Race Report: Sam Hill Wins First Round of Asia Pacific Enduro Series

Nov 13, 2018
by Enduro World Series  
Tasmania Australia
Wyn Masters sending it in Tasmania. Photo: Sven Martin

The inaugural Asia Pacific Enduro Series kicked off in style the weekend in Tasmania, Australia. The elite men’s field was stacked with big names and it was none other than Sam Hill who attacked the six gruelling stages in fine form, to claim the win on Derby’s famous trails.

Sam Hill racing the first round of the Asia Pacific Enduro Series
Sam Hill cruising through the famous rock gap in Derby to take the win. Photo: Sven Martin

bigquotesDerby this weekend was awesome, we had six challenging stages to race with a good variety of terrain and plenty to test the skills. I’m really happy with how I rode, I had six good stages and I’m pumped to get the win.Sam Hill

Christopher Panozzo shaped an impressive race and was awarded second position and Andrew Cavaye carved up the course to round the elite men’s podium in third. Australia’s Josh Carlson had to settle for fourth, with Kiwi Wyn Masters in fifth.

Tasmania Australia
Sam Hill on winning form, with Christopher Panozzo in second and Andrew Cavaye in third. Photo: Sven Martin

In the elite women’s field, local Tasmanian athlete Rowena Fry continued her winning streak to dominate the women’s race and claimed the title in front of a home crowd.
bigquotesThe main thing was trying to stay clean, there’s the potential to have a few offs on these sort of technical courses so clean runs are the most important and hopefully that equals a fast run. I wasn’t mucking around on the liaisons.Rowena Fry

Emily Parkes produced an awesome performance across the challenging multi-stage course to come away with second place. Lucy Mackie was awarded with third place and was thrilled with her result.

Tasmania Australia
Rowena Fry now leads the Asia Pacific Enduro Series after her win. Photo: Sven Martin

“I love Derby and I am super proud of what the North-East of Tasmania is doing at the moment with all their trails and Tasmania in general. I’m a proud Tasmanian so I love showing off what we’ve got here. I’ve raced around the world and I think these trails are pretty up there in terms of fun and a great vibe, what a great place to spend a weekend,” said’ elite women’s winner Rowena.
The Asia-Pacific Series allows riders to gain world ranking points into the 2019 Enduro World Series. The series, which runs across four races in Australia and New Zealand, culminates with the crowning of the Asia-Pacific Enduro Champions in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 16 February 2019.
“I want to do really well at the Enduro World Series (EWS) here next year in March so I will be doing a fair bit of practice. Fingers crossed I qualify and I am super keen to train as hard as I can and learn the lines on this course. Being a home course it’s a massive advantage for EWS level,” Fry added.
Fry recently took out the first round of the Shimano Enduro Tour on the Gold Coast and claimed victory in the National Round recently in Adelaide.
In the Asia-Pacific series the top three riders in each category, per event, automatically progress onto the Enduro World Series reserve listing.

Tasmania Australia
The Tassie Fans never disappoint. Photo: Sven Martin

With the Enduro World Series coming back to Tasmania in 2019, these top three positions at the Asia-Pacific Continental Series were hotly contested and this level of competition will continue across the series.

Hill and Fry lead the series rankings heading into round two of the series, which takes place with the Shimano Enduro Tour in Mount Buller, Australia on December 2nd. The tour will also visit New Zealand for rounds three and four, at the Aorere Enduro in Nelson February 7-10 and conclude at the Christchurch Adventure Park on February 16 where the new Asia Pacific Enduro Champions will be crowned.

Full results from this weekend's race can be found here.

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 By all accounts it sounds like Taz has some fantastic trails for enduro racing. Although while it's probably geographically correct to call it the "Asia Pacific" series, seems like they could just call it the Anzac Enduro series given they're only racing in Oz and NZ.
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flag danielfox (Nov 13, 2018 at 16:12) (Below Threshold)
 An 'American' talking about geographically correctness. Lol.
You know America is a whole continent and not a country, right?
  • + 32
 @danielfox: North America* cmon how stupid are you.
  • + 10
 spot on. Should just call it the ANZAC cup
  • + 10
 I think the idea Is to expand into Asia.
  • + 1
 @danielfox: glad to see that you’re being geographically correctness in your grammar. Lol.
You know all Ozzies are ex-convicts, right?
  • + 2
 @TobiasHandcock: Asian venues would be rad. Or maybe an Asia only series - The Coming Home Enduro Series ????
  • + 22
 @mi-bike: haha I love it when people assume the typical stereotypes of an entire country. Admittedly I’m happy to live up to every one of them... I’m a hardy resourceful fair-go barbie eating beer drinking bogan descendant of a convict, and proud of it!
  • + 4
 @mi-bike: there is an Aussie (dunno wot the fuk an Ozzie is!?) word for you my friend; WANKA!
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 Got my vote. Great idea!
  • + 7

'Kahnt' seems more appropriate here
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 Aaok so the USA is no longer part of the continent of North America?
  • + 2
 @jlawie: Get off the f##cking track Kahnt!
  • + 3
 @danielfox: @danielfox: As far as I know, The USA is the only country with "America" in its name. We rightfully claim "American" as our demonym.

A similar example is the demonym "Mexican(s)". The official country name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanos--in English: the United Mexican States or United States of Mexico. Most people refer to the country as Mexico and it's citizens as Mexicans. Same deal.

So yeah the USA, America, and Americans.

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 @jackalope: check out asian enduro series. last round next week in chiangmai, thailand.
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 Did Ed race the Fattie?
  • + 2
 He is in Utah riding Fattie looking for Batty.
  • + 11
 Sam who? Never heard of him. Local up-and-comer?
  • + 6
 Derby conditions are looking fine! Bummed to have missed it due to a blown ACL...
This edit by Magneir Media is worth a watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cDo0P67UE0&t=0s
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 Is this the series where they let the genetic male race with the genetic female? No insult intended, just trying to make sense of results from an ocean away.
  • + 8
 I think that dude races DH only. But yeah basically if you're a man and feel like podiuming all you gotta do is say you identify as a female
  • + 2
 So did that dude race in this Enduro? What is his name again?
  • - 1
 Next olympics might be interesting with this new what-ever-this-"thing"-is-called.
  • + 1
 @harrybrottman: Kate Weatherly if my memory serves me right
  • + 4
 Awesome to see some big names and intense racing down here in Tassie!
  • + 2
 Some say that he eats possum for breakfast, and that roots part when they hear his tyres, all we know is he’s called the GOAT
  • + 2
 I hear mention of the GOAT walking around? I didn't see anything about the Gwinner racing here..
  • + 2
 @cycleco: because he GWOST this season
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 Why have you pixelated Rowena Fry's face with Champagne!?! Here she is... 2pvnod388tms2ra1fg293a96-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/IMG_0270-300x400.jpg
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 Stalker much?
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 so good to see him finally put it all together
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 Thinking of expanding the series into Asia, reminds me of looking out the window at Hong Kong International Airport and thinking, those hills would be a blast to ride.
  • + 2
 Perhaps have some rounds in Asia next year?
  • + 1
 @Bike078 How is enduro in the Philipines ?
  • + 1
 @Screaming-Gecko: not very familiar with the scene but I would say it is getting bigger every year. Cecil Ravanel was just here.
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 They should have a race in Asia somewhere. China would be a good place.
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 Now those are podiums shots!!!
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