Race Report: Cascadia Dirt Cup #5 Hood River, OR

Oct 21, 2021
by Race Cascadia  

This past weekend the Race Cascadia crew made it back out to Hood River for the final stop of the Cascadia Dirt Cup. We say made it back out because what was supposed to be the starting race was shifted to the final race after there was expected 110+ degree days in Hood River. Luckily the weather gods smiled on us for October and provided us some amazing dirt, and perfect weather to round out an eventful 2021 season. There was some grease in the morning on the iconic Hidden rock garden, some dust on stage two, and perfect hero dirt on 5 and 6. Many racers later reporting that they would get through a turn and wish they had gone faster when they realized it held. At the end of the day Ingrid Larouche and Andrew Cavaye took the top honors, and the overall for the year.

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Oliver Meredith dropping into Hidden, the opening stage of the day.

Jason Gainey hauling during stage 6 and taking the ebike win.

Lev Stryker, owner of COG Wild 7th on the day in Expert 40-49.

J.T. Fisher coming in 2nd in Expert 15-17.

The trails in Post Canyon never fail to disappoint.

One of the young guns with full commitment sending it into the rocks of Hidden.

John Frey keeping it low and fast on Antoine's as a small fan looks on.

Kandace White, 2nd Pro Women, keeping the focus.

Friends and family are what the CDC is about.

What is it with these kids and full send?!

Kenzie Carlstrom had a smile on her face all day....getting her to 3rd in Expert 18-39 women.

Ingrid Larouche was unstoppable all year long.

Andrew Caraye also winning the day, and the overall in Pro Men.

Jason Alosio showing that hardtails can handle an enduro.

Some days just don't go to plan....

Greg Parker taking home the win... that's what happens when your beer is waiting for you at the finish.

Shay Konieczka not worried about clearing the roots and rocks in the landing.

Aaron Bailey low and fast over the stump gap on Dirt Surfer.

Wesley Gonter tucked in tight and railing the turns.

Gotta keep up with the results.

Aaron Bradford, providing Neutral support with Shimano in the morning, and mixing it up with the Pros all day long.

The drop on Antoine's is always a full send affair.

Until next year keep riding, having fun, and we will see you all again on the trails! Full day results here.


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 "The trails in Post Canyon never fail to disappoint." - I don't think that's what you meant when you said that.
  • 3 0
 HA! yeah I was tired....
  • 3 0
 Is that drop on the 2nd to last photo the same as the one 7 photos above (and in others). It looks way bigger on the last photo of it.
  • 4 0
 Yes - all of the wooden drop photos in this article are the same spot.
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 Anyone know the status of the rider who got injured on stage 3? From the long time we waited I assume it was a pretty bad one.
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 I was stuck in the log jam and ended up bailing after an hour of waiting. I talked to the Sherriff and some medics waiting at the bottom and they said it supposedly wasn't too bad, just a separated shoulder. I saw a guy later that day in town I was riding with and he said it was supposedly a neck back and shoulder type deal. Sounded worse than I was initially led to believe.
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 Broken back, broken humerus, dislocated shoulder, injured knee, and I am guessing somewhat of a concussion as he has no idea how he ended up there.
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 @zuestman: Thats much more significant then we all heard.
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 @EliSchroppel: yeah that was the final report after he was at the hospital.
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 @zuestman: Oh dang, yeah that's nasty. Healing vibes for that guy.
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 Signed up for this the day before the race and somehow got in. First race ever and it was super fun. Thanks Cascadia for the cool event.
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 He was on one rob
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 Was that you that crashed out on Stage 2? If so, are you ok?
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 @mikeinhoodriver: Nope. Thank goodness. The rider that got injured is on their way to recovery. I got a flat on stage one sadly. First Rider in the video.

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