Replay: Pump Track - Crankworx Rotorua 2020

Mar 7, 2020
by Pinkbike Staff  


Saturday, March 7: 8:00 p.m. NZDT
Friday, March 6: 11:00 p.m. PST
Saturday, March 7: 8:00 a.m. CET

Live Race Updates:

23:14 pm PST Bas Van Steenbergen takes the win in the first run for the round of 16 against Mason Bryant by 0.2 seconds.

23:15 pm PST The next run couldn't have been closer with Billy Meaclem taking a 0.01 second advantage into the second run against Lear Miller

23:17 pm PST Tommy Zula takes a 0.16 advantage over Barry Nobles into run two.

23:19 pm PST Keegan Wright secures an early lead against Tomas Slavik in their first matchup for the round of 16.

23:20 pm PST Collin Hudson pulls out a huge lead against Cody Kelley, the biggest time difference so far of 0.62

23:22 pm PST Luca Cometti falls just behind Kyle Strait with a deficit of 0.19 seconds.

23:23 pm PST Tuhoto-Ariki Pene smashes out a great time and beats Adrien Loron by 0.09

23:25 pm PST Austin Warren moves into the second runs with a 0.13 second advantage over Duke Millington

Men with the advantage going into run 2 [Round of 16]

Bas Van Steenbergen: 0.2
Billy Meaclem: 0.01
Tommy Zula: 0.16
Keegan Wright: 0.17
Collin Hudson: 0.62
Kyle Strait: 0.19
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene: 0.09
Austin Warren: 0.13

23:30 pm PST Bas Van Steenbergen takes a massive lead on Mason Bryant and advances into the next round.

23:32 pm PST Billy Meaclem was ahead by only 0.01 going into run two but he manages to build the gap to 0.67 and move into the final eight riders.

23:33 pm PST Tommy Zula is another rider to increase their lead in the second run and makes it to the next stage of the event.

23:35 pm PST Keegan Wright and Tomas Slavik tie the second run which means that it goes by the time from the first run. Keegan Wright will advance to the next round.

23:36 pm PST Colin Hudson takes an even bigger time advantage in run two to secure a 1.41 second lead over Cody Kelley.

23:38 pm PST Luca Cometti is the first rider to pull back some time in their second run but it is not enough with Kyle Strait advancing with an advantage of 0.08.

23:39 pm PST Tuhoto-Ariki Pene maintains his lead and moves into the last eight riders.

23:41 pm PST Austin Warren pushes his lead even further to 0.91 seconds and easily heads into the next round.

Men advancing to the Round of 8

Bas Van Steenbergen
Billy Meaclem
Tommy Zula
Keegan Wright
Collin Hudson
Kyle Strait
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene
Austin Warren

23:45 pm PST Jill Kintner takes a 0.69 second lead over Danielle Beecroft into the second runs of the round of eight.

23:46 pm PST Shania Rawson wins her first matchup against Vaea Verbeeck with a small advantage of 0.12 going into run 2.

23:49 pm PST Mathilde Bernard edges ahead of Jenna Hastings by 0.08.

23:51 pm PST Jordy Scott looks to be wanting to build upon her Speed and Style victory with an amazing first run in the round of eight. She leads by 0.46 over Harriet Burbridge-Smith.

Women with the advantage going into run 2 [Round of 8]

Jill Kintner: 0.69
Shania Rawson: 0.12
Mathilde Bernard: 0.08
Jordy Scott: 0.46

23:52 pm PST Bas Van Steenbergen pulls 0.2 seconds ahead of Billy Meaclem in the first run of the round of eight.

23:53 pm PST Keegan Wright secures an early advantage of 0.09 on Tommy Zula.

23:55 pm PST Collin Hudson came so close to beating Kyle Strait but with a 0.04 second advantage to Strait it will be all or nothing in the next run.

23:56 pm PST Tuhoto-Ariki Pene looked to be bringing the fight to Austin Warren with what looked like an early lead on track but after a mistake, Warren takes a 1.48 second advantage.

Men with the advantage going into run 2 [Round of 8]

Bas Van Steenbergen: 0.2
Keegan Wright: 0.09
Kyle Strait: 0.04
Austin Warren: 1.48

0:01 am PST Jill Kintner almost doubles her lead and secures her position in the top four riders.

0:03 am PST Vaea Verbeeck fights hard to pull back the 0.12 deficit on Shania Rawson but falls just 0.02 seconds short and misses out on a place in the final four.

0:05 am PST Mathilde Bernard takes another 0.08 second lead in run 2 and gets through to the next round.

0:07 am PST Jordy Scott loses a lot of time to Harriet Burbridge-Smith but with such a big lead from run one, she still advances through to the round of four.

Women advancing to the Round of 4

Jill Kintner
Shania Rawson
Mathilde Bernard
Jordy Scott

0:10 am PST Bas Van Steenbergen is looking unstoppable today and builds upon his lead against Billy Meaclem and goes through to the top four.

0:12 am PST Tommy Zula manages to pull back 0.17 seconds and knocks Keegan Wright out of the competition.

0:14 am PST Collin Hudson takes a huge lead against Kyle Strait taking a 0.7 second lead in run two.

0:16 am PST Tuhoto-Ariki Pene tries to fight back against the large deficit and takes back 0.22 seconds but it is not enough. Austin Warren advances.

Men advancing to the Round of 4

Bas Van Steenbergen
Tommy Zula
Collin Hudson
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene

0:20 am PST Jill Kintner takes the early advantage with a 0.34 lead on Shania Rawson.

0:21 am PST Jordy Scott is once again leading after the first run, with a margin of 0.3 seconds.

0:23 am PST Bas Van Steenbergen continues his great form by going 0.13 seconds faster than Tommy Zula

0:25 am PST Austin Warren goes across the line 0.12 ahead of Collin Hudson

Riders with the advantage going into run 2 [Round of 4]

Jill Kintner: 0.34
Jordy Scott: 0.3

Bas Van Steenbergen: 0.13
Austin Warren: 0.12

0:31 am PST Jill Kintner builds her lead to 0.73 seconds after the second run and proceeds to the finals.

0:33 am PST Jordy Scott will face Kintner in the finals after securing a 0.33 second lead over Mathilde Bernard

0:35 am PST Tommy Zula pulls back 0.16 seconds and knocks out Bas Van Stennbergen.

0:38 am PST Austin Warren makes a small mistake leaving it open for Collin Hudson to pull back the deficit and make it into the finals.

Riders going into the Final

Jill Kintner
Jordy Scott

Tommy Zula
Collin Hudson

0:40 am PST Mathilde Bernard takes a 0.15 lead in the fight for the Bronze medal.

0:42 am PST Austin Warren holds a 0.36 seconds advantage over Bas Van Steenbergen in the Men's Bronze medal matchup.

0:44 am PST Jordy Scott heads into the second heat of the Women's gold medal fight with a 0.38 second lead against Jill Kintner

0:46 am PST It's a tie between Tommy Zula and Collin Hudson after run one, it couldn't be any closer for the Men's Gold medal.

Riders with the advantage going into run 2 [Finals]

Bronze Medal
Mathilde Bernard: 0.15
Austin Warren: 0.36

Gold Medal
Jordy Scott: 0.38
Tommy Zula / Collin Hudson

0:49 am PST Mathilde Bernard takes the Bronze medal with Shania Rawson settling for fourth place, 0.32 back.

0:50 am PST Bas Van Steenbergen couldn't pull back enough time in the second run meaning Austin Warren secures the Bronze medal.

0:52 am PST Jordy Scott takes the Gold medal!

0:56 am PST Tommy Zula takes the win by an incredible 0.01 seconds.

Check out the full RIDER LIST for more.


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 Can we please just have a video showing the different heats? Every time I tried to skip ahead to watch a race it was someone random talking about something I didn't care about. It's like those recipes online where they insist on telling you their life story before they even get anywhere near the ingredient list.
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 They have no idea who Tuhoto is lol. Literally the coolest kid on the circuit
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 Best mens Pumptrack finish all-time! A mirrored match up too!
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 Gooooooooooooo JILL !!!
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 Wow pump track is pretty cool best men's finish ever! And nice to have Rachel sitting in, subtle and smart.
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 Lyle ftw
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 That was a good read.

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