Qualifying Analysis - Val di Sole World Cup 2019

Aug 2, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Danny Hart keeping it rubber side down. Just.

There's not always a great deal you can draw from a crazy session like the one we just witnessed in Val di Sole. The heavens opened as the men took to the track and it became a lottery with very few riders escaping the hill without a trip through the tape. With sunshine now forecast for the rest of the weekend, the track should be drier and tackier by the time finals come around tomorrow and we can probably expect a totally different looking timesheet. Until then, let's dig into the numbers to see what we can take away from today's wild session:

Sector Times

Sector 1
1. Neko Mulally - 55.391
2. Thomas Estaque +0.436
3. Danny Hart +0.939
4. Alex Marin +1.406
5. Baptiste Pierron +1.417

Sector 2
1. Faustin Figaret - 1:12.156
2. Joe Breeden +0.48
3. Forrest Riesco +0.981
4. Thomas Estaque +1.844
5. Remi Thirion +2.687

Sector 3
1. Davide Palazzari - 39.75
2. Joe Breeden +0.204
3. Faustin Figaret +0.496
4. Laurie Greenland +0.691
5. Forrest Riesco +1.312

Sector 4
1. Davide Palazzari - 42.512
2. Amaury Pierron +0.808
3. Brook MacDonald +1.113
4. Johannes Von Klebelsberg +1.472
5. Joe Breeden +1.711

Sector 5
1. Adam Brayton - 33.344
2. Joe Breeden +0.120
3. Francisco Pardal +0.359
4. Amaury Pierron +0.633
5. Rafael Gutierrez +0.652

Perfect Lap


Fastest Run


Sector 1
1. Marine Cabirou - 1:02.710
2. Tracey Hannah +0.887
3. Veronika Widmann +1.771
4. Eleonora Farina +2.102
5. Nina Hoffmann +2.913

Sector 2
1. Tracey Hannah - 1:18.121
2. Marine Cabirou +1.586
3. Veronika Widmann +2.660
4. Nina Hoffmann +4.090
5. Emilie Siegenthaler +5.485

Sector 3
1. Marine Cabirou - 44.566
2. Tracey Hannah +1.298
3. Nina Hoffmann +2.067
4. Eleonora Farina +2.364
5. Veronika Widmann +3.884

Sector 4
1. Veronika Widmann - 48.554
2. Marine Cabirou +1.079
3. Tracey Hannah +1.528
4. Carina Cappellari +4.253
5. Kate Weatherly +4.794

Sector 5
1. Tracey Hannah - 35.312
2. Veronika Widmann +0.743
3. Eleonora Farina +2.153
4. Marine Cabirou +2.504
5. Nina Hoffmann +2.594

Perfect Lap


Fastest Run


The Story of the Session

Talking Points
The rain blew the men's field apart

Never give up.

Just as last year, the rain came in for qualifying in Val di Sole and turned the session on its head. Luca Shaw said he had the worst run of his life and he probably wasn't feeling alone in that as the roots got slick and visibility turned to almost zero.

There were riders that capitalised on the rain too though. The top four all got their best qualifying results by some margin but it should be said that they were the first four riders on track. Don't just put it all down to luck though, Davide Palazzari was fastest of anyone through sector 4 in the last race in Les Gets and Joe Breeden finished second at Junior World Champs in 2017. All four of the fastest riders today have real potential and tomorrow will be their chance to shine as they become the headline acts in the live feed.

Cabirou and Hannah are neck and neck... again.

Tracy Hannah needs this win for a comfortable ride the remaining races but Cabirou looks like she might have other ideas.

In what looks set to become a narrative for the rest of the year, Hannah and Cabirou were almost inseparable on the slopes above Daolassa. Cabirou led at Split 1, then Hannah overtook her at Split 2 before Cabirou snatched it back at Split 3 and held it through Split 4 but Hannah powered home to take pole position and a handy 50 overall points.

It could go either way tomorrow and we can't wait for another epic battle like the one we saw in Les Gets

Canadians dominated the junior men's qualifying

Lucas Cruz will be looking for another podium finish this weekend.

With Thibaut Daprela crashing out, three of the top four junior men today hailed from Canada. Elliot Jamieson, Seth Sherlock and Lucas Cruz all put in great runs and will be gunning for the podium tomorrow. With Finn Iles and Mark Wallace already top ten regulars in elites and a new wave of youngsters coming up, the future is looking bright for Canadian downhill.

The Black Snake is taking a lot of victims

Greg Williamson was one of the only riders opting for this line over the massive boulder near the start of the woods.

There were also 12 DNFs in the men's session alone this afternoon, combine that with the 18 DNSs from riders already injured this weekend and it's clear the Black Snake has been taking its fair share of victims in the wet and the dry. The list of riders unable to complete a run this afternoon includes: Mark Wallace, Gaetan Vige, Kaos Seagrave, Dean Lucas, Greg Williamson and Adam Rojcek. This track is no walk in the park.

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Bikeland Val Di Sole


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 I'm pretty sure Coast Gravity Park's Instagram story featured Forrest Riesco doing a heel clicker while riding in clips earlier this year. I've been a fan since I saw that! Go Forrest!
  • 1 0
 The MASTER at heel clickers
  • 4 0
 Re: Mark Wallace injured. According to his instagram an hour ago:
"I fell over during practice this morning and was struggling to ride properly afterwards. We made the decision to not do a qualifying run and be as rested and recovered as possible for the race tomorrow!"
So likely not as dire as the article (and his DNF) made it seem.
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 Amazing job once again! Love the interactive graphs. Thank you very much for your work
  • 1 0
 Will Charlie Harrison get to race tomorrow? If protected riders are hurt, do they alllow more racers that “didn’t make the cut” to race?
  • 2 0
 There are already 65 riders on the Start List for tomorrow (click to see pdf), and he is not one of them. He finished 87th, so even if Lucas and Wallace don't start, there is no chance.
  • 1 0
 @chribi: weird, as I saw he was coming to VDS at #19 in the standings so he should still be protected... Maybe he injured himself?
  • 1 0
 crash of Adam Rojcek - www.instagram.com/p/B0q5pt6iNGx
was on 19. place on his last split time
  • 2 0
 Time vs. Quali start time graph would be great
  • 1 0
 Looks like alot of the top riders were playing it safe in the rain
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 Yeah Forrest!

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