Winner Announced: R-Dog's Bontrager Tire Giveaway

Oct 5, 2018
by Trek Bikes  

by trek
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When was the last time you had a pile of fresh tires waiting to be used? R-Dog and Bontrager have made this a reality for @cvshredclub. He gets to select an R-Dog sized pile of tires, including the new size options in the Bontrager SE5, SE4 and G5.

Bontrager SE5

The SE5’s aggressive tread offers up biting traction on the rowdiest trails and a durable Core Strength Casing that adds cornering support as well as additional sidewall and subtread protection.
· Available in 2.3 or 2.6 widths for both 29 and 27.5
· Dual Compound 61a/50a provides biting traction in all conditions
· Aggressive tread design provides confident cornering and braking traction in demanding terrain
· Tubeless Ready (TLR) for easy tubeless setup and puncture protection
· Core Strength has sidewall and sub-tread protection for lightweight durability

Bontrager SE4

The SE4’s fast rolling yet aggressive tread provides consistent traction for rugged trails and a durable Core Strength Casing that adds cornering support as well as additional sidewall and subtread protection.
· Available in 2.4 or 2.6 widths for both 29 and 27.5 as well 27.5x2.8 and 29x3.0
· Dual Compound 61a/50a provides biting traction in all conditions
· Aggressive tread design provides confident cornering and braking traction in demanding terrain
· Tubeless Ready (TLR) for easy tubeless setup and puncture protection
· Core Strength has sidewall and sub-tread protection for lightweight durability

Bontrager G5

Biting traction to tame even the most aggressive DH tracks.
· Available in 2.5 width for both 27.5 and 29
· Grippy 42a downhill specific compound for confident traction in all terrain and weather
· Center knob tie-bar increases braking traction
· Dual-step shoulder knobs for high lean angle traction
· Open tread spacing is self-cleaning

For more information on selecting the best tires for your bike and riding style check out Cam McCaul's video.


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 The way Bontrager classifies their tires is so simple and genius. I just watched the video with Cam explaining it. I’m in the market for tires and it’s ridiculous to figure out the differences with DD, 3c MaxTerra vs Maxspeed, what each color stripe means, what’s faster rolling between DHR and High Roller, etc. (Maxxis and Schwalbe I’m looking right at you). It’s not a big deal if you’re always buying new tires or are brand loyal. However I can barely call my kids the right name so remembering all those details is not a priority.
I’ve heard good things about the Bontrager tires. Time to visit my LBS.
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 Holy crap. I just watched the type-and-sizing video on their site. Simple classification for intended use and a simple 1-5 scale with rolling resistance at one end and traction at the other. This is what we want. This is exactly what we all want.
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 I'm in the exact same boat right now, been looking for a new front tire but undecided..

Maxxis is impossible to understand, Schwalbe a little easier, Specialized right in the middle and then Bontrager comes out with this?!

Might just be my next tire so I can save my head exploding..
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flag loiic33 (Sep 4, 2018 at 9:46) (Below Threshold)
 @big-red: Super simple form but they are probably the tyes the most heavy weight with not as much grip as other products. I have been riding them for 3 years now
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 Totally... I'm currently in the market for new tires. And after visiting the Maxxis (still unsure if DoubleDown is really a different casing than their Downhill casing), Schwalbe, and Michelin's sites. And I've concluded that many web designers, marketing execs and product line developers need to be lined up and shot.

WTF people... you're all making it way, way too hard to buy tires. Also Maxxis... do you really need 48 different mountain bike tires?? No.. no you don't.

Even Bontrager... nice video, sounds great. Visit the website though and you're presented with a giant list of random tires with no way to sort them out as outlined in the video??!! Facepalm..
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 @islandforlife: Michelin is pretty easy to figure out the tyres right up until they get into the rubber compound. You have Gum-X then softer Magi-X.
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 WTB tires are pretty easy to navigate. Two compounds - High Grip or Fast Rolling. Two casings - Light or Tough
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 Yeah, every time I want to try a new tire it's at least an hour of research and leaving 50 tabs open to keep track of it all, just to have it all fade away immediately after. Win or lose though those G5's look sweet, gonna' have to get a set.
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 @islandforlife: thanks for the feedback (and from all the others on here). We realize we have a ton of tires and then each of those tires has a ton of options. There are lots of reasons for this, but largely it comes down to our customers and athletes asking for them. Sometimes those customers are bike manufacturer that are trying to meet very specific needs and other times it's you, the end users. We've trimmed down our catalog by removing older tread patterns, but it can still be overwhelming.

As for your specific question about Double Down, it is different from our DH casing in that it uses a higher TPI (thread count) fabric to start with: 120 TPI in DD vs 60 TPI in DH. They both get a butyl rubber insert in the sidewall which protects your rim from damage and lessens the chance of a pinch flat. The 120 TPI casing makes the DD tires lighter than our DH tires and also a bit more supple. The DD casing was developed with feedback from our EWS racers. They wanted something burlier than our standard trail tires but lighter than our DH offerings.

We're committed to being the best tire company in the industry and that means offering things other companies don't or can't.

tl;dr - buy yourself a set of Minions and don't worry about the rest.
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 @bandit350 descriptions of all our bicycle technologies are available here:

We recommend checking with your local shop and asking what they run and why. To address some of the things you mentioned though: many of our mountain tires are available with 3C (triple compound) rubber. That means there are three unique durometers of rubber in the tread. A firm base layer provides support, the outer layer in the middle is softer, but not as soft as the rubber used on the edging blocks. We put the softest rubber there to provide grip. There are three configurations of our 3C: MaxxSpeed for XC, MaxxTerra for general trail use, and MaxxGrip for DH or enduro.

In terms of rolling speed from fastest to slowest: Minion SS, DHR II, DHF, HR II, Assegai, Shorty
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 @Maxxis: Thanks for the reply... haha, ya it' is actually hard! You do really have to spend some time looking through all your tire selections to find what your looking for.

For example, when looking at this page - - you have DRH II's and DHF's listed twice. It took me a little while to figure out that one of each was a specific listing for the downhill only tire, while the other listing was for the EXO & DD casings (and why are the listings so far from each other??!). The downhill version of the DRH II doesn't even talk about it being a DH specific version, you have to find the other version, jump between them and look at weights etc to determine that one listing is the true DH tire. The DHF is listed twice but at least one of the listings sort of talks about DH use... so it's a bit easier to figure out. Then under tire technology under "Puncture Technology", DH specific tech isn't listed... just EXO, DoubleDown and then "butyl insert"... was Butyl insert supposed to describe the DH tire? It shows the same picture from the DoubleDown tech... so not sure what we're supposed to think when we see that? I don't see a DH casing, just EXO and DD.

Then if you're going to list the tires like that, shouldn't the EXO casing tire get a different listing than the DoubleDown casing tire? The simple fact that one gets a separate listing while others don't, made me question which casing was which (along with the tech page). And it made it hard to compare between weights and sizes of tires between DH, DD and EXO when I'm trying to decide if I should go for the heavy casing with no insert, light casing with an insert or just the medium (DD) casing.

Beyond all that... after spending quite some time on the site I was able to determine that you don't offer the tire constructions I want anyway (I think?)... you don't seem to offer a DHR II in a 2.40 WT tire in dual compound with a DoubleDown casing?? Nor do you offer the DHF in a 2.50 WT tire in a 3C Maxx Terra in a DowbleDown casing?? (isn't this the tire most people want??) If you do, I can't find them... Some people have told me they're only available to bike companies and racers? I emailed Maxxis directly and two months later = no response.

My perfect set-up:
Front - DHF in a 2.5 WT tire in a DD casing in 3C Maxx Terra
Rear - DHR II in a 2.4 WT tire in a DD casing in dual compound

If those aren't available... I'm still deciding between Michelin Wild Enduros or Schwalbe Magic Mary's.
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 @Maxxis: Except you place the MaxxSpeed, MaxxTerra, and MaxxGrip tabs right after the 3C tab... it doesn't look like 3C actually decribes the construction of the following tabs... it looks like it's another option in addition to the following tabs! So you say the MaxxSpeed is meant for XC, but the description says "Used primarily in cross country and enduro tires..." So which is it, XC or Enduro?

Actually you should just put your paragraph somewhere on the site... it explains things far better than the current site does.
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 @islandforlife: 100% agree with everything you said.
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 @laxguy: 10/10 would recommend. Running the xr5 front and se5 rear right now. Better than the minion set up I had prior
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 @islandforlife: now you see our dilemma. No matter what specs we come out with, there will be other possible permutations that we don't have available. We don't currently offer the exact tires you're asking for in this instance, for example.

And yes, our website is a little scrambled at the moment. We actually tried to simplify things by reducing the number of tire categories under bicycle, but the way it combined mountain and downhill is not ideal. Just know that we hear you (and many others) and we'll be working this winter to simplify the presentation of our products.
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 @islandforlife: XC for sure, there are one or two random trail specs that get MaxxSpeed, but those are the exceptions. The overwhelming majority of MaxxSpeed tires are for XC racing/riding. That description was updated in our 2019 catalog and will be updated on the site as well.
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 @Maxxis: Sounds good... as long as you guys are working on it! Thanks for the replies.
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 @Maxxis: Can't tell if the new site is better or worse than the old site (which was running for more years than it should've been)

Here's a suggestion. When listing DHFs, DHRII or whatever tyre put every single DHF(or other tyre) under that link. Regardless if it's the old 26x2.35 or a new 29x2.5WT. Allows a customer to compare all the tyres slightly easier.

Also, let's have some DHRII trail tyres in Super Tacky compounds: 29x2.4, TLR, EXO. Available in Canada.
That would switch myself from Michelin back to Maxxis

@islandforlife: Attempting to navigate Maxxis site made my head hurt. I usually check NRG e-catalog or Cycle Lambert to see which tyres are actually able to order into Canada.

I used to be a Maxxis fanboi. Been running a Michelin Rock'R2 Magi-X up front on my FS bike. Probably going to get the Wild Enduro 29ers when they release.
Ran 2.35 Magic Mary VS TLR (blah blah blah) F/R on my V10C for a few seasons. Had a set turn into tumour tyres with a casing delam.
Had Maxxis had DHRII Super Tacky DH casing TL 26" tyres I would've ran those.

Pros for Schwalbe are the folding bead TLR gravity casing super soft and being able to get from Euro zone on the cheap.
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 @Maxxis: how much pressure should i be running in my minions?
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 Here is the link for anyone interested:
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 @Maxxis: Will you please make an Aggressor tire with a DH casing. Its a rad tire but I have cut the sidewall in a couple double down tires. A rear tire with a harder compound for pedaling with a DH casing would be the ticket!
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 Maxxis dhf 2.5 wt DD @laxguy:
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 @Maxxis: yeah but the rest is pretty important
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 @Maxxis: Agree with what others have said. Would be great to simplify it with a single colored bar: Grip on one end and Durability on the other. Put all the different compounds on one bar and then add it to each tire page.

I have Minion DHF F(2.5WT MxGp)&R(2.35 DualC) and love 'em. Weight be damned.
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 @big-red: Would you be able to link this video? I can't seem to find it anywhere
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 @Maxxis: Thanks for chiming in on all this. I've been running DHF / Ardent for awhile but am mixing it up as I try to drop the rolling resistance a bit. Turning to the website though hasn't helped on a few things and, while the PDF catalog gives more, it's still not enough.

Case and point - what is the relative rolling resistance for DHF (DC), DHF (3C Maxx Terra), Ardent (Single), Ardent (Dual), Rekon (Dual), Rekon (3C Maxx Terra)? We know the compound affects grip and rolling resistance, but we don't know really how these all line up. The website doesn't say anything from what I can see. The PDF catalog gives bar ratings, but don't break them down by compound.

For example, overall the DHF is given a 3-bar "rolling efficiency" in the PDF catalog, the Ardent 2-bar, and the Rekon 3-bar. But, we know that the dual-compound is harder than the 3C Maxx Terra in the center, so how do we have just one rating on rolling resistance and which compound is it rated on? Why, while we're at it, is the Ardent rated so badly? Heck, while here, the Aggressor is given 4-bars, putting it faster than any of these and on par with an Ikon. Is it really that fast - faster than a Rekon?
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 @celstark: thanks for the comment. Getting into rolling resistance is opening up a whole other can of worms. There are so many things that can affect rolling resistance, it's really more about picking the right compound for your needs. As for the rolling efficiency (NOT resistance) graphic we use in the catalog, those are based off the tread design itself and not the compound. Obviously, XC-oriented tread patterns with smaller knobs - like the Ikon - will get higher marks for rolling efficiency than the beefy-knobbed Minion DHF. It's an admittedly arbitrary system and it is best to use it to compare Maxxis tires within the same category (e.g. Ikon vs. Crossmark vs. Ardent Race; Minion DHR vs. DHR II vs. HR II, etc.).

As for compounds, GENERALLY speaking, single compound tires (apart from Super Tacky) will have the longest tread wear and roll faster. Dual compound tires are in the middle and then you have our 3C tires either MaxxSpeed, Terra, or Grip. As you move from Speed to Grip, the rubber gets softer, traction increases, but tread wear decreases.

Again, what rolls fastest on a drum in a lab isn't necessarily what will be fastest out on the trail.

Hope that helps!
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 Isn't R-Dog only like, 5'4"? They picked the short guy so we get less tires!!! OUTRAGED!!!!
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 I wonder if they would give me the XC, CX or gravel tires I want. Narrower tires = MORE!
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 So I keep on going back to the XR4 Team Issues. I need something aggressive but not super heavy and at 2.4 it fits the bill. Minions are to much tire for my daily driver and Ardents don't give me enough grip. I also just got the new Hans and Nobby Nic 'SpeedGrip' and they SUCK!!! Plus there is no 2.4 or 2.5 - I went with the 2.35 because the 2.6 is just goofy. Needless to say after 100 miles they have been removed and the XR4 Team Issue are back on.
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 I'm with you. Best mix of grip, weight, resistance, and value.
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 No 26" options?
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 yea i kno right. i cant afford bikes that use bigger wheels Frown
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 Which is weird because all of the bontrager trek c3 guys run 26" Blank Stare
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 @m1dg3t if the winner of the contest prefers 26", we can certainly accommodate on that
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 Spent the weekend on a fresh set of SE5s 29x2.6 at the whistler bike park. Ran my standard 27 rear 25 front air setup and up the lift I went.. I have ridden probably 10 different tires and have always gone back to minions for their consistant feel but yeah... The SE5 wiped the floor when it came to overall performance. Mud, dirt rocks you just hooked up and never once gave me the worry of a washout. At 2.6 I thought maybe some sidewall roll would come into play as well and just the opposit I was coming I to corners harder and faster and never once felt the rolling sensation. Tires are always a preferance thing but I do encourage people to try these out!
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 I wanna try these. Running xr4 2.6, and love em
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 I ran XR2 Team Issues all season including a week at the BC Bike Race without a single flat. Decent weight, low rolling resistance and as grippy as any XC racing tire I've used. I'm not going to try anything else next season and try to keep the streak alive.
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 Can you choose any bontrager tires, or just what’s shown?
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 @Santamtnbiker you are welcome to choose any Bontrager tires in our lineup!
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 @trek: that is awesome. Thanks!
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 SE4 s have been my go to rear tire this summer.. 29X2.6 SE5s going up front and back this week with Huck Norris inserts..
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 gotta hand it to the person at maxxis who just did all that. thank you for explaining it all. i appreciate it
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 Hey @pinkbikeaudience @trek . This contest ended a bit early. I'm just wondering because I've seen quite a few contests on here end before the specified time of closure, some significantly before. Is there rhyme or reason to this? Why does it happen? Just hoping to avoid exclusion. But a big thank you for the chance to win. Smile
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 I really enjoy my current set of se5 tires. I'd be pretty darn stoked to get a whole stack of 'em.
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 Exactly. Well maybe some 29" G5s. I've been waiting for those.
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 SE5 front SE4 rear, great combo
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 sucks for all us shredders still using 26" there's no option for us.
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 They will let you have anything you want, not just what's shown here. My last set of xr4/xr3 26s were great on my trail bike
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 I'd like to have dem' skin-walls... Or some old school colors. Bring some weird/fun to the scene. White tires maybe? Red?
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 I guess we just figured out why he switched to 27.5 this year. Can't blame him for putting some $ in his pocket....
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 30 psi in my minions
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 26 or not at all thanks. To whom it may concern:
Do not contact me with any bontrager news that doesn't concern the one wheel size to rule them all. 26
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