Video: Proving Grounds Highlights

Sep 19, 2019
by Richard Cunningham  

Red Bull Media just dropped this edit - a blow-by-blow of the action at the Marzocchi Proving Grounds, where a dozen Rampage hopefuls threw down everything they had, competing for three remaining spots in freeriding's crown jewel. Ultimately, Reed Boggs, Juan Diego Salido, and DJ Brandt would get the nod, but this crop of up and coming riders did not make it easy for them.


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 So many mental tricks but something about that crank flip off flat drop. I’d die 100 different ways on that thing but landing without my feet on the pedals if you missed it would be on the bottom of my list.
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 sweating watching him trying to plant that left pedal
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 Agreed. Jaxson is definitely throwing the biggest crankflips this earth has seen.
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 @anchoricex: Yes. And at 3:43/3:44 I thought we were about to see a dude gap the flat. Didn't happen. Probably for the better.
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 So many improvements, sick edits nowadays and the new generations... I believe it would be really helpful for us spectators to have the name of Each athlete while riding( does not take too much to do so) then we know who is who but ultimately and most important to pay respect to the riders who, really are risking their lives. It would be beneficial for the riders, the sponsors, for us PBers and also for the sport!
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 Agreed. Jaxson is definitely the best crank-flipper on planet earth.
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 @christian-peper21: some BMXer's would like to chat with you.. Smile
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 @laxguy: I don't think I've ever seen a guy on a 20" throw their cranks off anything that high. There have definitely been some good bmxers doing the trick over the years, but hucking them off a 20+ foot drop is gnarly. To be honest, Veronique Sandler's are pretty darn impressive as well.

BMXers probably have them more in the tech department, but just hucking them off ballsy drops I'd say the MTBers have got it. Just my opinion ... ????
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 @t1maglio: i will respectfully disagree, while maintaining that Jaxson is a savage for doing it
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 that was sick! looks like atv off road fury level
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 Ugh that nasty crankflip is Gnarsauce
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 Why is Rogatkin at the Proving Grounds, hasn't he been at Rampage a few times?
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 once, he fell of a cliff. pretty brutall
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 Building himself back up to it perhaps?
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 think he got red-flagged/ blacklisted as a safety hazard due to the cliff fall.... So he's got to get there the hard way!
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 @steezer: Yeah, That was the year a lot of non big mountain riders where there. got sketchy
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 He was there when qualifying rounds were happening years ago. Certainly hectic times.
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 Great edit and great contest. This is a great addition to the whole Rampage process and kudos to all involved for making it happen!
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 When will BIG be BIG enough?
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 Definitely NOT what she said.
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 Stoked for all the riders. The future looks bright.
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 Any video Of Casey's crash?
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 A strong head wind held her up. Came up short. Got bucked right onto her head/shoulder. It was horrible to watch. I hope no one posts it.
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 @onemanarmy: It was already posted in another edit. It looked so harsh.
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 Awesome edit. Surprised no ones complained about the background noise....
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 The sounds during the crash reel are creepy.
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 Wow, nice edit!
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