Race Report: Revolution Enduro Round 4 - Steamboat Springs

Aug 23, 2018
by Mick Gilligan  

Steamboat Springs is home to Revolution Enduro. Re-imagined for 2018 the series was originally established in 2012 as the Enduro-X with only one race in Steamboat. The final round of the season brought it home where it all started. Over 100 athletes showed up to take on this Enduro World Series qualifier. Day one served up a new zone with never-raced back-country trails. Day two sent it to Steamboat Bike Park and its USFS system trails with a mix of everything including fresh cut ski run shredding.

It was almost as if the series was scripted. Conditions were dry and dusty for weeks if not months before each race. But, then Revolution Enduro shows up... If your local riding zone is going through a drought, is on fire, or you just want that elusive hero dirt call up Revolution, get them to hold a race, and it WILL rain. (Results not guaranteed.)

Day one was held on an area known as Buffalo Pass with stage one and two utilizing Grouse and stage three on BTR. The day started with a solid pedal through moderate rain. Everyone was wary of what lay ahead on the first stage. As racers made it to the start the rain slowed. The heavy clouds and fog began to break. Once you dropped in, the excitement began, quickly realizing conditions were all time. That is not to say it was easy sailing. On stages one and two there were a few slick sections to battle with including a steep armored chute with slick mud on top of rock. More than a few racers had crashes but the energy level and stoke for the day was high.

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Video by: Mick Gilligan, Ben Saheb, Johnie Little, and Tom Sorrell.

Buffalo Pass mountain biking trails

Day two started with a gondola ride up to the top of Steamboat Bike Park for stage four. Starting with the top of the recently redesigned Flying Diamond there was a new gap jump and drop to wake racers up. Rain the night before made sure there was no loss of traction in the turns. Back up the gondola for stage five racers dropped into Bullwhip and Rawhide for a top to bottom bike park run. It was final exam time for tech on Bullwhip with no shortage of steep, tight, and rocky turns. Rawhide picks up the speed but the trail doesn't let you relax until you're at the bottom. Racers then loaded the gondola once more and took a pedal transfer to the top of Steamboat Resort's USFS system trails. Stage six on Pete's Wicked proved physical. Stage seven had a slippery off camber fresh cut section. And, rounding it out with stage eight on upper Valley View, the weekend ended with classic singletrack, tacky dirt, and fast heat rates.

Steamboat Bike Park mountain biking trails

For full results click here.

Thank you to all the athletes that made it out to our races this year, Orbea and all of our amazing sponsors, and of course our hard working volunteers. This wouldn't be possible without you. We hope to see everyone for another incredible season!

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 the prize for 1st place pro man/ woman is $200??? get the f*ck out of here with that....that barely covers a set of tires....
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 After a practice day lift ticket and race entry, winners broke even.
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 @xxsurlyxx: Some people still ride for the love of riding...
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 @KnarlesGage: everyone who competes at that level of riding (or at other levels of course) obviously loves riding. that's a moot point. what I am trying to get at is that these race series are partially (emphasis on PARTIALLY) built on the backs and wallets of the racers. entry fees are not cheap, neither is travel, or any of the other expenses related to being competitive during a season racing enduros. i'm not at all saying there is some grand conspiracy that race organizers are pocketing all the cash and leaving the racers out to dry, but I am saying that a $200 pro prize is nearly the cost of registering for the race and that athletes deserve a little more respect than that.
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 Awesome video! Really enjoyed the series this year. Oh and you're missing the A in Steamboat in the beginning ????
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 Thanks! I have a terrible proof reader. lol In all seriousness not sure how that got left out.

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