Race Report: Race Cascadia Summer Classic Team Enduro 2021

Aug 19, 2021
by Trey Wilson  

Summer Classic Team Enduro
Words and photos by Patrik Zuest
Taints of Steel keeping it nice and tight.

August 14th brought the Race Cascadia crew to where it all started with enduro for them. The south slope trails of Capitol Forest Washington. This was no normal enduro this time, it was the site for the 2021 Summer Classic Team Enduro. 3 person teams, raced based on combined age and gender combinations in the heat and smoke of the PNW this summer. Cumulative time for all three racers brought in the final times, and all racers had to leave within a total of 40 seconds (20 seconds apart max). There was also a costume contest that the Sturdy Bitches race team handily won dressed up as a taco, a pussy cat, and a beaver...though Team Dad Bod put in a strong (although somewhat disturbing) showing. At the end of the day... honestly, I think most of us forgot who won, but everyone had a blast ripping the mountain either tight on each other's tails, trying to avoid the dust, or spread out, really feeling like a day riding with your friends.

Race Director Trey Wilson giving last-minute directions on the format and course of the Team Enduro

2 parts of the Sturdy Bitches having a good laugh before race time.

Tom "Danger" Place of Outbound Lighting on Stage 1 of Little Larch. Proving the lights are so small why not just leave them on your bike... though with the smoke he might have actually used it on course.

Part of team In Cog Neato floating through the Roots of Fury on stage 3.

Revolution Bicycles team member helping hit second in Open Men

Team Grom Squad getting hard on the gas.

Some riders couldn't handle the fury of the roots.

Some days things just don't go as planned.

Team Long Steel having fun during the last stage of the day.

The fastest Taco on the mtn...

Team Dad Bod in all their...glory.

RockCandyHawktopus throwing a bit of style at the start of stage 1.

JRA's in full unicorn mode. So they do exist!

Angela Sucich of A-Team having a blast of the trails.

Team Fun living up to their name!

Laharharhar pushing hard shortly after the first climb in stage 3 of the Roots of Fury.

Rock Candy Hawktopus keeping it tight to the trees on the fast line.

Which way do you choose?!

You gotta have a team jersey for a team race. Yes Cap'n!

The Norpoint Medical Crew keeping all the riders safe all weekend long. These guys are pros at making sure everyone is taken care of!

Who doesn't want a medal?!

Waiting for results... how slow or fast were you?

Podiums were definitely a fun time.

The Sturdy Bitches winning the costume contest.

Team Pup 'N Suds on one of the many switchbacks of stage 2.

Grom Squad crushing the hopes and dreams of many of the older competitors on the day.

Seriously... who doesn't have fun riding their bike in the woods with their friends?!

Staying tight on stage 1 was key with all the dust!

Thanks again to everyone for making this a rad event! Results are here.


  • 8 0
 Lol that flat was me. That sucked
  • 1 0
 Oh no! It was a great day of riding bikes in the woods though. And not to bad for my first ever bike race.
  • 5 0
 This was such a fun race format! It really just felt like a day riding with friends... just while wearing a beaver costume, following a taco and a pussy cat.
  • 2 0
 Such a great event, I'll certainty be back racing again next year. I liked the team format and it's the reason I decided to do it. Collectively we only missed a podium by 17 seconds! Although placing on the first race for any of us on my team might have made our heads to large even for XL helmi, lol.
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 Hey! Could you also include a link of where you got the photos? There are a few gems of myself and a buddy of mine on here. Thanks
  • 5 0
 Check out Roots and Rain, or I have them up for sale on my site as well. www.patrikzuest.com
  • 4 0
 Such a fun event! Can’t wait until next year.
  • 2 0
 Seems like a crazy fun format. Did the riders have to finish together? Or did the fastest rider typically go first?
  • 2 0
 fastest typically went first. or most experienced with the trail to yell out trail features or lines. But no, did not need to finish within a time frame of each other.
  • 2 0
 3 rider teams. Each rider has their own timing chip. All riders must leave within 1 minute time frame. So max gap would be rider 1 leaves then 30 out 2nd rider leaves, then 30 out 3rd rider leaves. This was best scenario for not eating dust. (Ideally fastest to slowest rider) All 3 riders total race time combined created the teams time. I know some teams choose to drop right behind another rider. It was really the team choice how to drop into a stage.
  • 1 0
 @jgainey: Awesome! Thanks for the clarity. Probably going to steal the concept for fun times.
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 I like the shout out to "Brink" with the team pup n' suds. That movie was awesome when I was 10!

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