Race Report: 2021 Galbraith Gravity Races #2, #3 and #4

May 3, 2021
by frankenpilot  
Ivy Newell of Radical Racing shredding through Hecklers Alley! on Das Auto

Galbraith Gravity Racing (GGR) is hosting a six event race series in Bellingham WA. Excited to share photos from race 2 on Atomic Dog, race 3 on Oriental Express, and race 4 Scorpion to Das Autobahn. Title Sponsor @TransitionBikeCompany raised the bar with Hannah Bergemann coaching the CAT II Ladies. Eric Olsen gathered the local pros to follow the younger racers and lay down some super fast times for the kids to aspire too!

Lead by Calvin at the Kona Bike Shop and the Bellingham Trail Riders, co-event Hecklefest 2021 is in full swing bringing tons of community support for the racers...Not sure how to heckle? Watch This then come out and have a blast!

Competition levels are great, with some of the top Jr. Experts making their way to the starting gates. Between the hecklers, Shimano race tape (passed on by Scott at NW Cup and Josh at Hubapalooza), and LIVE RESULTS - our local WMBC maintained trails have a World Cup feel. The stoke level for the race season to getting into full swing is rising fast.

To sign up for races and see the schedule please visit: galbraithgravity.com/races or on Bike Reg www.bikereg.com

Live results at results.galbraithgravity.com and thanks to Seb for getting them on www.rootsandrain.com

Have to say thank to @TransitionBikeCompany @troyleedesigns @sensusgrips @marchnorthwest @ridefoxbike @tonyscoffee @ridewrap @DVOSuspension @fanatikbike @lostco @cascaderacingdesigns @ascent_strengthandconditioning @flowshala @wmbcmtb and all the volunteers. Just in case you want to hear the groms talk shredding: Yeet and Greet podcast

First course was SST on Galbraith! Photo Credit to @tylerboothmtb, @shepherdfamily5 @jonahmackephoto and @oliverparish159

Pizza Bones and Collar Bones - Sloan Jorgenson and Brandon Fisher don course marshals vests to help run the race...between the two of them they can direct racers right or left
The Hecklefest 2021 Horn Section Warming Up

Jens Fraizer got up and dusted himself off...protective gear, rubber bones and a winning spirit earned him the Ride Wrap award for the day. Give Jens a digital high five if you have a chance!

Not sure what's bigger? Hannah's smile or her sends - Oriental Express Fans trumpet her arrival

Eric Olsen took 4 laps chasing groms before he laid down a heater
Myles Morgan fresh off wins at Hubapaolooza came out to set the pace

Finn Shimkus on an after school Enduro, making it up to the start just in time to let fly!

Chase Harrison moved up to CAT 2 U12 and a 3rd place finish, Andrew Cavaye coaching in trail
Quinn Taylor coaching Parker Barrett on his way to 2nd place proving that teammates that send together stay together

Christopher (CAS) Simeur raced CAT II in time to celebrate teammate JT Fisher sending the win on Das Autobahn

Emma Crum was all smiles through the Adog Heckler's Row
Cleo Brown comes by her focus with a little help from her neighbor Jill (K)

I'm not the DJ, I'm just here to PARTY!

Snacks and water before the next sends - setting up for the party lap on the way home.
Ivan Skiver's has no time to enjoy the views on the way to another podium

Greyson Pike on his way to U14 CAT II 1st Place

Griffen Shepherd chased by JT Fisher thought Heckler's row on his way to CAT III U10 2nd Place
Youngest of the 3 Shepherd boys, Gunnar loves his RipCord, having Quinn Taylor coach him, and the CAT III U7 win



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 I only write this as a public service announcement to the best of my ability, as a warning to those who might be drawn to the illusion of grander by these photos. While those people look like they're having fun, it's actually the only way to escape the reality of how awful Bellingham really is. And by awful, I mean Honey Bucket after a bean burrito festival that has been tipped over and lit on fire awful. Unemployment in Bellingham is roughly 67%. It rains 279 days a year and there is no health department so take your chances on getting gastroenteritis, or rather food poisoning at any of the few remaining struggling restaurants. Everyone has gingivitis and most have herpes though this doesn't seem to be the reason for the 78% divorce rates. That comes from the depression of living in such a horrible place. If you're considering a mountain bike trip this summer, might I suggest a wonderful place like Oregon. Where the sun is warm and the breath is fresh.
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 Agreed, Bellingham doesn't live up to the hype... If it weren't for the horrible job market everywhere else as well I'd be gone by now...
  • 7 0
 Bellingham definitely Kentucky's worst city
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 I think you meant to say that 67% of Bellingham rides Unemployment Line Smile
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 It's true - Bellvueingham has become a simpering, PC, virtue-signalling, woke shithole totally devoid of anything approaching culture or creativity. At least it will always have the mountains and the water.
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 @vw4ever: I hear thats the best trail ever
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 @RFrogh: its just like aline bro yeww
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 Went to college in Bellingham, can confirm, worst place on earth.
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 @johnnygolucky lemme guess you moved to bham in college for the skiing at baker, then slowly realized that the biking is par for year round smiles and you've never left. Down right Evil, 206 fo' life
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 Bellingham locals: "We don't want more people coming to ride our trails! Parking lots are too full! Trail work isn't appreciated and can't keep up!"

Also Bellingham locals: "Look at this 6 event public race series we are holding! It's so cool! But don't actually come ride here!"

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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 Bellingham is so hot right now
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 It's actually May 3rd, raining and 51 degrees. It's just a horrible, horrible place.
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 Emma Crum my step-daughter killing it on her first race! Now I gotta work on the two finger braking Smile
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 ...then one finger...
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 Yep. B'ham sucks baaaaad!!! Bby all means, DON'T move here!! It's awful!! Regards, 57 yr old dude who's lived, went to college, raised a family and worked here for 52 yrs and loves to ride... No, really, it's baaaad. Heh, heh, heh
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 Bellingham is about to replace Portland as the place Millennials go to retire.
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 And Galbraith riding is actually really horrible. Nothing fun up there. Blue steel has ruts the size of ditches, and they took down any potentially "fun" features. Ladders, drops, jumps over 16" high... nothin' to do here.
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 just a couple of kids having some fun!
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 Thanks to all of you for keeping the seattleites at bay
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 @tech-floguy: Is it working, you think?
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 as someone who comes from somewhere where there is no mountain biking galbarith is a wet dream to me. People will never be happy with anything lol.
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 @rampchamp99: First of all, why the downvotes!?!! Secondly, you do realize when people say things like those above it's sarcastic? Bellingham is wonderful as is Galbraith, we just say crapo to 'scare people away' though we know it won't work.
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 Brandon steezin up the yellow vest
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 5 May Course is Air Chair! Hope to see you out there!
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 Jonah B is killing it!

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