Replay: Pump Track - Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 1, 2020
by Pinkbike Staff  

“Pump for victory” is the name of the game at the Pump Track Challenge on the course at Bikepark Innsbruck. Competitors must complete the circular track without pedalling – all they are allowed to do to build up speed is use the power of their legs and arms to pump their bike up and down over the rollers and through berms. The first one to the finish wins that round, then both competitors swap sides to battle a second time. The rider with the highest average moves on to the next round.


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 It makes me wonder if having moto style foot pegs or pedals mounted at the bb instead of on cranks would be an advantage? I mean, it'd take quite a while for a rider to adjust to it, particularly in corners where one might rotate the cranks so the outside foot is lower.
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 That right there is a big reason against moto style foot pegs. You need the pedal clearance that cranks allow.
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 I am the pump champion of my house
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 "The rider with the highest average moves on to the next round."

Somehow I doubt that.
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 How come red bull can take a man to the edge of the earth's atmosphere, build a formula 1 car and many other things but the can't make a media player that actually functions? It blows my mind!
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 Two awesome hosts!
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 Love Eliot Jackson's enthusiasm! Perfect combination with McCaul indeed.
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 Why does this always take them sooooo long to run heats?!!?
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 As a rider you have to walk back up to the top of the course a lot of the time and then fully recover before the heat.
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 Where’s Tippie to liven things up these days ?
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 Good commentators, nice track. Great setup with cameras.
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 Two Pump Thump
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 why is nobody on a bmx?
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 This seems to be the theme for my comments on this site this week.

I'm no expert, but I've ridden tracks on suspension forked DJs and then on my MX. I am so much faster on my BMX. Is it cause RockShox sponsors? Bigger wheels I suppose are faster. But, in the least, rigid seems way more efficient.

They are the pros though?!
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 the event requires a minimum of 26 inch wheels. No reason for suspension forks though
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 @mkpfaff: I really enjoyed watching the red bull pump track events that were in conjuction with velosolutions where they could ride whatever they wanted. This, not so much for some reason...
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