Megavalanche at Reunion Island: Qualification Results

Nov 29, 2014
by Simon Nieborak  
What's wonderful about Megavalanche de la Réunion is that this race has invented the 10 day weekend. Usually, we meet riders during 3 race days with no time for fun, philosophical discussion or beers. It's all about the race and only the race ... Well, here on a little island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, something different is happening, something precious that we can call "time for fun and fraternity". To be very precise, it means that you have time for discovering the beauty of the local land and culture, hang out with new and old friends. Nico Quere is one of many lucky people to experience that part of Reunion Island life...


Nicolas Quéré, a French young gun from the Commençal team who is a typical modern Enduro racer - a lot of style due to motocross and dirt bike practice, great skills on any sort of bike, simply saying, tons of speed and style. We had a chance to shoot with Nico on one of last year's qualification stages, which is shaped with many natural and man-made obstacles and to top it off a breathtaking view of the ocean. A perfect place for an end-of-day ride...



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But we did not come to the island for holidays only ... Today, we witnessed some serious MTB race action during the qualification runs before tomorrow's finals. Qualification consisted of 4 stages, including 2 brand new ones, spread across 2000 vertical meters, starting at the top of Le Maido mountain and then to the finish at Boucan Canot beach. The format of the race was 3 riders every 60 seconds. The terrain varied from volcanic to rocky singletrack and was a real test not only to riders' skills and fitness, but also bikes' strength and especially wheels.

Official Qualification Results for Megavalanche de la Reunion

1. Remy Absalon (Scott Sports) 29m22s
2. Nico Quere (Commencal) +28s
3. Christophe Payet (Scott) +40s
4. Pierre Charles Georges (Scott) +48s
5. Henri Ojala (Team Evoc) +1m10s

1. Melanie Pugin (Banshee) 37m53s
2. Nadine Sapin (Scott) +44s
3. Marie Angelique Verguin (Intense) +4m16s

"The qualification run was really hard, because the 1st stage was placed on very sharp volcanic rocks, 2nd stage was long, but really nice and very flowy, 3rd stage was a good stage to overtake other racers and gain some precious time to finish it all at 4th stage, which was very physical and took toll on already tired body. Not to mention heat pouring down on riders wearing full kit and mostly fullface helmets. All that hard work pays off when you approach the beach of a little town of Boucan Canot. This is an awesome place for so much needed rest and sip of cold beer. Now, looking forward until tomorrow's race run, being positive and keep my fingers crossed not to have any mechanical issues on the way down..." Remy Absalon

gracia 5 quere 6

Cedric Gracia "5" had a great start in quali race, but unfortunately shortly after had a nasty mechanical on the rear wheel and lost his chance for a good place in the finals. Following him, Nico Quere had much better luck today and placed in a solid second spot.

start of the 1st stage

start of the 2nd stage

Start of 2nd stage was in a totally different condition to the very top section of Le Maido volcanic mountain

last stage of quali

finish line for qualification

Cedric Gracia


  • + 36
 Cedric slaving away at his day job as usual
  • + 4
 Poor CG! If only he could get a break every now and then.. Nonstop riding, racing, and radness must be tiring!
  • + 1
 Agreed, I'm so glad I have the opportunity to sit a desk under an air conditioned room without having to sweat,smells and suffer the pain.
  • + 8
 Beautifully jammed video with all the good stuff. Man that fork in the pool, I hope this bike gets a very frequent overhaul.
  • + 9
 Getting sponsored = riding a DeVille into a pool and not giving a sheet.
  • + 6
 The pain of watching that pool/bike incident...
  • + 1
 I've been living there most of my teen years, but, at that time, mountain bike had not been invented yet… now, Reunion Island is one of the hottest place for our sport… I plan on going back there sometime in the future and ride. Smile
  • + 3
 Nothing gay in duo paragliding Most of us would shit our pants doing what he did Respect...Nico Not mentioning the ride ...
  • + 2
 Very happy about nico quere. This guy represents the sport. Relaxed and stylish,no relation to other people who are cold obnoxious athletes. Bring that attitude!!
  • + 0
 This vid has made me remind of my paragliding happy days. The only issue was that you always had to have the backup of someone else every time you wanted to go for a walk around the sky, and sometimes this could be a big issue. The one who usually gave a hand was some girlfriend or some other hungover paraglider.

Foul weather in northern Spain (I wish I were riding on that island) so what better way to start my boring Sunday morning than having a look at PB's stories and posting something.
  • + 5
 CG is the man!!!
  • + 3
 Nico queré is so F-ing steezy
  • + 1
 So glad Cedric stayed on the bike this year Smile bad luck about the mechanical though Frown
  • + 1
 I hope by bucket list you don't mean riding your bike into a pool. Hahahaha
  • + 1
 ENDURO-the musical. steez louise that dude rides smoov. looks like fun
  • + 1
 Good to see Absalon take the W,very well deserved.
  • + 1
 Mountain biking and girls??? Ewe
  • + 1
 Better blow dry that bike
  • + 1
 Why would anyone do that?
  • + 1
 cause he´s cooler than u! ouh and also cause he´s not paying for the bike.
  • + 1
 la dodo lé là !
The dodo is here !

The bear from réunion's island !
  • + 1
 Looks like da life...
  • + 1
 Bucket list just got longer...
  • + 1
 Sweet Meta V4
  • + 1
 indeed but it'll be better carbon
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 shut the fuck up spanish scum
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