Video: Rachel Atherton 2013 Season Recap

Apr 9, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

The standard Red Bull Player. 


Title image by Vanja.

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 I think I've fallen in love- her curves, her proportions... there's nothing I'd rather ride. That Fury is beautiful.
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 Had me there!! Wink
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 Such a badass, and so inspiring. It's rad how much she's done for DH, MTB and women's cycling as a whole... Thanks, Rach. Looking forward to seeing her kick ass this season!
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flag chyu (Apr 10, 2014 at 2:34) (Below Threshold)
 She's like a brandon semenuk in downhill. absent some race, wins the rest.
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 Going to be hard to beat her, shes so focused and never gets complacent, even when she wins she wants to go faster. Its so impressive and shes clearly has lots of hunger this year to still win and improve.

I'll also mention Alan milway, he really added something new when he came into that team and his training coupled with rachel's commitment is clearly a near impossible combination to beat.

less than 48hours to rd1 final. Smile
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 So cool, hard work'n girl who totally deserved those 2013 winnings - hope to see you again on the Podium Rach!!!
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 Too. Bad she was in hospital yesterday for some thing there was a pic on her Instagram
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 Hard work = good results. There is no doubt every drop of sweat during the training can give you more confidence, strength and speed during the race.
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 Coolest sister ever! Everybody loves Rachel.... and Steve Smith. Sorry Gee. I guess Tracey's not so bad either.
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 good old redbull player being absolutely brutal, thanks for being awesome Rach, good luck for this season but i couldnt afford you in my DH fantasy team so go easy on em yea?
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 Pretty sure she hit a baby when she crashed.
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 Rachel Atherton. British bad ass chain spanner. With her training ethic and confidence, not to mention her man-like power, this one's over already folks...
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 Ahahaha... man-like power? That's pretty insulting....
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 On the contrary. Men are generally stronger than woman. Rachel has built her strength and conditioning to out power a lot of the men- she deserves a lot of credit.
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 Yes, but she's still a female. So how about female-like power? The way you say it comes across like a chick can only be strong when compared to a man? I'm just saying, your reference doesn't actually come across as a complement..
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 I'm in love.
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 I'm gonna say it again....I think she's kinda hot. Don't know what it is. Maybe the blonde hair, maybe the accent, maybe the way she rides... There's something about Rachel....
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 i can't see the video.

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