Race Face’s Creator Series Offers Funding for Your Next Video Project

Apr 29, 2019
by Race Face  

Creator Series is a new funding initiative that goes beyond the normal content creation cycle in the mountain bike world, generally steered by brand messaging pressures, product launches, and a 24h news cycle that's always hungry for new content. We love a good shreddit as much as you do, but there are so many other great stories out there waiting to inspire and enrich, reminding us of the ties that bind us together as riders, builders and advocates.

We want to highlight those behind the camera - Creator Series sets out a clear path for talented filmmakers and storytellers to secure funding for their dream projects celebrating the diversity and depth of the global mountain bike community. Pitch us the MTB-related stories you want to tell and we'll choose multiple projects to be set up with funding then step out of the way to let you create.

Creator Series is here to support mountain biking's creative community – giving an exciting opportunity for the stories, people and places that sit beyond the ordinary.

A Bit of Backstory

In the early 2000s, the Ultimate Freeride Challenge was a RF supported contest to showcase riders who may not have had the resources or support to get into the spotlight on their own; back before every person on the trail had a GoPro or two and an Instagram account. The community-sourced UFC initiative helped to launch the mountain bike careers of Matt Hunter, Kurt Sorge, and many more!

A New Space for MTB Filmmakers

With the legacy of that past UFC contest in mind, Creator Series has expanded on the idea of showcasing filmmakers and storytellers that may not have the resources or the exposure to get their ideas, their work, their stories out to a wider audience. And just like the Ultimate Freeride Challenge, this is not meant for professional storytellers only nor is it exclusively for amateur filmmakers – anyone can apply and be chosen for funding.
bigquotesThe Creator Series is open to established filmmakers as much as non-established ones. We want to give you the opportunity to tell deeper stories .Rob Bohncke, RF Brand Manager

The Details

Race Face has the budget to bring your ideas to life, with three tiers to choose from – 1k-10k, 10k-25k, and 25k+. This enterprise is open to all filmmakers and storytellers, to bring to life an idea that you’ve always had sitting in the back of your mind but haven’t been given the time or the resources to be able to focus on it. We only ask that it has a relation to mountain biking and that it isn’t a pure shreddit. If you have more than one idea you'd like to submit, we’ll happily accept them all so long as you have a full submission built out for each pitch.

Our Submission Ask
Submit your pitch to us in whatever form you feel best showcases your talents, your idea, and your passion – videos, animations, presentations, you name it, we’ll take a look.

We only ask that you include:
• Your name
• Contact info
• Choose a budget range (1-10k, 10-25k, 25k+) and give us a full breakdown of where you’re spending the money
• Timeline for your project – filming, editing, finished product, etc.
• Samples of previous work – demo reel url (Youtube) or a link to your portfolio

The submission deadline is May 8th so get your pitches in soon! For more info, head to our website HERE or skip right to applying.

Have any other questions? Let us know in the comments below - we're happy to answer any questions, comments and concerns!

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 Very smart move by Raceface. Bravo guys!
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 Great idea and an awesome opportunity for us filmmakers!
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 @clear-glass-media - Hope you are planning on getting a submission in!!
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 Hello Raceface, i just read through the rules and agreements, i was just wondering if there is any way a non-canadian/American can apply for this? in my case a Swedish pitch.

With regards.
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 Hey there. We are so sorry, originally Creator Series was intended to be an international campaign but we ran into some issues and have had to change things to accept North American entries only. We are as disappointed on this as you are - We will get things worked out for the next round of the Creator Series to be international!!
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 Could you please clarify whether this is open to entrants worldwide? The fine print says otherwise.

" Eligibility: The Series is open to all filmmakers, professional or amateur, who are: (1) legal
residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and at least 18 years old; or (2)
legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and at least the age of majority in their province
or territory of residence. "
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 Pretty sure you just answered your own question
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 @outhouse . We are so sorry!! We originally wanted the Creator Series to be open to filmmakers from around the world, but we ran into some legal issues and had to change to North American entries only. We are working on solutions so we can have the next round of the Series be international!
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 @cyberoptixs: They have commented previously mentioning it's open worldwide, so I know of several people who have now wasted their time I guess.
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 @outhouse: We launched the Creator Series with the intention of it being open to all. We came across some issues that were unforeseen and have had to change things. We are as upset by this as those international filmmakers are. We are going to source out solutions so future editions of our Creator Series will be open globally. We are so sorry for the inconvenience this change may have caused.
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 Awesome idea, shame its only open to applicants in the us tho!
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 @noahr2011 - We are disappointed too!! We wanted the Creator Series to be an opportunity for filmmakers from around the world but we ran into some legal roadblocks so for now it is North American entries only. We are working on solutions though so we can open things up Internationally for the next round of the Creator Series!
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 Hey filmmakers - hit me up if you want scored music!
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 Such a good idea. Thanks for doing this guys!!
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 Love this. The UFC lit a fire under my butt as a young shredder. Would love to see an updated version of that come back as well. Well done, RaceFace!
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 More videos with dogs, please.
  • 7 6
 Dogs are not riders! They don't ride bikes.
  • 6 4
 @tixziano: you're a smart cookie
  • 1 2
 @jamesroxby: Exactely! Isn't it?
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 @tixziano: Good spelller too
  • 7 2
 We love videos with trail dogs!!

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 Love to pitch, sadly this only apply to USA an Canada not the EU.
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 @Edeid We are sad as well. We started the Creator Series with wanting to help fimmakers from around the world get their amazing stories told. We ran into some legal issues and have to change things to North American entries only - for now. We are working on solutions so we can offer the same film funding opportunity to the EU and beyond for the next round of the Creator Series. Hang in there!!
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 @raceface: that's great news. Let's hope it all works out for the next round.
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 Ultimate freeride challenge was so dam good!
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 I'd much rather see Raceface spend their spare cash on getting kids mountain biking, for example with mountain bike camps.
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 Or giving back to local trail societies and builders.
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 @cedrico We do give support to mountain bike camps....like the Dirt Series. We will be looking to do even more work on growing mountain biking participation. You thoughts on getting kids into mtb are great!
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 @Biggles604: Thanks for sharing your thoughts - we 100% agree with you! We do a lot of work with trail associations in BC. We are a big supporter (nsmba.ca/2018-sponsors ) of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) as the title sponsor of the RF Shore Corps - nsmba.ca/shore-corps and as a TAP participant (Trail Adoption Plan) where we take on the maintenance and improvements of a North Shore trail.

Through our distributors and dealers we also provide support to trail networks outside of BC. We will be looking to give even more back to the trails and the builders that make it happen in the future!!

Filmmakers can definitely use the Creator Series opportunity to bring attention to builders and trail networks, attention that can be parlayed into further support for them.
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 I'll never understand the mentality of people questioning where others spend their own money and then demanding instead that it should be for their own personal pet cause.
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 @raceface Thanks for your response Smile
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