Qualifying Photo Report: Strait Acres Slalom Invitational 2021

Jul 31, 2021
by Heather Young  

Rachel Strait getting the Pro Goody bags ready to go
R-dog is a prime example that energy is high for practice.

Foreshadowing of what the day would bring

Snow Summits got you covered - no need to walk up this Dual Slalom track.

Tire choice is crucial in Slalom. With a fast upper section, but trick flat corners at the bottom, the athletes needed to decide the best traction combo for them
WWE has nothing on Strait Acres Slalom Invitational

Lil Rojo showing he can do it all

Luca Cometti knowing the value of speed and color coordination.

Pump or manual, which is faster?

Leopard is always a good call. New mom, Rachel Strait making an appearance and taking a break from promoter life to judge Kyle's handiwork

3 weeks off a separated shoulder, Kyle Strait wasn't sure if he'd be competing today, but he couldn't resist riding the track that he designed.

King and Queen of Strait Acres

Jordi Scott and Bryce Stroud shredding corners in Qualies

Xylena Hoppen always with a smile and getting after it, even after a bad crash last week

Kialani Hines your #1 Qualifier in Women

Qualifying Results

Your #1 Qualifier Tommy Zula


Pro Men

1st. Tommy Zula: 55:68
2nd. Mitch Ropelato: 56.13
3rd. Joey Foresta: 56.14
4th. Dante Silva: 56.29
5th. Kyle Strait: 56.36

Pro Women

1st. Kialani Hines: 1:02:88
2nd. Harriet Burbidge-Smith: 1:03:82
3rd. Jordy Scott: 1:04:35
4th. Teagan Heap: 1:06:96
5th. Dani Beecroft (POL):1:07:78


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 Dual slalom really is a race type that needs to come back. Short, sweet, spectator friendly.
  • 7 4
 Agreed. Problem is manufacturers don't like it because bikes/bike styles are pretty much sorted...big BMX bikes. No droppers or crazy geometry to keep "expanding" (love my dropper ony trail bike). One can even do it on a cheap Rigid DJ
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 @bman33: All us amateur DS punters ride our trail or enduro or DJ bikes - Manufacturers don't run things. I ride a size Large 170mm enduro bike that seemed huge to me in 2015 and now feels perfectly small for DS racing. There are really only a couple of major DS races a year on the West Coast anyway, so run what ya brung.
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 @suspended-flesh: I have seen that lately (last few years) with most slalom races I have been to in the mountains states and southeast..."run what you brung." That said, for the most part a smaller, quicker/simpler bike is the best for the format. That said, no reason you can't race them with any type of MTB you feel comfortable on, but manufacturers know the 'Pros' will be riding smaller bikes with basically sorted geo and components, firmed up suspension that don't need some radical updates on a year or by yearly basis. A new trail bike is VASTLY different performance wise from 15 years ago. A competitive slalom bike or DJ from 15 years ago would be pretty competitive today with good tires.
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 @bman33: I agree with you. This is strange.
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 Man we need more slalom!
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 Nice shots! About to head up the mountain to ride and watch some racing... looking forward to it!
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 Go Teagan!! Giving pro women a run for their money at 13 years old!!
  • 3 0
 Is there anywhere we can watch a replay of this?

Also, can we got footage from all dual slaloms from now on? Please and thank you.
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 Oh man, I haven't seen dot matrix printer pages in like 20 years!
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 that's Team Big Bear Timing for ya (they rule BTW)
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 Thanks to the Strait’s for bringing back this discipline. I only did one at Summit back in 2001 or so; best practice ever.
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 What helmet is Xylena Hope wearing? Looks cool in everyway!
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 New Fox Rampage Pro.
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 Hope the rain stays away!
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 Is that a prototype fly helmet on Tommy Zula? looks different.
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 Footage please!!!

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