Race Report: Revolution Enduro Round 2 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Aug 12, 2020
by Mick Gilligan  

Round two brought athletes to Steamboat Springs; home to Revolution Enduro and a plethora of world class mountain biking. Originally the weekend was planned with a day in the bike park and a day on Buffalo Pass. With Steamboat Bike Park closed this season due to COVID it was decided that the weekend would include two big days in the backcountry. Nearly 10,000 feet of descending, over 50 miles of courses, and a brand new, never before raced stage on Soda Mountain.

Revolution worked with the City of Steamboat Springs, Routt County, and the US Forest Service to make it possible under the current Colorado COVID guidelines. Social distancing, masks, a 175 participant cap, self shuttle, groups of 10 racers with 10 minute journey start gaps, staggered awards, and boxed meals were all part of COVID risk mitigation. A HUGE thank you to all the athletes, volunteers, and supporters of the athletes for coordinating their shuttles. It was the solution to meet COVID guidelines and one of the main details for event permitting.

Putting on and selling out two of the four scheduled races during our current times was truly a blessing. Carrying the successful momentum of Eagle Enduro three weeks prior into Steamboat Springs was great for the athletes, race crew, and organizers. Backcountry enduro racing is the perfect event format in these times and the mountain bike community needs it.

Day one was held in a lesser known zone 45 minutes north of Steamboat Springs utilizing the Nipple Peak Loop. The course consisted of 5 stages, 24 miles, and 4,900’ of descending. The day wasn’t easy on the athletes; a true enduro it was. Blue skies, fun stages, and plenty of stoke for riding bikes made any suffering more than worth it.

Day two was held on the newest trail trail system to Steamboat Springs, Buffalo Pass. The day started with a shuttle bump to Dry Lake and a beautiful transfer on Flash of Gold. It was a perfect morning for the climb to stage six on upper Grouse. Dropping in racers were immediately met with rocky-technical trail, chutes and awesome lines. With everyone awake it was time for the two hour transfer to stage seven, Soda Mountain. Soda is a newly completed trail that RE had its eyes set on bringing it to the race for several years. Finally the time had come to race this beautiful piece of trail. Huge mountain vistas, meadows with seas of wildflowers, and fern filled forests were all on tap. Soda left racers stoked and spent with stage times into the 20 minute mark. Athletes made their way on the easiest transfer of the weekend to lower Grouse, Stage 8. Stage 8 provided more rocky-technical and rough trail with rowdy steeps near the finish.

See the full results, here.

With the Steamboat Springs Enduro completed and the season done we’d like to thank the entire mountain bike race community for it’s overwhelming support during the uncertain times at hand. Our sponsors Intense, Cushcore, and Skratch Labs deserve a huge round of applause for staying committed this season. For the Steamboat Enduro, thank you to our local sponsors to make this event happen; Storm Peak Brewing, Moving Mountains, Steamboat Ski & Bike Kare, and the City of Steamboat Springs. We couldn’t do this without support from all our great sponsors.

Revolution Enduro is jumping right into 2021 planning. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

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 Thank you Revolution for the opportunity to race bikes amidst many obstacles this season. For those that have not raced with the Revolution Enduro Series this is a great beginner to advanced level race series. Over the last three years I've continued to grow as a rider (yes, old dogs can learn new tricks), I've joined my first race team, I've ridden many new trails and towns, and I've made lasting friendships with an eclectic group of riders. Looking forward to 2021.
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 Thanks Rev, Scully and Mick for continuing to support the enduro scene in Colorado. See ya next season!
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 So Awesome to see Mike West still tearing it up. What a legend
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 Day 1 stages were pretty terrible, IMO. More of an Upduro situation.
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 Quit complaining and ride your bike more. Short easy races suck.
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 They were a hell of a lot better then Soda Mt
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 @jkelm: To each their own! Riding Grouse any time gets me pscyhed. Riding flat, upduro stages does not get me psyched.
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 @fullendurbro: Grouse is not the same as Stage 7 = Soda Mountain. Grouse is awesome, love it. I was referring to Stage 7 which was almost as long as all of Day 1s racing.
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 @jkelm: That stage separated boys to men i felt. How to properly turn a bike, hold it together, and have physical fitness and not get lazy with basic bike mechanics. Thought it was a great test. But very hard.
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 Coming from one of the old dogs here but you “full enduro bro’s “ need to grow some balls and some legs. If you want to roll down hill... race downhill, enduro is a test of all things bike, sprinting, turning, fitness and form. This series has embraced the true nature of the sport, granted it’s hard, pushes you to the sloppy end, but THATS enduro. Love it, Hate it, Revolution is a Real series for Real riders. Racing is test and a craft...start perfecting yours!
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 @Salida130: @lancemason15 No where did I mention I didn't have the balls or legs to race Soda...just wasn't my favorite. 12th in Pro with a sub 19min Soda time I thought was respectable for myself. Never said I don't enjoy racing Rev either? It's always well run by Scully and my favorite series.
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 @jkelm: was not referring to you J, you complain about the least And some of the lines I’ve seen you take are impressive to say the least. Food for thought here... if promoters only hear the wining of oh I had to pedal it was lame, what we will get from racings is a bunch of park bs. The experience of soda and all the stages of day one are not typical and the racing is unique so beware of; it was to pedally. Everyone has the same course and I for one find these races that push my endurance and my skill level to be the best test of who really deserves the steps at the end of the day. Race the race if it bothers you maybe it’s something to work on
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 @Salida130: I didn't dislike the course because it was physically challenging -- I actually found it to be easy as my fitness is pretty great. I disliked the course because the stages were flat, boring, and not technical. But to be fair, if I was an "old dog" like you, I probably would have thought the course gnarly, challenging and fun too. I guess perspective just changes when you get old and slow.

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