Video: 7km of Elbow to Elbow Racing in Dropdown 2019

May 8, 2019
by prkplive  

Dropdown took place around the ski resort of Dolni Morava - Czech Republic at the end of April. There is one training session, one qualifying run individually and then on Sunday a mass start races in waves depends on your qualifying times. The highest point of the Slamnik peak is 1233 meters above sea level but even so, the riders had lots of fun during the ride down.

575 meters down to the valley from the top of Slamnik mountain. A seven-kilometer ride with 200 riders through the stone fields, snow bike trails and the grassy slopes. Through the clouds of dust, elbow to elbow. This is a new project from Michal Prokop inspired by mass start races.

The race course was very diverse. The start was on the ski slope then continued to the existing trail network. There were many places on the way down to overtake, some jumps, a few flat sprints to check riders fitness, high-speed sections and plenty of dust due to the sunny weather.

bigquotes"It was incredible, I did not really bore the whole weekend. It was not easy to look after everything on the track, this was a long downhill course. But I think for the new event it all went right. The rider's experiences, I've heard, are unforgettable. Riders had great fun all weekend and that’s the most important part of riding bikes. People seem to like mass start racing.” Michal Prokop, Dropdown race director



1st. Premek Tejchman, CZE Quayron
2nd. Jakub Riha, CZE N1 Team
3rd. David Cunek, CZE


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 You better Czech yourself, Before you wreck yo sef. . . . Looks like a good time!
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 I would like having more of this race format in the US, for sure. specially with all the conditions handled from start to finish. kokanee glacier ride was the closest I ever came to anything remotely close to this...but no mass start.
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 It was one wonderful experience, thanks to Michal and for the organization and wonderful track. The weather did not disappoint also, tons of grip and nice summer conditions.
In the race I went so well through the snow part and was so glad about this, just to OTB when my wheel stuck in the hidden channel beneath the snow Big Grin
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 Being there and takich part in the very 1st edition was loads of fun and a unique experience. Highly recommend being there in 2020!
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 Does anyone know where I can get that "send or be sent" Shirt from that guy which is standing next to his bike in one of the photos?
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 love it, wish all DH races were mass start ones.
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 That last pic. That bike Karcher is really amazing btw.
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 It was amazing raceweekend, the snow wrecked us
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 Mass start racing is the best!! Too bad the only one I know of in the USA got canceled this year after only 1 year.
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 I think I got adhd from the video...

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