Race Report: 2021 Mob n Mojave - Bootleg Canyon

Feb 19, 2021
by Downhill Mike Scheur  
February 13 2021 monsoon approaching
Photo by Janette Aragon

The temperatures were warm, the racecourses were gnarly, the racers were extra-competitive, and the winds came in like a lion just before the GT Enduro awards ceremony in a full-on desert-monsoon with a peak wind gust of 73 mph. The 2nd round of the DVO Winter Gravity Series Enduro presented by GT Bicycles did not disappoint.

Friday was business as usual for a DVO Bootleg Canyon gravity event. Racers checked in, the campers set up and all took advantage of warm temperatures, light winds, and open practice for both Enduro and Downhill. Saturday’s looming weather forecast would have gotten more attention from the racers if they were not having so much fun dialing in their race lines.

Photo by Antonio Marroquin
Andrei Manalo practicing the Toilet Bowl section on Armageddon near the DH start/Photo by Antonio Marroquin

Due to statewide COVID restrictions, there were two waves of 50 Enduro racers on Saturday. The 1st wave consisted of Pro and Category 1 racers, while the 2nd wave was made up of the combined Category 2 & 3 and Junior Enduro racers. The Enduro race went off without a hitch, but the 2:00 pm monsoon put quite the damper on the GT Enduro awards ceremony with hurricane-force winds, rain, and even hail. After the storm passed, there was still time for a podium picture of the Men’s Pro winner, Cody Kelley. A huge thanks to GT Bicycles for sponsoring the Enduro race. Full Enduro results can be found HERE

1st place Pro Men in the GT-Sponsored Enduro race
Cody Kelley flashes his bonus pay for the day

Bootleg Canyon is rugged, hard-core, and has some of the best natural features to ride and race on. Each event has a 3-stage Enduro race and always uses different trails for each event.

Lars on his way to 1st Cat 1 40 in the GT-sponsored Enduro race.
Lars Utt on his way to a 1st place finish (Men's Cat 1/40+) in the GT-Sponsored Enduro race/Photo by #SoStokedAerial

Brian Lopes (Yamaha/DVO Suspension) won Saturday's E-Bike Enduro.

"Oh, and just in case you’re one of those who think Ebikes make pedaling easy, my lungs are raw today and I was draped over my bars at the end of each stage just as I would have been on an analog bike. Like I say all the time to people, any hill or distance is hard if you give’er everything you have. P/C @dvosuspension_brysonjr"

DVO Mob n Mojave Enduro presented by GT Bicycles
Lopes on his way to the big "W"/Photo by Bryson Martin Jr.
Sunday is always the Downhill day and it was off to an early start with open practice from 7:00 am until 8:30 am allowing the race to start sharply at 9:00 am. Sunday also had two waves of 50 racers, and this allowed to have some decent competition despite the strict field limits put in place. A huge thanks to DVO Suspension for sponsoring the series and the DH race. Full DH results can be found HERE.

Photo by Antonio Marroquin
Cole Suetos takes the win in the Men's Pro DH/Photo by Antonio Marroquin

Photo by Antonio Marroquin
Aaron Gwin on his way to a 2nd place DH finish/Photo by Antonio Marroquin

Photo by Antonio Marroquin
KHS Factory Racing's Steven the Swaltonator Walton on his way to a 3rd place DH finish/Photo by Antonio Marroquin

What was most obvious about this event was the sheer need for racers and families to get outside and do what they have been dreaming of for the past 11-months. We are taking COVID precautions seriously, but an outdoor event with a time-trial format is the perfect medication for the pandemic.

Cash Shayleen showing off his DH 1st place prize (Boys 13-14). Thanks, CushCore!/Photo by mom

The finals, the DVO Reaper Madness is on March 12-14, 2021, and will produce the series winners, pay the pros another $2,000, allow two waves of 100 for both Enduro and Downhill, award prizes for all series winners, have more daylight and see the return of the Friday afternoon Dual Slalom race.
Register HERE before the event sells out.

Photo by Antonio Marroquin
GT and DVO's Joey Foresta will be racing in Enduro and DH at the DVO Reaper/Photo by Antonio Marroquin

We hope to see you next month and please enjoy these bonus pictures.
Photo by Antonio Marroquin

The racer is Teagan Heap/Photo by Antonio Marroquin

Cole Suetos 1st, Aaron Gwin 2nd, and Steven Walton 3rd in the Pro Men's DH

Mob n Mojave 11-12 boys
Bos Bryant 1st, Connor Clifford 2nd, and Travis Maliska 3rd in the Boys 11-12 DH

A huge thanks go out to the late Brent Thomson for having the vision, passion, strength, and friends for making these mountain bike trails. Also, not possible without the Boulder City Parks Department, DVO Suspension, GT Bicycles, ODI Grips, Intense Cycles, CushCore, All Mountain Cyclery, MJT Designs, Box Components, KHS Bicycles, Trucker Co, Mynesweepers, PYGA USA, Kore North, Alta Racks and Fezzari Bikes.


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 Aaron Gwin is a Downhill Legend, and he is easily Top3 DHer of All-Time, there is even a good argument for him being #1! It is always nice to see Gwinn show up and participate in these "Little" Races.

Congrats to Cole for the win on this Brutal Course!

Lastly, the Race Organizer for the Winter Gravity Series, Downhill Mike always runs a great show!!!!
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 Great to see some racing!
  • 15 0
 Major props to Cole Suetos, whoever that young lad is!
  • 8 1
 Great kid, incredibly talented & equally humble.
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 Well it looks like another episode of Invisible Women (read the book, it's very well researched / written, and awesome in a depressing kind of way). So for anyone remotely interested in what non-men and non-boys were doing this past weekend, here's an informal very unofficial report. DH only sorry, i practiced the enduro course and after doing my max 10 pedal strokes per trail, i got to a standstill and decided it wasn't for me.

Keiley Skelton was hard at work practicing the course all Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun am w her KHS posse or solo. She made the gnarly top look like a flow trail, and although she opted for the big bike, was carrying speed enough that she won by a hefty 15s. At 5:15, that would have put her non-manness towards the end of the manness field. McKenna Merten from AZ clocked at 5:30, and Kaia Jensen from ID rounded the podium and was the last adult woman on the day to post a sub-6min time, on an enduro bike please and riding the trail for the first time.

The rest of semi grown up women in cats 1, 2 and 3 were all over the place in terms of skills and times. Including yours truly who just decided that DH bikes are not designed to go uphill, and walked said uphill bits. Oh, and the course is super long compared to our NWCup races. That's my excuses at least.

The future is bright w the youngsters. Lil prodigy Brooke Anderson from Portland has been 11 for so long, she's now 15 i think. She was practicing hard w all her buddies from the Wy'East academy, a "school" for young rippers (jk, i'm sure they study math and history too). But she crashed a couple of times in her run, so we won't know how her time on a clean run would have compared w the other scorching fast young gal Teagan Heap, local demon who is still under 14 and clocked an impressive 5:39. Still in girls U14, Lillee Jenkins from Sedona was 2nd w a 6:30, and hot on her heels at 6:33 was one of our PNW fast gals Sierra Semsak, a product of Kat Sweet's Sweetlines program and now racing w Wy'East. Pretty awesome considering she's new to those trails, unlike the top 2 gals.

You're welcome! Keep on shredding ladies and youngals.
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 Thanks for the race report. Looks like a great race. But not even a single mention about any of the women's races...very sad.
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 I have to agree - that's weird. There was a good number of women racers there, too. Teagan Heap got a photo at least.
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 @suspended-flesh: Oh yep, missed that. It would have been nice if the photo caption included her category to make it more apparent.
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 I have great memories of racing these Bootleg Winter Series races years ago, and this race in particular. I'd hoped to make it out for this one, but obligations got in the way! Downhill Mike does such a good job with organization, and, in particular, posting results. I need to get back out there soon!
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 Cole beat one of the best dh racers in the world ... two years in a row! Someone in the industry needs to give Suetos a factory ride! Mind blowing how that hasn’t happened yet ...
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 Looks like a fun event, but I was really disappointed by the lack of representation of the women who raced - there was no pro women's podium shot and even the one photo of a woman didn't include her race category. Such a bummer!
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 Vegas gets the prize for sharpest track on earth. That rock takes no tire prisoners.
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 That's a good point. I'm in northern Nevada and these rocks are literally sharp because most are continental lava rocks such as rhyolite and andesite. These rocks are very fine-grained and are dominated by silica-rich minerals like quartz and feldspars. When these rocks fracture they leave very shape angles behind, on at least one of their sides. Compare this landscape to that of the Sierra Nevada granitic magma chamber. The rocks up there form mostly big rounded masses that do not display sharp angles when fractured. ????
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 @Earthgeo92: neerrrd haha just kidding you know your minerals
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 I got to say I’m not so sure about this “downhill mike” guy! He seemed to do a half ass job on how the race was ran with communication of what was going on with event. I have been racing for a long time and this race coordinator could’ve done better. He had a bad attitude every time I asked him a question regarding the race and acted like it was a burden. The enduro racers didn’t even get a podium ceremony after the race on Saturday(due to wind storm) but they didn’t give the racers a ceremony the next day either when the weather was good. Anyways rant over it was still a fun mountain to ride!
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 First time there and had an absolute blast! Awesome course and terrain.
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 Cole Suetos, Gwin, Walton - how about that all KENDA podium?
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 Nice to see smiles again
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 Anyone know what the enduro course was? I'm an untalented local who likes to ride the course after the event and see how close I'd be to Cody Kelley if I had entered and could actually stop time.
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 Girl Scout, POW, BC-Lakeview
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 You know Lopes is looking at this article, mad as hell there's not a picture of him on the podium haha
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 Don't spend it all in one place Cody. Lopes with the fastest time of the day on a 53lb bike.
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 Was this a men only event? What happened to all the bad ass female racers?
  • 1 0
 One more Spesh racer winning an Enduro race on a Stumpy.
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 Where can I find the full results of the Enduro race? Thank you
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