Rachel Atherton Announces Birth of Baby Daughter Arna

Aug 9, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Rachel Atherton announced the birth of her baby daughter Arna last night.

Arna was born on August 4 early in the morning but Rachel waited until last night to share the news with her fans on social media. Rachel announced her pregnancy in February and had a slight scare in March following a car crash but Arna was born at a happy and healthy 8lb 4 oz.

bigquotesArna ❤️❤️ Welcome to the world! Our little baby girl arrived on August 4th 3.12am weighing in at 8lb 4oz

My heart is so full of love, my boobs full of milk & my privates full of stitches! Her birth was mind blowing, it was hard on another level & challenged me to the end, but we did it, she’s here! Overwhelmed with love for my little family
Rachel Atherton

We're sending huge congratulations to both Rachel and Olly and look forward to seeing Arna winning the 2039 World Championships!


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 I always loved Rachel for stating things as they are - that post is a perfect example.Grats and all the best !
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flag vhdh666 (Aug 9, 2021 at 1:45) (Below Threshold)
 it's almost a bit too much "stating as it is" isn't it?
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 @vhdh666: I thought that for a minute, but came to the realisation that shes just describing reality and maybe some of us need to be a little less precious about this kind of thing.
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 @justanotherusername: Yup. This is why women specific saddles exist.
Would love to see her return to the WC. Childbirth doesn't have to mean the end, especially with a massively extended pain threshold.
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 @BenPea: I'd have a whole new level of respect for her if she did. In my own personal experience and others I know, it gets a lot harder to justify taking risks, or even spending the time away from the family when you have young kids. And that's just the dads. For a woman to have a baby and return to the top level is properly amazing, the dedication required.
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 @justanotherusername: Exactly. It's just boring old real life stuff that most people go through.

Congratulations Rachel and family.
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 @vhdh666: go watch a baby be delivered. You need some life experience.
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 @vhdh666: Nope, absolutely not! It was one of the funniest things I've read in awhile. Grow a set! Pretty sure Rachel would agree.
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 @vhdh666: Wait a minute.... I thought we were the misogynistic cavemen over here? I wish more women felt comfortable talking about the realities of birth and the sacrifices they make to their bodies. Way to shoot it straight Rachel and congrats! She is adorable.
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 @OlSkoolJake: I watched mine be born and still have flashbacks every time I see my kid pull a tight sweater over her head.
Women are tough as hell!
Congrats Rachel!!!
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 First off, congrats to Rachel.. Glad everyone is healthy. Second, on her post.. Maybe TMI for those that haven't been there, but the way she puts it adds some humor to the reality of what women go through.. I chuckled remembering my wife after our son was born. As for returning to racing, there's no reason why she couldn't. It's been done many times before. It all just comes down to where her heart lies... Maybe Rachel takes a little time off and enjoys being a mother for a bit.. Maybe the racing urge is still there.. Her call to make.. The races will always be there.
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flag jaame (Aug 9, 2021 at 7:59) (Below Threshold)
 Great news! More women should have more babies! More babies is more better!
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 @vhdh666: yeah... birth.... so taboo LOL
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 @johnnyboy11000: I would love to see her return too, but if she decides she wants to focus on her family now I hope we can all be supportive of that as well. Neither choice is a bad one.
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 @jaame: die Rente ist sicher, as we say over here. Having babies helps. From an environmental standpoint, so like the only valid one these days, it's the worst. Just sayin'. (Chill guys, I got one myself)
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 @johnnyboy11000: The general inclination of the Atherton family to take their lumps and come up swinging is, I think, evidence enough that Rachel will be back at it in no time.
I will respect her decision either way though.
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flag rosemarywheel (Aug 9, 2021 at 16:50) (Below Threshold)
 @justanotherusername: Agreed, but I still always cringe when anyone says "Boobs" instead of Breasts...
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 To much detail?! Ha ha ha! The complaining "non-dads" have no idea. If only you knew what childbirth details are actually like :-D

Congrats Rachel & Olly!
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 @karatechris: where is the +100 upvote button?
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 Jeez some people in here complaining about "too much info" / "bit too much stating it as it is" / "is this really Pinkbike front page news"

Grow up. Such pathetically lame behaviour.

Contrags to Rachel and Olly and welcome to Arna.
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 Well said.!
A wise old man, who is crap on a mtb bike once said “The only person that you should criticise on the internet, is your self “
Every time I see an Atherton in hospital after a tough ordeal. They look better than me on a good day.
Congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy
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 I think she should have gone further and added "rachybox: destroyed".
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 @BenPea: been a while since I laughed that hard. Gold
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 Great news! Now I can add Rachel back into my fantasy team for Maribor next week
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 that baby is already faster than most of us....
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 Atherton bikes announce that they are building balance bikes?
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 @aljoburr: Ha! You beat me to it, but yah, I would be surprised if there isn't someone doing some CAD modelling of some TINY Titanium/CF bikes in the near futureSmile
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 Congrats on the arrival.

My wife ended up in the same position. Stitches in places no one wants to think about. If childbirth makes you uncomfortable, stick to being a member of the “crusty sock” club.
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 or ya know, just stick to the child-free DINK club
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flag OlSkoolJake (Aug 9, 2021 at 6:51) (Below Threshold)
 I yell all my buds. Don't make the 9 month load mistake. Blow that shit out before you jump the wife fie the fistula after birth. Or to gonna be right back in this position in 9 months. Unhave a friend that has 3 kids. All.of them are 10 months apart hahaaaa. He got snipped hahhaha
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 @OlSkoolJake: should have taken another minute or so to read this back to yourself and made sure it made any kind of sense before hitting that post button.
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We were DINKs for long enough I think grandparents gave up.
All I can say it’s 100% worth it. That little shit has me wrapped around her finger.
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 @wardo7: considering the neanderthal took a keyboard and repeatedly slammed it on his forehead... he's doing well.
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 As a father.... My heart is full for Rachel and her kin. Welcome to the world little one. Your life is going to be one filled with many adventures and joy. Congratulations to all the Atherton's and Pappa's family too. Kids are f*cking rad little creatures.

To all the dudes who are on here being all like...
Ewww TMI.....

How the f*ck you think you got here? You ripped your mom's Vajayjay wide open too. Ask her about your birth. Im sure when love to tell you all about how much her bundle of joy made her pee hole as big a watermelon.... Y'all need to spend some time watching a baby being born. Don't even get me started on C-sections....

Men are such pussies.
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flag Mntneer (Aug 9, 2021 at 6:58) (Below Threshold)
 Same thing that I think when people don’t want to hear about how good it feels when I bust a deep nut in wife. Grow up prudes. It’s part of life
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flag OlSkoolJake (Aug 9, 2021 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 @Mntneer: or having adult sexual, relations, with a woman who has had kids....
Repeat after me boys.....
once you know... you know.
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 It’s ok to say vagina and vulva, Dr Reid.
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 @Mntneer: You have sex after marriage?! GROSS
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 I don't know about you but I definitely wasn't born through the pee hole. Maybe they do things differently in Canada, idk
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flag Mntneer (Aug 9, 2021 at 9:33) (Below Threshold)
 @ryetoast: we are in our mid thirties, have no kids, and I am on a high dose TRT protocol. We still bang all the time. Maybe we’ll stop after we have kids in 4-5 years
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 @Mntneer: ever wonder why you don't get invited to social events?
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 @ultimatist: Im going to go out on a limb and assume that aside from professional events, you and I would never be found in a similar social groups. I also assume that we’re both perfectly ok with that fact.
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 @Mntneer: but I miss you
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 Looks like an Atherton.. Congratulations Rach and Olly.
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 Looks like Dan now, LOL
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 @ReformedRoadie: hmmmmmmmmmm
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 @averagerug: Nothing lewd or nefarious implied...just saying the first pic...looks like an Atherton, and mostly Dan.
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 Cool name, it's supposed to mean "mountain of strength". Will probably reign the world cups in 18 years time.
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 Full review tomorrow?
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 To stand by helpless, holding a hand and watching your partner give birth with courage, vulnerability, anger and strength all within a few hours is the most humbling experience. May Arna forever send it.
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 Congrats, take your time and heal up properly!
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 Congrats to Rachel & Olly !! Rachel, you've already accomplished a lot, but it will be quite difficult to outdo your latest accomplishmentSmile

Cheers to the three of you!!
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 Congrats on a healthy happy baby and mum.
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 All the best for the family. But newborns are just ugly...which I also said about my own boy (and myself)
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 Last picture is SUPER relatable. Congratulations!
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 Pregnancy and child birth are no joke! I am thankful that despite the complications, both mom and baby are healthy and happy. Enjoy this time with your new daughter Rachel!
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 Born an Atherton, life is gonna go downhill, fast! The good kind of downhill fast.
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 Worldchampion 2041 confirmed
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 All the best
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 Arna gonna be fast cause she'll get to ride with her uncles Great news, congrats!
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flag gcrider (Aug 9, 2021 at 3:43) (Below Threshold)
 But not from her not yet born brothers. As youngest sibling usually is the higher achiever in the family’s chosen activity

From this great book from the world expert on experts

K. Anders Ericsson, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise


“In many of the cases that have been studied, children with talented siblings also had one or both parents encouraging them as well. The Polgár sisters we know about, and Mozart too: his father was not far behind László Polgár in his focus on developing a prodigy. Similarly, Serena and Venus Williams’s father, Richard Williams, started them on tennis with the intention of turning them into tennis professionals. In such cases it can be hard to disentangle the influence of the siblings from that of the parents. But it is probably no coincidence in these cases that it is generally the younger siblings who have reached greater heights. Part of it may be that the parents learn from their experiences with the older siblings and do a better job with the younger ones, but it is also likely that the presence of an older sibling fully engaged in an activity provides a number of advantages for the younger sibling. By watching an older sibling engaging in an activity, a younger child may become interested in—and get started on—that activity much sooner than he or she might otherwise. The older sibling can teach the younger one, and it can seem more like fun than lessons provided by the parent. And competition between siblings will likely be more helpful to the younger sibling than the older one because the older one will naturally have greater skills, at least for a number of years. Bloom found a slightly different pattern in the early days of the children who would grow up to be mathematicians and neurologists than in the athletes, musicians, and artists. In this case the parents didn’t introduce the children to the particular subject matter but rather to the appeal of intellectual pursuits in general. They encouraged their children’s curiosity, and reading was a major pastime, with the parents reading to the children early on, and the children reading books themselves later. They also encouraged their children to build models or science projects—activities that could be considered educational—as part of their play. But
K. Anders Ericsson, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
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 Geezuz Chr!st, If you look @ which Atherton has the most PODIUMS, IIRC, it's not the Uncles, it's Arna's MOM !
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 Everyone, its a joke!!! Its referring to the "feud" between Rachel and Claudio!
  • 2 1
 I got the joke.
I was just trying to say that there maybe some truth in claudio’s comment
And seeing I had read this book I thought I would try to add to peoples knowledge .
Seeing that it was taken as a sexest insult by the internet
Belittling Rachels achievement

We don’t know if claudio has read this book or not.
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 Its the best thing in the world! Congrats both! xx
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 Congrats Rachel and Ollie, she's beautiful.
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 Parenthood: the hardest job you'll never hate.

Congratulations Rachel!
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 Congratulations Rachel! I hope to see you racing again, but children change your life. You are forever a champion!
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 Congratulations to Rachel and Ollie. Welcome to the world Arna.
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 Congratulations. It's hard work but incredibly rewarding
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 for some reason i'd just always assumed rachel and gee were married without even realized it made no sense cuz they're brother/sister and i only realized that today
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 What's that in metric SI units?
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 @hubertje-ryu: 8lbs-4oz = 3.74Kg

**and this software will help you convert all kinds of units, been using it since the 90's

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 Congratulations, if she decides to ride bikes she will be welcomed to the community. Legendary family!
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 Just when the womens field was starting to balance out, here comes another Ms. with Atherton blood.
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 Watch out, that baby is going to be ripping trails like no other in just 10 years!
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 Big hugs from North Yorkshire.
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 I came here for the "I found a way to debate" posts in a birth announcement. Found 'em...
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 Wow, that is a big baby, congrats!
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 Not really - all three of mine were over 10lb
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 @mtb-scotland: not sure why you're getting downvoted, 8lbs is pretty average. 10lb plus is large, well done to your wife! I was just under 11lb myself.
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 @Dewis100: Its pinkbike what do you expect. average is around 7.5lb with anything between 6lb and 10lb considered normal.
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 Hope she set a new birth record lol congrats rachel shes guna make you proud
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  • 2 1
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 Much love and Congratulations.
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 Congrats to the Parents and all the best for all. All the best for the Arna!
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 Kid looks fast as f*ck! Congrats Smile
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 Arma is my fave energy drink!
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 Going to Dyfi on the 30th Aug...see you there maybe lols
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 Tike of the Day !
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 Between Rach and Flo Payet, lotta stitches below the belt this season
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 Looks fast
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 Huge fan of TLBs, congrats and get rest in while you can!
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 She has better mental stay then most of the 2020 usa Olympic team.. she broke her ankle or tendon kept racing fasttttt..
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 Good on ya Rachel!
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 Looks like a Atherton
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 Send it little one!
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