Race Report: French Enduro Series Round 1 2021 - Val d'Allos

Jun 21, 2021
by Marie BATISTA  

Val d'Allos is the historic cradle of enduro mountain biking with the birth of the TRIBE 10000 near than 20 years ago. This year is the 19th edition. And everybody in the organization was pleased to run the chairlifts as they were not used for the whole winter. With this pandemic situation, it is the opener for the resort and for French Enduro Cup.

Even though no World Cup riders were present because of the EWS in Val Di Fassa next Tuesday and Wednesday, this first weekend of racing has cracked its registrations. No more places were available.

That being said, some names are known from the EWS family as many riders from e-EWS were present. Indeed, This week-end should have been the e-EWS race in Valberg. This one being canceled Yannick PONTAL, Nico QUERE, Levy BATISTA, Ludovic OGET, Matthieu RUFFRAY, and others decided to take their normal bike to race in Allos as there were no eBike category.

This edition was also the first time that the French Enduro Series included the Minime category. 30 young riders aged from 12 to 14 did the same specials as their elders on Saturday. They had a blast, and this motivated the organizers to officially open this category on others races with 2 days races.

At the end of the first day, under a bright sun, Ludo OGET took the lead with 21'02 of time. Levy BATISTA following closely behind at 4 seconds and Yannick PONTAL 9 seconds back.
Glenn MACARTHUR with the number 1 plate was fourth. But the real sensation came from Raphael GIAMBI. For many of us, we were discovering this new name in the field as he is only 15 year old. He finish 5th from day one, wining 3 stages over 5.

Enzo PEREZ, Nans ARNAUD, Alexandre VANDELET were 3 juniors integrating the top 20 with respectively the 16th, 17th and 18th place. Siméon PLEINDOUX was 21th scratch and this revealed to be best spot to have for Sunday. Because the top 20 starts last on the second day, Siméon with the other junior rode the stages 1 hour before his competitors. And when the rain came down, he makes almost 50 seconds back in the race with only one stage. He rides the 9th run of the week-end on a dry terrain, while other had nightmarish conditions. Like him many where able to make time, and the results were a little bit blend by the weather. That is part of the racing.

Finally, in the men field, Ludo OGET was able to catch back the first place on the last stage, since Yannick PONTAL, who had an amazing pace on Sunday, made a little mistake in this last run, and loose the lead for only 1 second. Levy Batista finished 3rd at 24 seconds. Raphael GIAMBI continues to impress finishing 4th. Just in front on Nico QUERE, coming back from his 12th place from Saturday.

Among the women, we saw an incredible performance from Charlotte REY. With a cumulative time of 55'31, she takes 15 seconds to Morgane SUCH. Axelle Murigneux finished 3rd.

Next Enduro Series is on July 3 and 4 in Risoul.

Friday night
Friday night at Val D'Allos
Val d Allos
The finish line is ready

What s your number plate
What's your number plate ?
Bib withdrawal

The rock in Stage 1 day 1
The rock in Stage 1
Wet gray lands Stage 5 day 2
Wet gray lands, Stage 5

Class photo
Family portrait

Start day 1
Start, day 1
Let s get it started
Let's get it started

Minimes stage 3
For the first time the Minime were part of the French Cup

Isabelle BERGH 2nd Minimes Girls
Isabelle BERGH, 2nd Minimes Girls
Have fun
Minimes, stage 3

Lia PLANES 1rst Minimes Girls
Lia PLANES, 1rst Minimes Girls

Meadow Stage 5 day 2
Meadow, green Val d'Allos
Italian pilots were there too
Italian pilots were there too

Ludo wows us
Ludo OGET full gaz in the river

Levy BATISTA 3rd Men Scratch
Levy BATISTA with a solid week-end
Ludo in the gray lands
Ludo on the gray dirt

Yannick PONTAL 2nd Men Scratch
Yannick PONTAL found his pace on sunday

We go straight
Pedal everywhere it is race day!
Exit the meadow in the Stage 5 day 2
Adrien Pontier

Sea of flowers
Sea ​​of ​​flowers

Justine HENRY 3rd Junior Women
Justine HENRY, 3rd Junior Women
Enzo PEREZ 3rd Junior
Enzo PEREZ, 3rd Junior

Gold button
Gold button as race track border
Levy s jump
Levy BATISTA floating

Nans ARNAUD 2nd Junior
Nans ARNAUD, 2nd Junior with a lot of style

Camille LEPLEY 1rst Master 2
Camille LEPLEY, 1rst Master 2
Gilles DOZES 2nd Master 2
Gilles DOZES, 2nd Master 2

It turns
Turning around
To pass through the vegetation
To pass through the vegetation

the sun caresses the stages day 1
The sun caresses the stages, day 1

Levy in the flowers not in the cabbages
Levy through the flowers
Ludovic OGET 1rst Men Scratch
Ludovic kept focus all day for a strong finish

Nicolas QUERE 5th Men Scratch
Nicolas QUERE, was able to come back 5th Men scratch after a disastrous start of the week-end
Alex the one who oversees the event
Alex Balaud, opens, closes many stages. He is everywhere and would certain deserve a strong finish place if he where racing

Yannick PONTAL 2nd Men Scratch
Yannick PONTAL finished at 1 second of the win

Stay focus
Stay focus
Valentin LE GALL 2nd Cadet
Valentin LE GALL 2nd Cadet

Raphael in the rock of the stage 5
Raphael GIAMBI, is the revelation of the week-end, 15 year old and 4th Men scratch !!

Start stage 2
The masters watching and learning from the young
Raphael GIAMBI 1rst Junior and 4th... Men scratch
Raphael in the water

Who says enduro says liaison

5 4 3 2 1... GO
5, 4, 3, 2, 1... GO
Let s go
Let's go

Charlotte in stage 3
Charlotte REY wins the Women field
Morgane SUCH 2nd Women
Morgane SUCH, take the 2nd place

Axelle MURIGNEUX 3rd Women
Axelle MURIGNEUX, 3rd Women
Girl power
Girl power

Charlotte s jump
Charlotte doubles bumps

After the rain
In the mountain the weather can change quickly

Ludo Oget and Nico Quere on their way to the last stage
Ludo Oget and Nico Quere on their way to the last stages
Go go go
The mud is here

Breath of fresh air
Rare are the one able to keep the goggle on
Full of mud
Muddy and slippery

Stage 3 rock and wet
The end is close

Sim on PLEINDOUX 1rst Junior
Siméon PLEINDOUX had the weather with him and win the junior race
We come down with a little mud
We come down with a little mud

Watch his friends ride
The finish line is full of friends cheering at their buddy
Riding makes you smile
The smile on faces say it all

washing washing washing
Next step : washing!
washing washing washing
Washing washing washing!

Finish mood
Finish mood
Ludovic OGET 1rst Men Scratch
Ludovic OGET gave it all!

The paddock
Val d'Allos, It was a great one


Pro Men

1st. OGET Ludovic (FRA) — 47'21
2nd. PONTAL Yannick (FRA) — 47'22
3rd. BATISTA Levy (FRA) — 47'45
4th. GIAMBI Raphael (FRA) — 48'13
5th. QUERE Nicolas (FRA) — 48'14
Pro Women

1st. REY Charlotte (FRA) — 55'31
2nd. SUCH Morgane (FRA) — 55'46
3rd. MURIGNEUX Axelle (FRA) — 58'09

Podium Men Scratch
Podium Women
Podium Women
Podium Men Scratch

Finish racket
See you in Risoul

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