RaceFace Rally DH Jacket - providing the protection.

Sep 10, 2008
by Jordan Holmes  
RaceFace was born and bread on the North Shore, so they know all about abuse, and how to prevent it. Recently we got one of the new Raceface Rally DH Upper Armour jackets.

Its got some nice features, so take a peek inside for some photos, and a video.RaceFace has developed the Rally DH Jacket, in conjunction with Darren Berrecloth and Paul Bass, to provide you with the highest level of comfort, and protection available. It's constructed with hard and soft shell compounds throughout, for maximum horizontal, and lateral movement.

The Rally DH Jacket is the first jacket on the market to incorporate an articulated chest panel, meaning you're able to fit the Rally DH Jacket to your build, and not just a generic size.

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The Rally DH Jacket features a comfortable amount of mesh, while still providing the rider with a substantial amount of protection from the elements. With adjustments on all the important areas, you're able to tune it in to the most comfortable settings possible.

A comfy setup means a better ride, and a safer one at that. The Rally DH Jacket is available through either RaceFace components, or your local shop.

-Jordan Holmes


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 I've had RF upper body for 2 seasons now and it's saved my ass in some a few crashes....on another note..maybe you guys that are so concerned about how your armour looks can get it in pink so you can look pretty when you crash....i bet you guys sit down to pee to
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 pitou pitou donne moi poulet!!!!!
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 I've had this for a season and it works great for me. It offers great protection and is considerably cooler (heat) than anything else I've tried. Are the people who are worried about the looks the people I see wearing the over thier shirts? The term GAPER applies to summer also.
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 lol nice modeling luke... maybe ill stop by ur work and u can hook me up with a deal =P
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 661 is cheaper with more protection.
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 and a lot more uncomfortable :/
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 and hotter
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 cheaper lol my full face costs 560 cnd dollars!!! but it is very high quility
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 so wat if it looks abit ugly
its there to protect you..what looks better:bit of a bruise on u bum(protection under u top where no-one can see it) OR sitting in a wheelchair where you banged your spine..I know which id rather have.
I always wear a tin lid n back protector...u only get one body after all
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 I used this jacket at the beginning of the summer while I was nursing a shoulder injury from last year. I stopped wearing it once I got dialed in again this year. This suit is much nicer than anything 661 makes. Its the only suit I've tried that is not too hot to wear above 85 degrees. Best shoulder protection of anything I tried on (661, Fox, Rockgardn). I love how I can choose my elbow/forearm protection, or lack there-of. Full arm suits seem very restrictive to me. All of the complaints from people above talking about how it "looks like this, looks like that" are non-issues. I do agree with the fact that the velcro straps that go under your arms can chafe, and pull at arm-pit hair, but that is my only issue with this jacket.
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 Well,well ,well it's still nice to know that EVERY PROTECTION company out there can come up with something that DAINESE has made already. The COMMANDER. Always the ultimate form of flattery !
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 Damn good stuff I admit, wore in Whistler and it saved me a few times
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 I rode last year in Whistler with the RF armour jacket and it works fine when you first buy it, it seems undersized and somewhat flimsy compared to 661 or Dianese, but when you wear it and crash it in, it works very well its also much lighter and cooler than other brands so you are more likely to wear it all the time
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 I have this same armour. pretty comfortable except the velcro straps under the armpits with no shirt on. They have a tendency to grab and pull at pit hair which is a little agravating. Great stuff though otherwise. Protected me through some big crashes.
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 got mine today after much hunting and i love it! comfortable, cool (we pedalled up) and very easy to move about in. no crash experience just yet but i'm sure it won't take long....
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 multiple crashes yesterday, several due to labradoodle sitting in blind spots, this armour held up fantastic. didnt get dragged around my body during crashes and has reinforcement in all the right areas. i fall hard when i fall, and i wigh alot, and this met my needs perfectly.
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 back pads just dont look like they offer much protection, I like the 661 style where the back pads also double as a back brace.
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 the back design doesn't covering well we can see so much skin near the shoulders!!! but is it cheapper than a pressure suit 661 (without arms)??!! i'm surprised by race face...it's seem like the product isn't finished...
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 i love mine! great for a race armor if you dont like big heavy ones. really good air flow for long hot days on the mountain. easy to build trail in if your lazy like me and dont take it off.
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 It's nice to see that EVERY PROTECTION company out there can come up with something DAINESE has made already for 1/2 the price!
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 1/2 the price 1/2 the quality. Thee is no way this crap meets the EN1621-2 standard for back protection.

There are 2 things you cant fix, your head and your back. You wear a safety approved helmet why are not all pads regulated to meet the EN1621- standards?
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 I have this armor 2 month's and its awesome! Razz ... i don't really fell it when i wear it (it's very light)... and it saved me few times Razz
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 been riding with one for two years now and it's great, good amount of ventilation and sufficient coverage.
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 I wonder how it works with a pack. Looks like it would hold it a ways out from your body, throw ones centre of gravity out i think.
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 Race Face may be more expesive but it's worth every penny.
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 Everything looks legit except for the clavicle (collarbone) is still wide open.
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 Why is almost everybody complaint about heat??? move to Colorado live about 10 000 Ft and you can wear 661 :-)
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 How can I change flag on top of my coments ?I am czech American internet think i am american :-)
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 its nice, but what about the lower stomach area its unguarded
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 Show me one that protects the stomach my 661 only has a kidney belt
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 If you want to protect your stomach, I recommend cultivating a moderate beer belly. Great for small to medium hits. If you really want the best protection, drink more beer.
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 I agree with the fink! Can't see body armor better than body blubber working. to awkward. Just another reason for a second or third.....
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 the rockgardn flak jacket has a hard mesh kidney belt that stopped a handlebar end for me
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 I just don't think looks matter in this case.. should be what protects you the most. Smile
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 cool i duno about the price though well i gusse if if saves my life its worth it but i think safty gear should be cheaper
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 i would put it on just to go get a soda pop from the corner store.
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