Video: Prototype Testing with Vinny-T, Vink, Pescetto and Reboul

Oct 9, 2014
by ShapeRideShoot  
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 man this guy vinny-t is starting to become one of my favorite riders with his flow and tricks and even pace!!
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 Tricky Vinny-t the flow master
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 hahah @properp Big Grin
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 This is the type of short that will get anybody off their ass and go ride....BRRAAAPPPPP
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 so many whips, no handers, and steezy manuals.... brain overload!!
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 that first wood feature looked shakey shakey wobbly wobbly
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 I think Vink is my favorite rider to watch. Think Vink.
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 So does this mean the prototype is good to go?
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flag peanutbuter (Oct 9, 2014 at 16:54) (Below Threshold)
 its a bit stupid to test it with a dual crown fork and sell it with a single crown fork
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 Good evening Mr. Peanutbuter.
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 Is peanutbutter the new protour?
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 My point being that Scott does in fact make the Voltage with a DUAL CROWN.
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flag peanutbuter (Oct 10, 2014 at 14:14) (Below Threshold)
 yer but only one model
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 Yer all kinds of stupid aren't ya
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 Great new edit from shaperideshoot. No surprise, cause all their edits are sick. This time music joice is fantastic! These Scott prototype testing videos seems never ending and hopefully they never will. Sick riding as usual as well. Couldn't be more exited.
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 CAN WE STOP call every new bike a ""prototype "" ?? Like the pro Guys are gonna ride and say: "This shit isn't working, the all frame must be re-thinked and a new one must be created " nô just nô ! Today every 2015 bike is a prototyPe this is bullshit
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 pre-production would be a better term to use I think. But what do I know :p
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 Perhaps you don't know the definition of prototype.
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 I do understand the definition of prototype. Yes, sure these do qualify as proto's indeed, but I generally think of a prototype as something taken from a page and the first couple models built and very raw and not refined at all... then once it's tweaked and just waiting for paint it's hardly a prototype anymore. The voltage has been around for a while now and for sure when new designs are added to the design it goes through a proto stage, but these guys are shredding on some pretty tweaked version of the new tweaks... so I do believe that term pre-production would be better used considering that most 2015 models are probably being shipped now. Again, doesn't really matter. Just an argument for the sake of arguing. Cool video too.
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 Is there any way that we will be able to buy the frame in raw like used in this video?
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 Just DIY
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 It means do it yourself if you don't knowSmile
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 True. But if I got the black and yellow one, I wouldn't be able to because is so beautiful haha
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 Those guys were right on top of each other in the last 30sec or so. Damn!!
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 such a sick frickin trail, that was fun
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 What area are those trails? I'm not asking to go ride, but that foliage and stuff looks almost like the east coast.
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 France maybe. The videographer is from France and a lot of the woods in Europe look like the northeastern US. Their trail building is starting to look a lot like the Pacific Northwest of the US/Canada.
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 That makes sense, definitely looks like PNW style trails but in Europe.
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 Yes those secret trails are located int the French Alps near the Swiss border.
From 1:45 to the end, it was shot in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
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 Nothing like corner speed and good flow. Right on!
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 shit they were riding the big jumps in Neuchatel, in the wet... Very cool edit, as always !
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 That was a treat. Nice edit!
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 Throwback big gnarly wooden drop....yaaaaasssss
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 Damn that was rowdy!
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 A pleasure to watch, Nice job guys!
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 Gangsters on bikes in the woods.
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 Was a swizerland Bike park !
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 Me wanna' ride there for sure;
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 I love how they were swapping roles at the end aha.
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 which proto?
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 where is that trail?
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 Voltage proto ?
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 Semenuk is that you? Big Grin
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