Qualifying Results: European DH Cup - Round 1 Maribor

Apr 21, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
The rooty and rough woods needed continuous focus

With the first round of the 2019 World Cup being just one week away and at the same venue, this race has become a mini World Cup for the big teams to have a final test run before the main event. In the elite men's qualifying, Troy Brosnan would just take the top spot over David Trummer by 0.272 seconds.

In the elite women's category, Tracey Hannah would take first by over five seconds. She would be followed by Monika Hrastnik in second, Veronika Widmann in third and Carina Cappellari fourth. Emilie Siegenthaler would round out the top five just over nine seconds back.

Thibaut Daprela would be the fastest junior men and Vali Holl would continue her dominated of the junior women's category with a gap of over four seconds to Anna Newkirk.

Tahnee Seagrave and Aaron Gwin did not start their qualifying runs.

Elite Men

1st. Troy Brosnan: 3:14.470
2nd. David Trummer: +0.272
3rd. Matt Walker: +0.457
4th. Alexandre Fayolle: +0.524
5th. Dakotah Norton: +0.956

Elite Women

1st. Tracey Hannah: 3:44.840
2nd. Monika Hrastnik: +5.087
3rd. Veronika Widmann: +6.665
4th. Carina Cappellari: +8.679
5th. Emilie Siegenthaler:+9.111

Junior Men

1st. Thibaut Daprela: 3:18.326
2nd. Ross Blake: +2.993
3rd. Ethan Shandro: +3.351
4th. Kye A'Hern: +7.294
5th. Simon Chapelet: +9.417
5th. Emile Rilat: +9.417

Junior Women

1st. Vali Holl: 3:58.368
2nd. Anna Newkirk: +4.056
3rd. Mille Johnset: +13.971
4th. Ottilia Johansson Jones: +49.684


  • + 9
 Is Troy still on 27.5 wheels ??
  • + 38
 mixxed wheel sizes 26 front 29er back - kind of downhill situation even on super flat tracks
  • - 7
flag Mirks Plus (Apr 20, 2019 at 12:06) (Below Threshold)
 Yes he is and NO he is not running mixed wheel sizes.
  • + 31
 Pretty sure he ran 26 in front and 29 back.
  • + 2
 Looks like the mean is still 27.5 Razz

What's the reason for running smaller wheel at the front?
  • + 5
 @brooce: because everywhere you ride is downhill then. You always pick up speed even on the flat sections. ????
  • + 2
 @Intensevp: You mean that if I set up my bike like that it's gonna ride on its own? Big Grin

Would have to try it I guess, I don't really get this behaviour... apart from having a more downhill-like position, but it sounds like a suicide on proper tracks. Unless Maribor is so flat that you need this extra adrealine rush Wink Possibly that's the case for some pros
  • + 2
 @brooce: you got it! It’s faster as you’re always in race tuck head down attack.
The pros complain of bike park style tracks. It does make it more crazy in sections. But faster on the flats and more downhill on the downs is just faster.
As we all know I’m talking crap. I think you would face plant big time on Maribor.
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 can't wait for the next weekend !!
  • + 5
 222 Pro men. That is a lot more than Pro GRT. 53 pro men at NW Cup / Pro GRT. And 23 Pro Women though that is only a little more than the 16 at NW Cup / Pro GRT. Healthy series.
  • + 1
 Yeah probably because they have than 4 races *cough cough ProGRT cough*
  • + 3
 I'm surprised to see Vali Holl so far back from the Elite Women. I thought she was going to be racing with them this year. I wonder if she backed off knowing she was going to qualify tops in juniors anyway.
  • + 35
 Nope. Vali will be racing juniors....and thats good so ....let her enjoy her youth ...you only have one
  • + 1
 @clemson: I'll admit that I thought Holl was at least a year older than she actually is. I just looked it up thinking that she was 18 (or possibly 19 even), not 17.
  • + 38
 @MarcusBrody: That kind of confusion can land you in some serious troubles Wink
  • + 4
 David Trummer is on my fantasy team now. If he can finish this close to Brosnan, he could just as well pick a couple of podiums at the World Cup.
  • + 2
 If he goes to them! I wonder if Team Racing Dudes have pockets deep enough. There's a big difference between driving three hours from Tirol to Maribor, and buying long haul air tickets!
  • - 2
 Don't get carried away. He split his foreskin during some high jinx shenanigans in the pits and will now miss the first round of the world cup.
  • + 2
 Bear in mind that he is almost a local in Maribor. He is there often and I’m sure he knows the track better than his pocket. Not surprising at all that he is that good there.
  • + 3
 Ropadope got the fastest at the speed trap! Go Mitch!
  • + 2
 I understand this race is at the same venue as next week’s WC, but are they basically using the exact same track?
  • + 1
 From what I've heard the track will stay mostly the same but some new sections will be added in for the WC.
  • + 2
 Mick Hannah, top 25 and Is the oldest rider by along way a pure Fucking machine.
  • + 2
 The top 5 men qualifying within 1 second of each other means the race could be a good one.
  • + 2
  • + 3
  • + 11
 Apparently some of the pros including tahnee and gwin only rode for training and didnt even ride for qualis.
  • + 6
 @winko: Their race is next week. Many are just testing and getting time on the bike/track without the unneeded pressure of competition.
  • + 1
 Ethan Shandro is gonna rattle some cages jnr and senior
  • + 1
 Just wondering, so there will be two races, the ixs and the uci dh?
  • + 7
 Wc is next week. Some wc pros are running this ixs race for training/ fun/ preparation
  • + 1
 Get the course ready for Gwin!!
  • - 20
flag jclnv (Apr 20, 2019 at 10:11) (Below Threshold)
 He's washed up. The Frenchies will school him.
  • + 10
 @jclnv: Looooooooool
  • + 1
 I thought you couldn't race if you didn't start qualifying...
  • + 4
 @ORTOGONAL555: you can't, but they don't care. This isn't the World Cup race, just a Euro Cup race held at the same venue the week before.
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