Video: How to Qualify at the Megavalanche

Jun 11, 2018
by Chain Reaction Cycles  

Ever wondered what it takes to qualify first at the world's most iconic downhill race? Team CRC Mavic racer Kelan Grant walks through what it takes to finish at the front of the pack.


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 A piece of editing advice: we can hear them. We don't ever need to see them. I'd rather see a fire road climb than two guys' faces while they watch something.
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flag geethatsucks (Jun 12, 2018 at 5:28) (Below Threshold)
 What are you, 50?
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 @kurisuchan: do people under fifty prefer to look at distracted guy's faces? I am not sure but I doubt that falls into one of Pornhub's categories.
It's not intended to offend the guys. They are interesting and I am interested in their thoughts. I just prefer to see the race they are commenting on in the big screen.
@Spadluv Your video was awesome. I appreciated getting the less that professional side of things since that is how I would hope to do it.
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flag geethatsucks (Jun 13, 2018 at 0:18) (Below Threshold)
 @taletotell: get with the time gramps..
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Ageism ain't cool ya 35 year old grom #oldtoo
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 ???????? ???? Nice one @endlessblockades:
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 OMG ... I meant nice work mate !!
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 I was in the same leg than Kelan, and right behind Josh at the start.

However, I'm not a pro racer by any means and I was around the 30th position, which was my goal to be front row of Saturday's race.

Unfortunately, a bad crash dislocated my shoulder at 1km from finish.

Funny think is I was so out of it, I rode back with my handlebars backwards.

I got my buddy C├ędric Gracia to comment my run. It's a very different style of commenting than the Pinkbike video.
There are some great tips in my video too.

Hope you like it
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 haha i saw this vid when it came out. pretty funny! but when your that tired and that hurt the body does weird things lol. great job though.
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 Great video of the course and the commentary was really insightful. Well done.
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 @Iliketokayak: shit happens I guess :-D
Sad part is I was in the perfect position to start first row of the challengers race.
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 @E-ROG: Thank you :-)
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 it's impressive how much time josh had on him before his flat..small sample of how much faster world cup riders really are.. great run Kelan!
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 The dude who just came out of nowhere and flew past everyone right before 5:00... lol boss shredder
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 Starting in the front row it's half of it. Let's see a battle for top step from the back of the pack.
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 Although it was a mission getting back to town, I did prefer it when the qualifier went on down to Huez village.
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 helps with a front row start...
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 That looks so gnarly at the top! My legs would be on fire about 2mins in, mad respect to those who make it down in that sorta time!
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 1. Check your flipping anxiety at the door, shut up and go fast
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 Nice insight Kelan. Cheers
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 I did it last year, if you can, do it. I had to take Imodium tablets on the morning of qualifying !!!
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 great walk through, good commenting. Many thanks!
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 80% cause i am so pro i know my percentages
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 You know it..
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 How ? By being fast. More. Than. Ever.
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 pretty much
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 Nice insight. Would love to have a crack at the Mega.
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 I would have been dead 1/2 way through.
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 Yeo go on Kelan!

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