Quick Clip: Joyride Winning Run Ender

Aug 16, 2014
by Official Crankworx  
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Created by: Max Berkowitz



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 Is this real life?
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flag whatyousaid (Aug 16, 2014 at 23:10) (Below Threshold)
 I can't believe he won it with just 4 tricks...crazy
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 You sir ..... are a moron !
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 Semenuk sir , you ...... are now a Jedi. It was Amazing to watch a ride like that. Congrats.
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 haaa, ya'll got tricked hard. I think he's just yankin your chain. Wink

That was so absurd... can't believe how perfectly he executed/landed it. Slightly different than how he seems to typically toss em but not any less sick.
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 I could watch that cork 7 all day
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 It's gonna be a long time before someone comes along who can dethrone this dude.
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 There are a few that could beat semenuk, maybe just Rheeder and Rogatkin. (Martin Söderström if he weren't injured) But it can be done.
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 Back flipping a flat drop is crazy. But a flip one foot can off a flat drop is god like!
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 Semunsick!!! That was insane
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 just put a joystick on the side and that my friend is called bike mayhem
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 Top dog
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 i love how that cork 7 looked
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flag mtb101010 (Aug 17, 2014 at 0:17) (Below Threshold)
 I think there might have been a turn down in there. He was practicing turn down cork 7s on LBB
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 That cork 7 was the most beautiful thing I've seen in my entire life
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 Looks more like a 360 flip IMO. Why? 1) He pulls it up backwards / his bike starts in the motion of a backflip. 2) If you pause it halfway during his trick, he is totally up-side-down. 3) He lands it like a flair.
Especially point 2, he's hanging totally up-side-down.
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 Also it looks different and much better than when others do corked 7s (which is already a super sick tricks that looks amazing)
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 And it also make more sense that he did cork 720 and 360 flip in one run, than just two 720s ( since he can do both). From that perspective is his run even more crazy.
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 I totally see what you mean...but whatever it is, its rad... and maybe technically you could be correct, but watching (which I'm sure you have) people on skis or boards or really anything, a stylie cork 7 is pretty much inverted and also pulled somewhat backwards.
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 as soon as I saw him do it in his yard in Rad Company I was like damn.. that is gonna do something big one day, and it won him Joyride
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 I completely agree... The 'first' cork 7 was clearly so. But the 'second' cork 7 looked to clearly be a backflip 360 in my opinion
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 Definitely no controversy on who should have won that. That run was banger from top to bottom and so so clean!!
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 That´s just pure perfection.
But i would have loved to see Rheeder stomp his second run to see Semenuk improve this insane run.
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 I think they both could have improved those runs.. would have sent ripples through the Matrix.
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 Brandon is on another level! Would of been sick to see yannick land the frontflip
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 Yea he basically did but his hands just got ripped off
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 We all knew he could do a cork 7 off the whale tail. That he could do it that clean in a comp after a tuck no hander into the feature maybe not. Everyone knew he could do a back flip off the drop. That he could do a one foot backflip off the drop? Not so much. Everyone was doing 3's off the cabin but Seminuk did a foot push on his. Now maybe I don't watch enough slopestyle but I was blown away by Rogatkin pulling a flip double whip on the step up. Then when Brandon showed his pure domination by doing the same I became a true believer. The only thing left for Seminuk to do in freeriding is match Zink's feat by winning Rampage this year. If his film is anything to go by he has had plenty of time on the big bike this year so it's definitely doable.
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 He got the winning way last year at Rampage, no doubt on it, just a shame he could'nt link it all together... This dude is a legend, he writting MTB history since 2008 Rampage, 17 years old winner... Semenuk is for MTB what God is for Believers... !
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 I don't think he needs to win rampage to still be classed as one of the best of all time. Rampage is a different style of riding and I don't think he quite dominates the freeride world like he does in slopestyle. The Joyride is truly deserved- he's a class act... and I'd love to see him win rampage too... but even if he doesn't he'll always be one of my all time riders. It's not just his tricks, his bike control is out of this world.
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 We don't say he need to, we said he will be a legend into the legend if he match Strait and win two rampage, like domination on any terrain. And if you look at is Freeride abilities, he's for me, totally one of the top freerider ever... (just look at his lane last year and the step down transfer, just sur real...).
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 Yep that's basically my point- he's one of the top freeriders ever but he is THE best slopestyle rider of all time.
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 Backflips, x-ups and tailwhips are difficult but it's getting boring... Yanick's frontflip step-up and Godziek's backflip cliffhanger and double seatgrab were just sticking out of this "probability". ...Rogatkin was amazing too...just didn't know what to expect every time he was setting off
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 I was bummed for Godziek. It's really nice to see someone doing other tricks.
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 I was looking forward to Godzilla getting a clean run in. He'll only get better for next year.
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 I wish he could finish his first run with double tail from that drop and windshield wiper from the final build... So stylish and mellow
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 Semenuk is insane. him and Rheeder...
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 Just imagine is Martin and Sam were there..
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 Yeah, Sam would have really put heat on Messere for 3rd place... Wink
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 yeah would be funny to see more people fighting for third place xD
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 Semenuk is pure, brilliant genius. So stoked to see him nail that run!
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 So clean. Not so much as a finish line bobble or anything. No wonder he won
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 I even in Bike Mayhem can`t go so big and clear like Semenuk. Thumbs up for this monster !!!
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 This is so next level. Could watch this shit all day.
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 I was gutted rheeder crashed am not sure how he would of upped that run though semenuks a robot. Why didn't Bizet ride anybody know
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 He had a nasty crash -> Hospital !
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 Bizet had a big crash in eliminations. Its in PB's photo recap.
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 One of the best Joyride runs Ive ever seen! Cant even comprehend half of his tricks, so many axles of rotation at one time. Congrats Semenuk!
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 That was only the two bottom features. Many more up top to be shown.
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 So pleased Semenuk won, what a legend.
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 He seems doing all this run sooo easily ! That's what is insane with Brandon riding !
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 The game has changed. In the 3 years I've been paying attention to top level slopestyle the level of tricks has gone up exponentially. Here's to progression.
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 Rheeders face at the end is like "f*ck....don't let them see you wanna cry right now."
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 Sure, Brandon is good, almost everyone can agree on that.......but can he do this??


Talk about "sticking your landing" Smile Smile
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 I'm guessing he was joking.......
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 nah dude nicky keefer
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 sorry replied to the wrong comment
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 That was the best 38 seconds of my life!
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 Cork720 as stylish as Nick Goepper. Effortless
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 nah dude nicky keefer
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 The Semenuk and Rheeder show was Epic! Big UP to the other riders also. Anthony was going hard!
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 This is art in motion
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 I had heard Semenuks run was clean, but holy crap. King of Joyride.
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 I really love that foot plant to 360...and everything else though!
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 that corked 720 is sick as f*ck!
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 Чертов робот!
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 Woooah, that was the bee's knees bruhhh
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 amazing laugh at 0:29
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 Super sick run can't wait for Bearclaw next week.
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 what even was that?!
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