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First Look: Push Industries' Updated ElevenSix Shock

Feb 28, 2023
by Mike Levy  
Colorado's Push Industries released the coil-sprung ElevenSix shock back in 2015 after having spent thirteen years doing high-end custom tuning, then followed that up with an overhaul in 2020 that saw it receive a bunch of new features. Today sees Push debut the third version of the US-made ElevenSix, and they're saying that it comes with, "significant performance updates." There's also an e-bike version that has all the same adjustments and a few notable differences, and both are still custom-tuned for each rider, their riding style, and whatever frame they're putting it on.

There's also a new price: $1,600 USD, or about $300 more than the previous version of the ElevenSix. Current owners can also upgrade their older version to the tune of $160 USD when they send the shock in for a factory rebuild service.
ElevenSix details

• Dual Overhead Compression Valve system
• Updated low and mid-speed damping
• External low-speed compression, high-speed compression, low-speed rebound
• Independent speed-sensitive hydraulic bottom-out
• Stroke-specific bottoming bumper
• Standard eyelet or trunnion mount
• 60-day performance guarantee
• Manufactured in Colorado
• MSRP: $1,600 USD
• More info: www.pushindustries.com


What's new?

You might have a hard time spotting the differences externally, but Push says that internally there's a "new damping architecture" and explains what that means on the trail. The new ElevenSix is said to offer a more lively, or poppy, feel thanks to revised mid-speed control, and a change to the low-speed damping claims to deliver increased traction. At the opposite end of the stroke, there's a redesigned hydraulic bottom-out system that uses oil displacement to ramp up the progressivity near the end of the stroke, a handy feature on a coil-sprung shock like the ElevenSix, as well as a new stroke-specific bottom-our bumper.

Lastly, Push also cites, "Improved high-speed compression in mid-stroke to eliminate 'dead, or over-damped feel'"


Electric mountain bikers can also get a shock tailor-made for their battery-powered bike that employs a stronger Melonite QPQ steel shaft, which Push already offered, as well as updated tunes that, "provide unmatched small bump sensitivity and traction while supporting the extra mass of the frame with a bottomless feel on the trail."

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 Please tell me the line, "Electric mountain bikers can also get a shock..." was intentional.
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 I get the joke, but what I dont get is how the shock knows the difference between a 20lb battery or a 20lb heavier rider??
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 @schulte1400: It doesn't which is why PUSH already offered the steel shaft for heavier/ harder riders.
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 @schulte1400: Weight on the bike vs on the rider does act differently on suspension, as a rider already suspends his mass with his arms and legs.
Not a huge difference with the same system weights, but enough for a different shock tune.
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 @schulte1400: the shock doesn't know the difference but the marketing team does. If it has a battery you can charge more
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 The price is insane. In comparison, Intend is a budget brand. :-D
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 I have a hover and its awesome.
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 @newbermuda: Unfortunately, I do not. But at least I can see Cornelius regularly on the trails here.
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 Or a positively budget friendly EXT Storia
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 To be fair, ignoring whether or not you need this or not, you are getting effectively 2 complete damper circuits for compression.

If you are in a very very very small group of mountain bikers that a) can ride fast and hard enough to notice changes between individual clicks b) know what you are doing in regards to clicks, and c) ride varied terrain from DH to dirt jumps on the same bike, and d) have money to spend, this could be worth it

That being said, Ive never ridden a Push, but I certainly hope it actually has good compression range adjustment for HSC (i.e the blowoff threshold). Without this, most of LSC adjustment is pointless because as soon as you start going faster, the shock just transitions to the blow off circuit and ignores your LSC setting.
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 Agreed. It is a really really good shock and the two custom tuned modes are great but I don’t see much of a reason to buy it brand new. I bought mine used and it cost around $700 after sending it to Push for a complete rebuild and retune. Why pay over double that for a new one? Yeah, you would get an updated design (which I could get on mine for $160) but your riding would be much more improved spending that extra $900 on a riding coach or literally anything else.
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 @8a71b4: but most people just use the second circuit as a climb switch and negate the benefit. I got one on a Giga frame as stock and thought i would us the second circuit as firmer dh tune…lasted 2 rides. now it sits with all the compression on. To be honest they could do with a climb switch on one of the circuits and then u could have two proper setups.
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 @rbarbier12: I don't know. They say you get what you pay for and I'm not sure I can trust an EXT shock when it's just SO MUCH CHEAPER.
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 They are PUSHing the envelope on pricing!
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 Their shock won't fit my bike though Frown
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 @8a71b4: I've always wondered about this: are both circuits the same, i.e. the same number of clicks on both of them would work exactly the same, or are they shimmed differently - same number of clicks, different performance?
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 @newbermuda: I have both hover gamechanger and push 11.6, and they are both great. Very nice that Push is offering upgrades to the latest version at a reasonable price too!
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 @chaoscacca: they are shimmed differently so full open on both won't be the same anyway
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 @rbarbier12: You're right, my EXT looks like a cheap buy now
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 EXT is about to rake in some windfall gains
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 Lets hope EXT does't take notice, and decides to up their price.
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 More than twice the price of the new Cane Creek offerings?

lol no.
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 This. Whole industry goes on sale. Push. Hold my beer.
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 @usedbikestuff: push just had a sale on their v2 model, so one could predict something was coming….
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 @EdSawyer: more of a, everything’s on sale let’s push our prices higher sort of comment… like not turning around to see that there is a typhoon about to crash.
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 Every time there's an article on PUSH everyone gawks at the price and says it's overpriced. Yet they want to buy something "Made in USA/Canada". Guess what costs more? Paying people in the USA/Canada. Have you ever worked in a machine shop? The machines themselves can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The tooling is insanely expensive too. In addition, do you realize how small they are compared to even EXT? Push only makes parts for bikes. EXT makes suspension parts for bikes, ATVs, trucks, and race cars. It's impossible for them to compete with Rockshox, Fox, and other brands that can mass-produce their products for slim margins.

If you want to get one, buy a used one for half off and send it in to get set up for your bike.
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 Pretty sure Cane Creek is in North Carolina.

No one needs a $1600 shock on their mountain bike.
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 @ReformedRoadie: and MRP and Rockshox are headquartered in Colorado, but do they actually manufacture the products there?
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 @notsosikmik: I guess "designed, tested, assembled by hand in NC" insinuates that pieces are machined or forged overseas...MRP, from what I gather is in the same boat. If they (MRP) are offering custom colors, that must be at least the case.
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 Having 2 different valving circuits on the same shock is more likely why this shock costs so damn much. Cane Creek is also tiny compared to the industry giants but the Kitsuma and CCDB shocks only costs half as much as the Push shocks. Coil shocks already feel way better than most air shocks. So having this many different settings is totally overkill and not worth the asking price to most people. If this much adjustability is even advantageous to someone, they can do the same thing with clicker adjustments in 2 minutes before their next run.
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 @ReformedRoadie: need vs wants.
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 @ReformedRoadie: yeah but they assemble things there. They don't actually fabricate everything there. So while I think they do good work and justify their prices, it ain't US made. Just US assembled.
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want > need
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 @Glory831Guy: I had mine set up party and plow. They were distinctly different and I used them both. I would have never bought one . It came with a used bike . It was fantastic once I had it tuned for me. I Poo ver the phone they talked me through adjustments to get it rite where I wanted it. I think if you can afford it it’s worth it.
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 This. Their build quality and service are second to none as well.
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 @ReformedRoadie: MRP imports the forged lowers for sure not sure about uppers/crowns/shock bodies. However, if you send you existing MRP fork/shock in for a rebuild they can custom Cerakote it for you, even after the fact.
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 @ReformedRoadie: No one needs a $10,000 mountain bike....
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 @ITBVolks: yet 50% of riders want one, the other 50% just lie to themselves
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 Alls I’m saying is that if the aluminum ore wasn’t artisanally mined by union workers within riding distance of PUSH’s facility, I’m looking elsewhere.
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 @VtVolk: only cruelty free organic shocks for me
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 EXT builds suspension for more applications but I definitely don't think it is fair to call them a "big" brand. MTB suspension is actually the first products they have really done at any sort of scale. The stuff they do in the motorsports world is extremely bespoke and small quantity. There are not very many enthusiast level rally teams dropping the amount of coin it costs for EXT's WRC dampers.
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 Ext vs push review please!
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 Would have to throw Ohlins in there !
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 I’ve owned 3 Push shocks and now have a Storia. I prefer the Storia
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 Push = fluffy cloud, EXT = 3" memory foam
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 @pb-kg: might have to dial back the rebound damping on the EXT then
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 @Mac1987: Admittedly that's a clumsy metaphor, but I meant that to be a positive thing. EXT still has great traction, but it's got a less muted feel than the 11-6.
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This is the last version of the 11-6. They compare it to the Ext within the review.
TLDR - it's not as good...
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WAIT!...... memory foam is less muted than a fluffy cloud (I'm visualizing mattresses)?!?!

I'm way confused now and probably won't be able to sleep tonight.

I've owned a bunch of coil shocks over the last few years and I preferred the ohlins ttx22m over the elevensix. Yes, part of the preference is price if you're buying new, but I couldn't discern on the trail any improvement the elevensix offered. It's still a great shock with tons of adjustability, also very quiet compared to an Ohlins or DVO or EXT (even though I haven't ridden an EXT) but I prefer the sweet juicy sound of an Ohlins.

Elevensix $1600 -> storia $1000 -> ttx22m $800 (+100 for a spring) -> '23 souper deluxxxe coil $550 (+ spring).

I'll bet a shootout would reveal only small differences in all of the above. And likely even less discernible by the average rider. At least the elevensix and storia come tuned for you and your bike and with a spring.
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 @WasatchEnduro: I think the 11-6 > EXT for all out traction, but it comes at the cost of most other aspects of riding a bike.

Btw it goes fluffy cloud -> mattress topper -> camping pad -> sandbags
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 @pb-kg: I'm sorry, all I read was “camping pad”… got triggered and everything went black…
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 @vonSpurling: Hurt my back to type it.
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 @pb-kg: I get you mate, what I love about the EXT is you can feel everything that's happening under your wheels but it's still very comfy and the grip is amazing.
I've not tried the Push, but an Ohlins TTX totally smothers the trail by contrast. Which can be quite nice, but not what I want on my trail bike.
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 I was looking forward to getting into an Elevensix this season but this pricing strategy has me very confused. "Last gen" was on sale for $900 on Black Friday (and is again at other retailers), with a moderate $160 upgrade fee for the new damper. Old Gen + upgrade fee is much cheaper than a brand new one?? Why?

Second, why is there a 23% price increase in one model year? Either your prices were way too low in the past (even though it was still the most expensive shock on the market) - or they are too high now. While it's no surprise to see price increases across the industry (and other industries) - 23% from '22 to '23 seems exceptionally high. Is PUSH in danger of going bankrupt or something? As a consumer, this isn't inspiring confidence to buy a shock which I hope to keep for a long time.

Overall, this entire pricing strategy is very weird, going from a big sale to a big hike, with a cheaper upgrade path in the middle. Do you guys want me to buy a used shock and upgrade? Honestly, is that the goal? If you could share any detail of the "why" to your consumers it might not be a bad idea...
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 Maybe clearing old stock?
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 Just picked up the “old” spec shock on clearance. It’s amazing and I couldn’t resist the discount. Upgrade later at service for $160? Sounds solid to me!
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 That’s a good strategy!
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 Same here. My buddy and I both picked up ElevenSix shocks at the sale price of $900 this November. The price to upgrade seems really attractive when the time comes. The new price of $1600 does seem eye watering, but this is a REALLY good product, and made in America. I have this shock on my Stumpy Evo and it rides amazingly well. I feel like one thing many people forget or disregard is that Push builds each shock for a specific bike model which they run through a battery of tests, prototypes and collaborate with the original manufacturer (at least in some cases, if not all) to ensure the ride quality is top notch. I don't know who else is offering that.
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 Exactly what I'm doing.
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 So my kids wont eat for a month...
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 Sounds like you have teenagers in the house!
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 A year if you also bought that carbon S-Works balance bike for them
  • 2 0
 @PUSH: yes.... 3....
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 I sure hope there is a suitability expensive stem that I can buy to go with this shock. Maybe something in titanium.
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 And do you prefer it looks like shit?
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 @BermJunky: we should go into business together.
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 It’s a good day for excess haha
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 The blingy bits were intended to look like the parts on dentist drills.
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 I miss the old PUSH. Where they called you after you ordered a shock and did like a little interview to figure out how you ride and will use the shock. May not of been a big deal but definitely made you feel special as a customer. Still love all my 11/6’s.
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 I had a push v1 on my evil, and it was insanely good.
But I bought it second hand for £500. There is not rats ass chance I’d pay $1600 which will be £1500-1600 for shock, no matter how good it was.
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 Agreed, same shock, same bike, same price as I got it used too, 1.6 is way too much
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 While I love fancy parts (hellloooo Trickstuff!) I flat out draw the line at $1600 shock. Fully tuned EXT will ship for nearly half, and a top end Rockshox is a mere $500. C’mon with these prices.
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 Take-off / Sale Bomber CR and an Avy rebuild and tune is also very affordable.
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 where are you getting a fully tuned EXT for $800?!
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flag nismo325 (Feb 28, 2023 at 10:17) (Below Threshold)
 @mykel: Avy is garbage though lol had a cartridge in my boxer and it was meh. They like to use really old open bath tech and act like its something new and amazing. The Avy website looks like it was made in 2001 and id say thats about the same time they designed the products haha
  • 5 0
 @nismo325: That's an intersting take, I had a coil sprung boxxer with avy cart in it and it was great. It would make the worst Whistler washboard feel like only a faint vibration. Had one of their coil hybrid kits in a Lyrik as well and it felt really good, tons of midstroke support but still great small bump compliance.
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 @nismo325: you’re clearly ignorant of how real suspension works. You probably think Fox’s latest grip2 is the bees knees
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 if you buy a rockshox coil shock, you have to add extra cost for a spring and bushings. The Push comes 100% ready to ride at it's price - yeah still heaps more expensive, but one of the best performance upgrades you can make to a bike!
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 Change your profile name to Top KooK@nismo325:
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 @ponyboy24: But a spring is only $40 or so. Still nearly 1/3 of the price and other custum tuned boutique shocks such as EXT, Intend are 2/3 of the price. Or like @mykel mentioned you can buy a Bomber CL and get it custom built and tuned by Avalanche for roughly $600 all said and done. I'm sure they are great but when similar performance can be had for hundreds of dollars less I woud opt for one of the others.
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 Last year I stumbled upon a used one, freshly serviced, and for the frame I have. For $600. Even with the expectations, it is surprisingly good. Once dialed in its easily the best shock I've ever had. Only downside is now I'm left wanting more out of my front end.
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 They make sh*t for the front end too
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 @cmi85: hopefully they will make their own fork soon. Their hc97/acs3 upgrade for a pike is a superb solution in the meantime.
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 I’d like to see a lighter and less expensive version with only one set of valves and a climb switch. In my experience once you get comfortable with how a bike reacts to a setting the other set of valving never gets used. 11-6’s only negatives are cost and weight.
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 We need a shock review with multiple shocks (Push/EXT/Ohlins/Fox/Rockshox etc), all tuned by the same tuner and setup on a shock dyno to be as close to the same as possible.

Then, test them all and report back. My money is betting there will be negligible differences aside price.
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 For what its worth, one of the attractions of push is it is made in the US. If that matters to you, they are the only option and that carries a price with it.
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 My main issue is each 11-6 is tuned for a specific bike model? So if I upgrade to a different frame, I would need a new shock? Carbon wheels are expensive, but at least they can keep them when you upgrade bikes.
  • 8 3
 Push will reconfigure the shock to fit your new frame. Cost depends on how much needs to be changed to the shock to fit the new frame.
  • 10 0
 @duffman1976: But only if the frame is supported. There are a huge pile of bikes that are a no-go according to Push.
  • 2 0
 @mykel: I thought the damper is so perfectly adjustable? And then they exclude many bikes?
  • 3 3
 @mykel: most of the time that's just because the bike physically can't fit the shock
  • 12 3
 @duffman1976: unfortunately I bought an 11-6 early because of their buy it for life mentality but then when I got a new frame they wouldn't reconfigure the shock for it so I was left with an expensive shock that was useless. they lost a customer for life because of it, which I am sure they don't care but it was very disappointing.
  • 8 1
 @adrennan: you are absolutely 1000% correct. In fact, PB's own review from 2016 said "...that price does include an element of future-proofing to help ease the sting a little bit. Push will revalve the Elevensix at no extra charge, allowing riders to swap the shock from one frame to another while maintaining the same level of performance."

I bought an Elevensix shortly thereafter. I am as discouraged by it as you are.
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 @mykel: exactly. And for that reason alone EXT is the way to go neglecting the EXT rides better than the Push.
  • 2 1
Does EXT tune for every single bike/biker out there?
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 @cmi85: They tune for significantly more than Push does. And are open to trying to get you a base tune for anything out there. They don't bait and switch either with the claim of having a future proof shock and then when you ask to retune for a different bike tell you it isn't a supported frame. Push did that to me. I've owned both, sold the Push and still have EXT. I'll never buy a Push shock again.
  • 1 0
 @misterkslays: That's good info, thanks. I haven't worked with EXT yet but since I'm frame shopping at the moment I'll keep that in mind for sure.
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 @mykel: I don’t think you understand how close frames are today. I don’t understand this tuning black magic mentality. You tune when you max out your compression or rebound to give you a higher starting point when closed or a lower starting point when closed. If you can get it how you want with the stock tune with most shocks. Especially really adjustable ones like cane creek
  • 6 0
 Benefit of not using a Push compatible frame: I don't have to list a $1600 shock as an option.
  • 9 2
 $1600 USD. Sorry but get bent.
  • 7 1
 Cane Creek leaves the chat.
  • 6 1
 The shock is really amazing, I own a v1
But f*cking hell 1.6k usd is nuts
It’ll be even crazier in Europe
  • 5 1
 But I wanted the inside to be the same and the outside to be new and different so I can humble brag to my friends that I have the newest most expensive shock ever.
  • 6 4
 Hate all you want, Push makes the best shock in the game...and it just got better. Would gladly pay $1600 for a shock that effectively allows me to have two shocks on the bike without swapping one out for the other. DH/Chunk Setting and a Flow/Park Setting. Cane Creek, Ohlins, and Fox are trash compared to Push and Rockshox and MRP are the dump. EXT is the only thing that can come close to Push.
  • 2 0
 you've just convinced me to buy a push. You must be in marketing.
  • 1 1
 But it looks like they don’t even support a single DH frame from their drop down menus. Hmmm.
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 I remember Push used to advertise that the benefits of buying one of their shocks was free future upgrades and the ability to swap sizes, making your one shock be switchable from an old frame to a new frame. guess what they didn't say is that it costs 75% of the price of a new one to resize a shock and that free upgrades were a lie. Great product, even greater marketing team
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  • 3 0
 Got a discounted gen 1 and it's unbelievably good, i'm ok knowing I don't have the latest and greatest specially for the price tag.
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 This is the wrong kind of progress.
  • 14 11
 My 11-6 has been the most underwhelming piece of kit I've ever put on a bike. Spending $1,600 on one is absolutely silly.

Also, updated 11-6, but it isn't the 12-7? Lame.
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 What do you run that surpasses it?
  • 13 6
 @cmi85: It's not that it surpasses it, but I have a Rock Shox SD Coil that cost $450 if I recall (maybe $550) that is probably within 10% of my $1,200 Push's performance. I will grant that the Push has a less harsh bottom-out, but not worth any extra ~$800.

And the whole "custom tuned for your riding style" is an absolute load of hogwash. I sent them a nice note about my riding style, level of competitiveness in racing, tuning preferences, current shock parameters/settings and under what conditions I had bottom outs, and I got the same exact shock tune that they give to the 47 year old middle manager who has the same bike I do.

And my shock had so much pre-load from the factory, it rode like rubbish until I fixed it and deviated from all of the wonderful "custom" settings they provided me.
  • 8 4
 Have to disagree here. The guys at PUSH are insanely helpful when it comes to tuning and fundamental suspension knowledge, and offer a better all-around customer service experience than anyone in the industry by lightyears. Bummer you haven't had a good experience.
  • 2 0
 @fullendurbro: interesting. I sort of agree with your middle paragraph though. I mean really, how many different riding "styles" are there to tune for? I wonder what % of PUSH clients have a climb setting and DH setting.
  • 6 0
 @angelfirebiker: I feel like insanely is a bit of stretch. They provide good communication, but their help is average
  • 5 3
 @fullendurbro: My shock also came completely poorly setup. I told them what I wanted and what I weigh, and got something that simply bottomed out all the time. I have two extra springs for trying to get to the right weight for when I sell it.

I found their helpfulness to be underwhelming based on what some people say on PB.
  • 4 1
 @fullendurbro: you're absolutely right. even w/ EXT, they're not "CUSTOM" tuning the shock to you. That would require custom valving for every user. Instead, they likely have 2 tunes per bike: one poppy, one that plows. Custom tuning would require them to build it, let you ride it and give feedback, then rebuild it to make it feel juuuust right.

so yeah, dont buy the marketing hype. none of these are custom tuned to the rider.

Also, everyone knows Push's 2 circuits are a gimmick. The second is just used as climb circuit. it's not "TWO SHOCKS IN ONE!" OMG OMG OMG.... They can GET WRECKED for $1600. Their new damper changes sounds like they tried to make ride a little more lively like the Storia.

I have a storia v3. I honestly would not be surprised if the next review for the new hyrdaulic bottom out RS coil gives them both a run for the money.
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 @moroj82: The custom tuned argument is definitely a marketing one. Usually for a shock, 2 or maybe 3 settings will cover 95% of users / bikes, and beyond that some companies offer to really custom tune the shock if you have specific demands, or a bike with weird suspension, or a weight outside the "normal" range. So while it's not custom tuned for every rider, it can be.

For a fork setting, usually 1 setting covers 80% of the riders, as most people want the same thing (more support, more comfort, better small bumps compliance), and the "normalized" rider is 80kg and isn't a world cup rider. Again, you could ask for a specific behavior and if the brand is serious enough, you could get it.
  • 4 1
 @fullendurbro Completely agree, 11-6 came on a bike I bought. Spent a lot of time setting it up, it was just okay, not amazing.
Cannot imagine spending $1600 on one with so many other options on the market.

Feels like another "look how much I spent" status symbol...
  • 3 1
 @moroj82: Hydraulic bottom out is the bommbbbbb. Don't know what I would do without it!! I wish all these suspension companies would just remove the bump stop and let the HBO truly shine through
  • 2 0
 @angelfirebiker: EXT blows Push out of the water on customer service. Quick to respond to any request and no BS about we don't support ABCD frame so will not setup our shock for your new frame. I've had both, the Push is long gone. If I'm ever buying another coil for a bike I don't currently have I"ll be adding an additional EXT to group. That said I would like to trial the new RockShox SuperDeluxe Ultimate Coil as I assume it is very comparable to EXT for a ~40% savings.
  • 2 1
 @fullendurbro: I think you commented on one of my posts on a similar article a while back and I totally agree with you on this. I also experienced the lame customer service and "set up custom for you", mine came with both HSC and LSC just completely open, which, to me means they didn't valve it any special way, and did minimal effort to even set it up. Then when I asked them about it they were just like, yeah just go ride and change your settings around, like gee thanks I totally haven't done that yet... and in my previous post I basically put in there that the push just doesn't have any midstroke support and totally saps all your speed (feels nice but this is not performance), I think a lot of people in here are agreeing. I got a response from some people on the previous post saying that was BS and one from push saying this shouldn't be happening and I should contact them (which I already had). Then this article comes out, and what do you know, they say improved midstroke support to remove over dampened feel... so strange haha
  • 8 7
 My Puss failed after six weeks of use, and they wanted me to pay shipping both ways to rebuild the damper. Maybe the “new architecture” will fix the failures.

I paid to send it one way, demanded a refund and was subject to a restocking fee for a $1200 shock that lasted six weeks.

Back on my Fox DHX. Almost three years later and still working strong. At least it cost less than half the price of the Puss. And roughly a third of the new Puss.
  • 3 2
 I appreciate the fact that Push designed the updated components to be configurable with the previous model. Says a lot about how they value product support and customer satisfaction. This is what you should get with a premium component, but it’s not always so. Nice job Push!
  • 1 2
 Really. That’s says to me your paying 1600 for 1 what they should have released or 2 a very minor update.
  • 2 1
 @freeridejerk888: I paid ~$800 USD for mine with a custom tune for a black Friday deal. It’s no mystery there are better deals around the holidays. Pay $6-700 for an off the shelf Fox or Rock Shox with no spring, or $800 for a custom tuned upgradable unit that arguably performs better and won’t be obsolete in 3 years?
  • 1 3
 @JDub713: but I can pay 300 for a custom tuned jade. Dvo will tune it as well
  • 2 1
 @freeridejerk888: New Jade’s are $550 + $150 for a custom tune, then you need to buy springs. I’ve ridden DVO on many occasions, I live 30 min from their HQ in Santa Clarita, just not my cup. If money is the deciding factor, sounds like DVO is a good choice for you.
  • 1 2
 @JDub713: says 400 plus 150 for a custom tune. Still 1/3 of a push and just as good if not better. Plus you can service it ag home with a vice and a hammer. Sounds like your trying to justify your purchase.
  • 2 2
 @freeridejerk888: I’m quite happy with my purchase. Sounds like you need a better job so you can afford nice things too, but that requires some sort of talent (;
  • 2 0
 Lmao imagine being so triggered you call someone poor. @JDub713:
  • 1 0
 At this point, Push is only focusing on a few key brands, where Fox, EXT, Rockshox and Ohlins can be tuned to whatever you ride and are at least half the price. Not sure what market they're going after, but sounds like a e-bike upgrade for those who have the money to throw at it.
  • 5 2
 "At the opposite end of the stroke,"

Except you were just talking about shaft speeds, not position. So, not the opposite...
  • 7 0
 There you are
  • 1 10
flag justinfoil (Feb 28, 2023 at 11:41) (Below Threshold)
 Aww, how sweet, he missed me! Meanwhile, I didn't even look at who wrote this article...
  • 9 5
 Huge fan of Push suspension products.
  • 3 0
 I thought the $1200 was wild. This is getting out of hand. MTB'ers are getting bougey and wealthier than they used to be
  • 5 1
 I mean, why the duck they don’t add a simple climb switch?
  • 1 0
 ..hang on wait - theirs no Climb lockout switch on the Push's?
  • 3 1
 They have a switch... It's just independently tunable, which makes it a load better. Like getting two shock tunes.
  • 1 0
 Don't need a climb switch on an ebike, who are the monied target audience.
  • 4 0
 Pants around my ankles, Pedro's in hand....now Push!
  • 4 0
 I'll stick to ohlins and avalanche
  • 1 0
 With how my inbox and everywhere I look is filled with PUSH products currently 25-30% off, this new pricing is "interesting"....

Is this the charge more, produce less economic strategy?
  • 1 0
 “The new ElevenSix is said to offer a more lively, or poppy, feel” - so air shocks are being designed to feel like a coil and now coil shocks are designed to feel like air. Got it.
  • 3 0
 Could you not just buy an old gen Elevensix then get it upgraded for $160 and save $140?
  • 1 1
 Always a blast to read the PUSH comments on PB. Regarding pricing, there's a number of reasons for increases. Let we forget, there are many component/service cost inflations still compounding and affecting the MSRP. I bought my Druid for $5200 two and a half years ago, now the same exact spec'd bike is $6800 and that's with almost 100% overseas parts; that's $1600 increase for the exact same item, no improvements (the price of a new 11-6). So let's not forget that inflation still has affected many brands across the board, especially the smaller brands with lower quantities and demand. *not saying their pricing couldn't be significantly lower, but I don't know all the BOMs or overhead that's changed.
  • 2 0
 $1600 USD wtf Eek I remember when these retailed for 1K
  • 1 2
 If someone can explain how this costs so much more than an Ohlins..... You know the most winningest, famous, lusted after, used by every GP team suspension manufacturer, I'd like to hear it.
  • 3 0
 It’s build in Colorado and tuned for your bike and weight. Nothing about the gold is that out of the box.
  • 1 1
 @freeridejerk888: I hear Sweden is a 3rd world country...
  • 2 0
 Holy shit, EU price is up to 1899 eur, from 1399, damn….. damn
  • 7 7
 So last time I rode a push shock it wasn’t better than my jade. Yet now it’s 5 times as much? Wow big L
  • 1 0
 External HBO is the future.
  • 1 0
 ......... plenty of people think so.
  • 1 0
 The 11-6 i bough in sale at 900$ will probably ride just fine
  • 1 1
 It’ll ride just as good as a dvo jade for 300 and worse than a superdeluxe
  • 1 1
 @freeridejerk888: having both an 11.6 and a 2023 SD coil i can say you cannot be more wrong
  • 1 1
 @NicolaZesty314: weird. Maybe you didn’t set it up right. My jade with a stock tune feels smoother and the custom tune blows it out of the water
  • 1 1
 @freeridejerk888: it’s not weird that a custom tune highly precision shock performs better than a 400$ Mass production one
  • 1 0
 @NicolaZesty314: I mean my jade cost me 300 new with a custom tune and it’s better than push. So why would
I pay 1600 for not as good?
  • 1 0
 @freeridejerk888: hard to believe it won’t be better than your jade, that being said, of course if you take everything into account your jade is a smarter choice.
Also, I agree on the price, although I got mine used for a bit more than the new RS so… easy win in my case
  • 1 0
 I'm just waiting for DH sizes! Please please 250/75 me........
  • 4 0
 EXT has you covered.
  • 1 0
 Seriously! How can they not! Onlins or EXT it is…
  • 1 0
 Nice shock, but $1300 was a push...
  • 1 0
 $1600 ouch you can almost buy a base YT capra for that
  • 3 4
 Half the people commenting here negatively wouldn't even take the time to adjust the shock, ride it, then adjust it more...
  • 4 6
 Push to be bought out by a big 3 soon lol
  • 2 0
 Just PON

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