in a way to try and cushion the blow.
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 I’d like to see this technology everywhere. My trying to walk toddler meeds it on outside of his diapers.
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 There are dozens of makers of near identical products, D30 are not original. You can buy sheets of the stuff and put it anywhere you want. You could make him a suit out of it.
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 @redrook: I’ve tried to buy it and you need to have a business to do so. I haven’t found any other products that have material that stiffens under impact that you can get different densities of. What other products like this are there?
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 @dirtmcleod: I didn't realise they would only sell to businesses, I've only seen it online, never actually tried to. There are loads - Rev'it, Forcefield, Knox, Sas-tec, 3DSP, and loads of proprietary ones like those in any knee/elbow padding which uses non-branded impact foams (like last year's Fox enduro pads which I currently use, it's a removable foam like D30 but it's not D30).
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 @dirtmcleod: Almost every pad maker that makes a "hardens under impact" pad uses a similar material. If they're not using D30, they're using basically the same stuff from another manufacturer. D30 just has the biggest brand recognition.
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 @islandforlife: Ok, what are the smaller brands?
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 @redrook: @islandforlife: I have seen loads of other hardening under impact pads from other brands but I haven't had any luck finding where I can buy the raw material.
  • 1 0
 @dirtmcleod: Oh ya, no, neither have I... misunderstood what you were talking about. Seems like a BtoB product only to me.
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 @dirtmcleod: Just make your own from Custard powder does the same, plus can eat it if you want?
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 @dirtmcleod: Depending on how much you need (and if you are a consumer rather than a business you're presumably not looking for much) you can buy replacement inserts made of many of these brands which you could cut for your own purposes.
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 Seriously, could be useful for elder fall protection too.
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 @dirtmcleod: Leatt makes it's own materials
  • 2 0
 @trashpander275: Yessir. @redrook: I need a much bigger piece than I can rob from something off the shelf. I think my only option is to purchase as a business.
  • 2 0
 @fgiraffe: d30 leisure suits
  • 1 0
 @dirtmcleod: alibaba, where else?! Of course the quality is unverifiable, but you can order sheets of viscoelastic foam on there. I'll bet you can even find stuff on ebay.
  • 1 0
 @st-lupo: I hadn't even thought of Alibaba, thanks! 4 months from now I might have some iffy version of D30 LOL. Will check ebay too.
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