[Updated] Race Rumours Recap: A Run Down of the Holiday Silly Season

Jan 4, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Those of you gorging on mince pies and mulled wine instead of being glued to a phone will have missed a wild week in the racing rumours world.

Alex Marin kicked off the show and then the dominos started to fall as rider after rider said their thanks and goodbyes. There were plenty of interesting moves, cryptic messages and even some bare-faced trolling going on in a frantic few days.

As midnight struck on the 31st, riders enter a new contract period, so all fond farewells will now have been said. To recap the past week of madness, here's all the moving and shaking you need to know about.


A new frame sponsor for FMD Racing

Tahnee rode the rocks like a boss
The loudest rumour this off-season has been surrounding the Transition/Muc Off Team that includes Tahnee Seagrave and her brother Kaos. The team officially announced its split from Transition as a frame sponsor on Dec 20th. While the team structure and riders will likely be the same in 2020, we can expect to see them riding on new frames.

Leading the rumours to replace Transition is Canyon, a suggestion that became even stronger when the British Cycling website was seen to have listed "Canyon Collective FMD" as the Seagrave's new team on its ranking section. Today, Tahnee Seagrave all but corroborated the rumor, as she posted an image of her holding a Canyon coffee cup on Instagram.

Intense and Jack Moir Split

10th place for this dust specialist should help cut that plate number down to size. Jack Moir is back folks...
After the team completely changed around him at the start of the season, Jack Moir has announced a split with Intense Factory Racing. Jack joined the team five years ago at its inception and, despite his well-documented collarbone injury struggles, earned the team's first-ever podium finish at Fort William in 2017.

Jack will be racing for a new team in 2020 but it's still unclear who that will be. As always we'll update you with news as we get it.

Camille Balanche Joins Dorval AM

Camille Balanche was one of the breakout stars in women's downhill last year and had definitely earned a team ride after picking up two podium finishes as a privateer last year.

She has ended up at Dorval AM where she becomes the third elite woman alongside Monika Hrastnik and Mariana Salazar. She said: "I’m super stoked to begin this new chapter of my life with the Dorval AM team and Commencal bikes. I have the coolest teammates and being three elite women in the same structure is going to push me a lot. It was my dream to become a pro rider so I’m just over the moon."

Marcelo Gutierrez Takes a Sabbatical from Racing

Garbanzo DH - Crankworx Whistler 2018
Colombia's Marcelo Gutierrez has announced that he is taking a year off from racing to focus on projects in his home country. He said: "This year, the results really spoke for themselves... I had a change of mentality and approach to the races this year, I enjoyed it more than ever I had an amazing time. Because it has been so focussed on perform, perform, perform, winning, winning, winning, you really lose your path and like for cycling... Although I had everything I wanted, a contract, a team, everything else, I was not happy. Believe me, it was very hard to accept that I no longer felt the same."

Marcelo also discussed how downhill racing has affected his relationships with his family and friends, how he felt disconnected from the Colombian cycling community, and his struggles with ulcerative colitis. We wish Marcelo all the best and hope to see him back racing in 2021.

Alex Marin and Madison Saracen Split

Alex Marin was one of the only riders to still send this gap through the rock garden in the wet.
Alex Marin was the first rider this year to announce his departure from a team and he kicked off an avalanche of comings and goings. Marin joined the British team in 2016 after spending his junior years and his first elite year riding for Giant. Marin was a regular face in the top 20 at World Cup races and has a best result of 8th with the team, which he picked up at Vallnord in 2017.

He has since posted on Instagram that he will be racing motocross this year with the French Honda SR Motoblouz team, however, he has also posted a picture of an obscured new downhill bike so we'll wait to see what his program next year will look like.

George Brannigan and GT Split

Boris Beyer Photo
After an injury-filled 2 years with GT, George Brannigan will be racing for a new team in 2020. Brannigan never really got going with GT, but will be looking forward to starting next year healthy and with a shot at re-establishing himself as one of the fastest downhill riders in the world.

Way back in our original race rumours article, we mentioned that Propain could be his next team but we haven't had any official confirmation yet, we'll update you when we do.

Unno Withdraws from World Cup Racing

Scrubbing to get back on the ground ASAP before a series steps into a right hander. Greg Williamson hungry for a third.
Despite stringing together a strong set of results over the past 2 years, Unno seem satisfied they have learned everything they can about their Ever frame on the race track and have withdrawn their World Cup program. They said, "Having our bikes at the most demanding downhill tracks in the world racing alongside the fastest downhill riders in the circuit has generated an incredible input that has allowed us to refine and strengthen even more the uniqueness of our bikes. So yes, we can say that our bikes are now better because of what we learnt from racing during the last seasons. But now it is time to say bye to the racing scene and move forward."

Instead of taking the team on with a new sponsor, Williamson will instead be re-joining a UCI team and focussing fully on racing next year.

Magnus Manson Leaves Canyon, Likely to be Joining Norco

Winner of the unofficial downhill bike race was Magnus Manson hammering into 4th on a rip-roaring lap.

Magnus Manson officially announced he was leaving Canyon but it didn't come as any great surprise as he was spotted in a recent Finn Iles vlog riding a Norco. The young Canadian pinner enjoyed two years with the German brand but their partnership has come to an end. Expect the news to be officially confirmed early in the New Year.

Bruce Klein and Commencal 100% Split

Bruce Klein is a powerhouse and was muscling his way throve the rocks and roots during training. He hasn t has the best of seasons but sure does look good so far in Snowshoe

Klein spent two years racing for the second Commencal team and, despite missing most of 2018 with an injury, picked up a best World Cup result of 16th at Snowshoe. There's no official word yet on his future but we've seen him riding a GT Fury. However, it wasn't specced using current Factory Team sponsors, so it could just be a red herring. We'll update you when we have official news.

Intense UK/Saddleback UK Team Withdraws From World Cup Racing

What a day for Joe Breeden who took the top spot in a topsy turvy qualifying session.

UK distributor Saddleback is pulling its World Cup team for next season after supporting up and coming UK racers for the past few years.

This leaves Val di Sole first place qualifier Joe Breeden without a team for 2020. He posted on Instagram, "I am still unsure where my next venture will take me but one thing I know for sure is that I will still be racing my bike as fast as possible one way or another!" We'll let you know where he ends up when we hear more.

Joe Smith Leaves Propain, Looking for 2020 Sponsors

Joe Hopton Photo by Dave Price Photo

Joe Smith has announced he will no longer be racing with the Propain Factory Racing team in 2020 and beyond. Reading between the lines, it also seems that he has struggled to find a ride for 2020 despite his third-place finish with a puncture at Hardline but is still looking to put a privateer program together.

Kirk McDowall Parts Ways with Devinci


Kirk McDowall has announced that he will no longer be racing for the Unior Devinci race team for the 2020 season.

McDowall joined the World Cup DH team in 2019 and saw some success with a 15th place at the World Championships in Mont Sainte Anne. Alongside his departure announcement on social media McDowall also stated that will he will not be attending as many World Cups next year. Although he has not yet said what the reason is for this move.

Rudy Cabirou leaves Propain Factory Racing


Rudy Cabirou is another rider leaving the Propain team in 2020, after just one season with the factory team Cabirou is looking for a new start this season.

There is no announcement as to where Cabirou is heading just yet but we will update you once we know more.


Damien Oton Leaves Devinci, Likely to be Racing for Orbea

The always consistent Damien Oton would hold on to 3rd on day two.
Enduro's Mr. Consistent has parted ways with Devinci and it seems very likely he's headed to Orbea next year. Oton has been part of the Devinci set up since 2014 when he set aside his life as a plumber to race enduro full time. Since then he has enjoyed success in the EWS, most notably as runner-up in the series overall in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Orbea have already begun teasing a new rider for their team and judging by the blurred video they have posted, it seems very likely that it's going to be Oton. The team release is scheduled for January 3 so check back then for confirmation.

Florian Nicolai Leaves Canyon, Likely to be Joining Trek

Pinned and into second for Florian Nicolai
After a stunning season that saw him just miss out on the overall EWS title, Florian Nicolai has announced he is leaving Canyon for a new team in 2020. We've no official news on where Nicolai is heading next but he recently posted a picture of his passport and some plane tickets with the destination Madison, Wisconsin, which points pretty strongly to him joining Trek next year.

Thomas Lapeyrie and Orbea Split

Thomas Lapeyrie carves one of the very tight corners at the bottom of stage 2
If we think Damien Oton is joining Orbea, that unfortunately means one top rider is probably going to have to leave to make room for him. In this case, Thomas Lapeyrie seems to be that man as he announced his split from the brand by saying that the end to their partnership, "came earlier than it was planned".

We hope that Lapeyrie lands on his feet with a new program in 2020.

Jared Graves and Specialized Split

After a turbulent four years, Jared Graves and Specialized have parted ways for 2020. Jared said, "while things didn’t really go to plan like we had all hoped over the years, it’s an experience I’ll never forget. Especially a huge thanks for the fully paid obligation free 2019 to let me 100% focus on getting my health back to 100%."

Many speculate Jared to return to Yeti, but he’s told us to expect more news soon.

Greg Callaghan and Cube Split

Greg Callaghan on Skye in Scotland June 2017. Photo by Matt Wragg
Greg Callaghan has parted ways with Cube after riding for them since 2015. He quickly established himself as one of the fastest enduro racers in the world and has three EWS wins to his name, including the Irish double he picked up on home turf in 2015 and 2016.

We have reasons to suspect that Greg is headed to Devinci next to replace Oton but when we put it to Devinci they asked us to wait until early January for more news.

Cody Kelly and Alchemy Split

Cody Kelley trowing all the shapes on the Gamble track.
Cody Kelly is the final enduro rider to be switching colours this off-season as he waves farewell to Alchemy just a few months after picking up the Rainbow Stripes at the Trophy of Nations.

Ed Masters and Pivot Split... Maybe

Eddie Masters slays. Sixth place for the kiwi today.
Is this one of the biggest moves of the season or is Ed having some off-season fun? Ed has definitely posted something that looks like a farewell to Pivot and after his strongest season to date, he’s without a doubt a hot property for any brand. However, he never actually confirmed he was leaving in it.

If he is off to a new team it will have to have been a late move as when we chatted to Bernard Kerr, Ed's team manager, about his Anaheim plans, Bernard was looking forward to another season with Ed in 2020. We'll be watching this one with interest and update you when we hear more.


Andreu Lacondeguy and YT Industries Split, Likely to be Joining Commencal

Some big moves from Lacondeguy in front of the setting sun.
After nearly a decade together, YT and Andreu Lacondeguy have announced they have parted ways heading into 2020. Andreu has enjoyed Rampage successes and founded the FEST series while representing the German direct sale brand but will be on a new brand for the new decade.

The strongest rumours seem to be that Andreu will be joining his brother Lluis on Commencal and some obscured Instagram stories seem to corroborate this but we haven't had any official confirmation yet.

Canyon and Darren Berrecloth Split

Blake Jorgenson Red Bull Content Pool
Darren Berrecloth may have retired from competition in 2018 but he's such a prolific rider and still gets top billing in lots of high production films so will no doubt still attract a lot of sponsorship interest. After 4 years with Canyon, he has a new partner lined up to join him on his adventures in 2020.

Nico Vink and Scott Split

The host builder and all around nicest guy on the hill Nico Vink.
Nico Vink and a Scott Gambler go together like well... Nico Vink and thrash metal. Despite that, the Belgian freerider is changing up his program for next year. Scott released a great little edit of Vink's highlights and it seems to have been an amicable split.

So who will Vink be riding on his back wheel for next year? We don't know at this point but your best bet is to follow Nico, the Lacondgeuys, Loic Bruni, Alex Marin and Gaetan Vige on Instagram. They're all riding together in La Poma and southern France at the moment so an Instagram Stories slip up is a possibility.

Fabio Wibmer and Specialized Split

5 years ago, when he was first signed by Specialized, Fabio Wibmer was the youngest member of the Drop and Roll Tour and was only just starting to cultivate a YouTube following. Fast forward to today and it's an investment that must have paid off handsomely for the Big S as he's accrued nearly 4 million followers and the biggest YouTube audience in the sport.

Fabio Wibmer is one of the most valuable riders in the world so expect only a big brand to be able to pick him up, or maybe something totally out of left field similar to Sam Pilgrim's Haibike deal.

Reed Boggs and Trek Split

Reed has been with Trek for three years and has transitioned from a being slopestyle rider into a big mountain freerider. He made his first Rampage appearance in 2018 with a wild card slot and then qualified in 2019 by winning the Proving Grounds event. He has now left Trek but he has bags of potential and we are sure he was snapped up fast.

Chris Akrigg and Mongoose Split

Chris Akrigg had been with Mongoose longer than any other rider has been with their sponsor on this list. In fact, he's been with them longer than most of these guys have been pros. Akrigg will leave behind some big shoes to fill after 40 edits of unique, trials-influenced riding. He'll also be a huge asset for any brand going forward as he's proved he can make anything from a gravel bike to a full-blown enduro rig look good.

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 The dream would be Akrigg and Fabio joining Danny Mac on Santa Cruz... Can you imagine the edits?!
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 The world needs more trials riding
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 Somehow I feel Akrigg is so skilled he'd be best off riding the worthless bikes no Pinkbike commentator would ever like to be found riding, dead or alive. My guess is Akrigg will be riding Specialized bikes this year.
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 Informed sources put him on Pace frames this year. Sounds good to me!
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 Do they even make bikes anymore? @nozes:
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 @nozes: I heard Muddy Fox....
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 @ReformedRoadie: Yes, these will be Muddy Fox bikes but with Intense decals.
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 How about gigi hadid and zayn malik?
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 Awesome, the numbers look good too... always wanted a pace (in the 90s they were literally the best bikes) @nozes:
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 Had not heard of Fabio. Checked out his latest youtube video. Amazing...
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 @nozes: Would be rad to see Pace get more exposure
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 Maybe Eliot Jackson could do a graph?
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 Ed masters will begin his slopestyle career in 2020
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 Rude, Graves, Kelly under Yeti I hope

BTW Nico without Gambler? How, just how
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 Not sure, Kelly posted that he's split with Giro, which one of Yeti's sponsors. As awesome as that would be I don't know if that's gonna happen. Jared ran Spesh helmets while at the Big S so I wonder if Cody is going to Specialized, hence him parting ways with Giro.
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 Would be dope.
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 I can't see Graves or Kelly taking Shawn Neer's spot. He's been trending up and finished 15th overall in ews in 19'.
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 @poleczechy: Kelly going to the Big S seems more likely than going back to Yeti. Yeti dropped him in favor of Shawn Neere because Shawn had better results, and I haven't seen anything about Shawn leaving Yeti, and he's still doing better than Kelly in the EWS. While it's possible that Yeti are switching helmet sponsors and adding a 3rd, maybe 4th rider to the roster, it seems less likely. Kelly is good friends with Curtis Keene, who last I heard was moving away from racing and toward management at the Big S, his former teammate Anneke Beerten is with S and he's always been chummy with Graves while Graves was with them. It's not hard to imagine that Specialized couldn't/wouldn't offer Graves enough cash after a season off and an unknown future, and went with Kelly and maybe another one or two younger/cheaper riders instead.

Graves going back to Yeti seems plausible, but I don't know if they have the money for Graves and Rude. Then again, who knows what kind of salary Graves can demand these days, he's back racing, but with a year off and a doping violation, the economics have surely shifted.

It's also possible that Graves put together a program with somebody other than Yeti and scooped up Kelly. I hope wherever Kelly goes he's got a solid mentor, he seems to be much better when paired up with top level talent.
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 @maxyedor: Cody is indeed back with Spesh. That’s the word from his old man anyways
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 @wheelza: considering i follow alot of bike racing and dont know who shawn neer is, id beg to differ
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 @MuskratMatt: mattt.......
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 @MuskratMatt: first a new manager, now an industry insider??? Moving on up Bruh!
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 @MuskratMatt: meanwhile....... I have yet to be signed......
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 @pargolf8: Then you must not follow enduro
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 @maxyedor: shawn is sticking with yeti this year
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 From Tahnee's IG comments:


Do you think Pinkbike started writing an article based on this post yet?
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 Kirk McDowall isn't with a team for 2020. Crazy as he was getting faster and was so close to being the Canadian National champ in 2019.
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 Looks like he still has support from devinci just not a factory spot this year.saw it in the comments on his latest ig post
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 @kingfish666: Yeah he's still on Devinci, but not as a Unior/Devinci factory rider. I'm surprised, as I hoped this meant that Devinci was getting a big team together to bring back the Chainsaw era type team. #longlivechainsaw
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 @kingfish666: great news. Ideally he would be on a full factory team..doesn't sound like it however
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 @ratedgg13: Perhaps up and comer Canadian Patrick Laffey is taking his place. Just wish they were both on the same team.
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 there are quite few guys that had full rides last year that seem like they won’t have full rides this year. Seems like a lot of teams, or probably more so brands, lowered their DH budget this year.

Feel like as social media grows, teams are shrinking. Also think the rise of freeride/jibbing continues and sponsorships will go the way of bmx and skateboarding where edits are just as important as race results.
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flag pargolf8 (Jan 3, 2020 at 4:16) (Below Threshold)
 @ratedgg13: sorry but kirk aint the cream of the crop. Keep it movin. We got teens to groom
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 @pargolf8: Thanks for an American perspective on a Canadian issue. #typical
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 This is literally all we needed. One post in the new year instead of non stop "rider x departs from sponsor x. Here's a 2 day old Instagram post imbedded and the words from that post copy pasted to make an article"
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 I gotta say, PB's evil scheme for world domination worked on me. Until late Dec 2019 I never clicked on a "rider X to team Y" article. But with the flood that became a running gag I feel I've accidentally become invested. Now I'm refreshing to see all the team joining announcements because what other goofy MTB content is there for entertainment during the shortest days of the year?
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 @Sardine: vital mtb team rumors forum is where they get all their info
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 Nah dude - if you were a more faithful PB reader, you'd know all this already. Your eyeballs are PB's and Vital's bread and butter.
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 why are you mad at the way your cocaine dealer handles his business
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 @hamncheez: welp there's too much borax and baking powder in my coke lately. Not to mention the fentanyl
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 Ed Master's to be a Split Pivot bike?
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 Never understood why Magnus and Darren rode for Canyon , seemed like a weird fit. you couldn’t even buy their bikes in Canada . Norco seems like a much better fit.
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 Or Knolly. So many of the old school, free ride inspired and crazy trail builders are on Knollys. But they don't have a "race" team per se.
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 Magnus got help after devinci shut down the program end of 2016.
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 canyon would do well here, don't know why they havent sold here yet
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 @ratedgg13: would looove to see Doerfling and Bearclaw launch the revamped Podium
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 We the People of the united forums of VitalMTB feel honored to see how the #TeamRumors thread that we vigorously feed since mid September blossoms even in places where you would not guess its seeds would arrive. Smile
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 Amen to that.
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 This has been the norm for years now. Stop gate keeping.
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 @makripper: lol reading that as gate keeping. But seriously half of the ideas/ race coverage that shows up on PB was started over at VitalMTB (minus Ben) sometimes years ago.
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 @NorCalNomad: yup it's pretty common knowledge that they guess right sometimes. Basically if you guess all the different situations you get lucky sometimes. I think i started on there in 2011/2012. When Sam hills contract was almost up.
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 We only care about the Denim Destroyer.
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 Joe Smith - The Privateer Season 3?
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 So, who is going to be the next Privateer? Pinkbike should make the selection process a series in itself. That would get high ratings as well.
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 News coming soon. Smile
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 @endlessblockades: whackiteer
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 @endlessblockades: lol
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 Brian lopes
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 @savagelake: Just like whack-a-mole but with pro riders.
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 @brianpark: Ben Cathro - perfect fit.
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 Fabio to Haibike, hucking upstairs on an e-bike
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 Oh man I hope he doesn’t go the way of Sam Pilgrim
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 @BCtrailrider: agreed he’s gone batshit crazy
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 @Caliber38heavy: yeah I unsubscribed from him a while ago. Too many ebikes and sponsor content
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 Graves on yeti, See Instagram his mechanic posted pic of bike ... Jared posted pic of wheel ... they are the same! Matching graphics Matching fork Matching blue tubeless valve colour
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 whats his mechanics @?
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 @Trisket: yetipolarbear I think
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 @Trisket: both posts have already been deleted I think
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 yetipolarbear on Instagram is Rude's mechanic - Shaun Hughes
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 Is anyone racing in 2020?
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 Nice compilation but you forgot Syd & Mackey are leaving Jamis..........[Sarc]

What a crazy off-season.
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 Lol, considering they're the only ones with any on-hand reviews of the Hardline, that's actually a big loss for Jamis. Bike looks nifty, but Jamis's PR could really use some work.
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 We mostly just want to know who Randy will be riding for in 2020.
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 I wonder how Eddie Masters feels about being classed as an enduro rider...
I know he has done well there but is he not a DH rider who does a few enduros?
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 Maybe in 2018, but I think in 2019 he was an enduro racer that did a few DH races.
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 I don't think hes ever podiumed in DH, but he outright won an enduro
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 Considering he was a strong contender for the EWS overall this past season before getting injured, I think it's safe to say he's gone to the dark side for good. Hope he continues riding some world cups as well though!
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 Bummed to see Tahnee move from Transition to Canyon. Just seemed like a perfect match of rider and brand, though I get that careers are finite and it's natural to want to get paid.
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 It was a good match but I'm keen to see how she gets on with a different bike - and perhaps one with more R&D going into it.
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 Apparently they're (FMD) coming off Muc-Off too
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 @chakaping: tr11 was redesigned literally this year. What are you referencing exactly?
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 @pargolf8: Just that Canyon have got much more money, basically. And they must be spending some of it to try to get Troy on the top step again.
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 Richie Rude to DH! lol
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 Rude is a beast but honestly he’s not putting seconds on guys like bruni, amaury and the likes. He knows that
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 @pargolf8: Well duh, cuz he stepped away from downhill and switched to a more cardio based training. If he stuck with it, who knows. It's all speculation, though I would disagree with you in opinion.
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 And now veronkia widmann and harry molloy don't have a ride as insync have pulled out of WC dh for 2020
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 Wow I thought it was a joke!
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 on FB she hinted through a story that there's a new main sponsor incoming...at least i hope.
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 were they not riding YT TUES anyway, it could just be a re-branding exercise for them if they stuck with their current frames.
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 The only one missing is the denim destroyer announcing his departure from privateer life...
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 I'm guessing he won't. He enjoys it to work in his brothers restaurant and to do whatever the fuck he wants
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 If this was the skateboard industry, pros be like....hmmm who to ride for next, oh heck let’s make our own bikes and form our brand & team á la Atherton Bikes....
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 Maybe PB can split up with their fantasy league software and join a better one!
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 I've seen this movie before (The inclusion of XC in the Olympics in 1996 will save us!!). This is all a bit disconcerting and might be evidence of less money in the sport overall for a while. I sure hope we see some announcements in the next six weeks or so.
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 Anybody else familiar with Canadian punk band, Forgotten Rebels? FMD brings up something quite different (and NSFW) for me thanks to them.
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 Nope, just the Dayglo Abortions and DOA.
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 Can't believe how many fast riders don't have a team or have to move to a smaller one in 2020
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 Don't XC people do rumors? The successful Ghost team sticks together? That's cool.
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 Ed Masters Pinkbikes 2020 privateer... to race the whole series in flip flops and an inflatable tsumo suit. You heard it here first!
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 Are we seeing the end of an era for DH. Reduced teams maybe due to reduced participation and therefore reduced revenues. Enduro with it's more raw and natural tracks taking over. Just a thought.
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flag yakimonti (Jan 2, 2020 at 16:04) (Below Threshold)
 Enduro is hardly "taking over"...no one buys or needs 180mm bomber trail bikes anyway.
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 @yakimonti: park bikes are going single crown.
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 @yakimonti: I love em. All my friends love em. You sir, are wrong.
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 It's more accessible to more people
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 Nobody really buys dh bikes anymore, but nobody, LITERALLY nobody watches Enduro. DH is the best format to watch, by far. For that reason alone I think it's still worth having a team
  • 1 1
 @spaceofades: Does people watching an event for free put any money on the manufacturers pockets?
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 @nozes: yes. That's why there's such thing as sponsorship. Viewing Greg Minnaar doing very well in a race will make you more inclined to spend money on O'Neill, Santa Cruz, Chris King, ect. That's the whole reason professional athletes can do what they do.

Your own association of a particular brand of clothing with an impressive athlete is hugely important. If I were to buy a new set of shoes tomorrow, I'd check what my favourite racers are running. New bike? Well, I know that new Phoenix 29er has been super fast under Eddie, so I'm more likey to buy it rather than say an Unno that hasn't been proven on a world stage.
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 Enduro is almost impossible to broadcast live so we're stuck with weekend recaps making it less thrilling and entertaining even for the hardcore riders let alone casual fans. Although nobody buys DH bikes anymore, the tension and thrill of a DH World Cup makes it a viewing spectacle and it allows brands to showcase their Halo products to the public which will eventually trickle down to the trail bikes most of us buy. It's true when they say Specialized builds the Demo to sell more Stumpjumpers.
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 No, we're not.
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 @spaceofades: you made 1 argument saying nobody watches enduro the another one stating what bike Eddie rides and how fast he is on it, you must have watched Eddie to know how fast he is on it. Does that make you nobody?

My shoes are 5.10 flats with dmr vault pedals because I like them the best.
How many pros in the dh run them?
I dont know, I watch their riding and not their shoes. I remember being a beginner buying the pros kit.... I was still a beginner, then I learned to think for myself and buy what suited my riding best and I became more relaxed (I just cant do clips), went faster, became more relaxed... oh, got too confident, hit trees, spent time in A&E then a cast. Then repeated many times. Lol.
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 @betsie: What I meant was that there are no streams of EWS, and there are streams of WCDH. What drew you to 5.10 and DMR? Why not UnParallel shoes, or Pearl Izumi? You've been marketed into running your equipment, and that's ok.
  • 2 0
 @betsie: and dude the phoenix is a dh bike.
  • 1 1
 @spaceofades: I run 5.10 as have tried other shoes and they are just not 5.10. I dont run the dh ones as they are too fat.
Vaults as tried and owned so many pedals a s vaults for me are just the best. Not by a little bit but by a country mile.
I like to make my own mind up for all of my kit. Couldn't give a monkey's who rides what, they are paid to ride what they ride.
  • 5 1
 What about cross country?
  • 1 0
 Part of the reason Bruce Klein is no longer riding for commencal is the burner accident when the team got caught cheating. He also hasn't been getting the results commencal wants
  • 2 0
 Why Thomas Lapeyrie is not joining Lapierre and Florian Nicolai is not joining Nicolai? Should be all easier for us to remember..
  • 3 2
 All these guys are joining the E-mtb scene and coming out with E-dh racing and E-freeride and calling it a day while drinking beers in between stages
  • 2 0
 No mention of Lewis Buchanan leaving Ibis? Interested to see where he goes and who ends up on Ibis next year
  • 2 0
 He's riding a Nukeproof on his insta story!!
  • 1 0
 @mudsavage: that’s his mate Dougies bike. An announcement is due over next few days on where he is going. I’m thinking Santa Cruz
  • 2 0
 Fabio and Commencal would be SO cool. Sadly, I dont think it will happen. Im guessing Santa Cruz.
  • 5 2
 Graves and Rude on Yeti ?!, sounds like drugs all round again , party on !
  • 3 0
 Ill likely be parting with transition this year
  • 1 0
 Nico Vink may go with transition (I've seen an insta story where we can barely see the head tube of the bike he was riding but there was a TR marking on it)
  • 1 0
 Rumor has it, if you baby powder your nutt sacks, they won't itch. Saving you seconds off your daily life from reaching over and scratching them.
  • 1 1
 Camille Balanche joins Commençal Dorval AM team??!! Several weeks ago she was announced joining Specialized.
Was it a fake new or was I dead drunk?
  • 2 0
 There was only a photo side to Kevin Joly, never something else than early trolling. The Dorval announce has been out more than two weeks ago!
  • 2 0
 @Clem-mk: Ah OK. 2 weeks ago I was at the hospital. I have an excuse... but who is finally the 3rd Specialized Musqueteer if there`s one?
  • 1 0
 @softsteel: 1 euro sur Nina Hoffman Smile
  • 1 0
 @Clem-mk: Ah ouais....: ça aurait de la gueule Big Grin
  • 2 0
 That is some serious soap opera drama.
  • 1 0
 Sam Hill will stay forever to CRC.. when he retires he can continue as CRC delivery man..GOAT
  • 2 0
 So no changes in Cross Country teams then ?
  • 2 0
 Wait....no downcountry or backcountry team?
  • 1 0
 Joe Breeden to go from intense uk to saracen and replace Alex Marin? could make for all British team
  • 2 0
 What, no mention of Lewis Buchanan leaving the IBIS EWS Team?
  • 1 0
 @williamsiquet1 Vink has been building a big jump line with transition in Bellingham WA
  • 1 0
 LorisRevelli toCanyon? Hes on a enduro bike from canyon maybe replacing Manson?
  • 1 0
 WTF. Seems like results are not always taken into account with the sponsorship deals.
  • 1 0
 Jack Moir posted a insta story with a couple of Commencals and a Norco in a truck...
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 Kenta Gallagher won't be racing anymore.
  • 1 0
 Really? Bummer if so.
  • 1 0
 He says so on Instagram. Yeah, shame he's been troubled with injuries for the last few years, he had some promising results. Would have been nice to see him back racing at full health and confidence again.
  • 1 0
 @dingus: was hoping to see him on Cannondale Frown
  • 1 0
 Wallmart will be taking over the mtb scene....
  • 1 0
 Seen George Brannigan out on his new bike in queenstown
  • 4 6
 Almost need a YouTuber section... The Loam Ranger is off Pole and Syd & Macky are moving on from Jamis.
  • 2 2
 And Van Can is off of YT, and on to Specialized.
  • 13 2
 no we don't
  • 8 1
 One slow hack is off x bike, another joey is riding x cycles... Who cares?
  • 6 1
 @Shafferd912: VanCan here - I wasn't riding for YT and I'm not riding for Specialized now. They just make nice bikes, so I bought them!
  • 1 0
 @nicz: Yep! Thats what I ment, I didnt know that those other youtubers actually had a sponsor deal....good on you mate! keep it up!
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