Rachel Atherton Injured in Fort William

Jun 3, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
Earlier today it was announced that Rachel was injured in her practice run before finals. Reports of a dislocated shoulder had been circulating with manager, Dan Brown confirming the injury via live feed. The latest report from the team said they are hoping she will be ok to race next week in Leogang but will be getting her checked out nearer home to get a better idea of her injury.

Rachel also took to her social media to talk about the incident:

bigquotesNot how I imagined spending Fort William World Cup! Absolutely devastated to dislocate my left shoulder in practice this morning, off the ridiculously slow muddy sticky drop in the woods.... with the help of a guy on the side of the track we relocated it - X rays show nothing broken but I have to sit out the race today! It was SO EMOTIONAL watching the women racing - they all did so good in the horrible conditions in the woods- that wood section was so awful to ride! Mad respect to all the girls racing, but THANK YOU to the crowd and fans for making me feel like I still belong even tho I didn't race! I'll be back!!.Rachel Atherton

Rachel will be heading for further scans tomorrow. More on the story as we have it. For now our thoughts go out to Rach and we hope she heals up fast.

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 The bookend of possibly the most dominant run we have ever seen in WCDH. Get well soon Rachel!
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flag moose-619 (Jun 4, 2017 at 9:51) (Below Threshold)
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 Thinking her bookend may come later. Maybe just a small asterisk in the middle where she popped her own shoulder back in with some random guys help and raced the following week. I figure she's unbeaten until someone beats her. She's a badass
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 get well soon, Rachel.
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 @kubaner: If I dislocated my shoulder I would be too embarrassed to ask for help. You know with pissing myself and all. She is way tougher than most of us.
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 @kubaner: well said!
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 @RLEnglish: fuking a. I dislocated my shoulder 9 months ago. Needed 130k worth of surgery and I'm JUST getting back on the DH bike now.
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 @kubaner: That's is what I was thinking... For example, when a fighter has to pull out of a fight because of injury during training, it doesn't reflect on their record as a loss. Why people saying end to a dominant run. She has to race to be beat, just my thought...
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 @BostonMullit: I popped my shoulder back in on the trail while it was still warm.. hurt like buggery (while on a holiday in Queenstown) .

Taped the crap out of it and was back riding two days later with two rolls of tape holding my shoulder together... i need a bone graft at some stage apparently but I dont want to take 6months off from the bike to recover.

Go to the gym a lot now to hold it in place instead.
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 @BostonMullit: so hopefully she is back on it soon
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 I'm not sure this counts as the end of her winning streak, she hadn't even done the race run!!
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flag EnduroFan84 (Jun 4, 2017 at 16:39) (Below Threshold)
 No it is. It doesn't matter what her personal streak is, if she doesn't choose to race cause her poor little shoulder hurts than it's her fault. I for one am glad she's out, I might pay attention to the women now instead of jerkin one out while watching pornhub on my iPad.
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 I think it does. Tracey won it fair and square. Not crashing and getting injured is a part of the sport as well.
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 A mod, any mod, please ban EnduroFan84.
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 @EnduroFan84: this might be in line for the douchbag comment of the year
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 Still on a winning streak, gotta race and lose to end the streak! Get well Rachael!
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flag EnduroFan84 (Jun 5, 2017 at 17:14) (Below Threshold)
 Yay over 170 downvotes. Goal reached
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 @EnduroFan84: congratulations 180 negative props great success high five you are a doucebag
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 Bummer. Gee dislocated hip and Rach dislocated shoulder. Hope to see both back soon.
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 Technically she didn't race so her win streak is still alive!
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 Super sad! Only a few womens sports I really enjoy watching, tennis, fast pitch softball and DH MTB. Get back out there girl, you are needed!
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 Those first two are so far from MTB lol
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 Beach volleyball?
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 All the TREK riders are REKT - healing vibes from me cause I wanna see you racing!!!
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 Tahnee had a rant on Instagram about the section Rach went down in, I think it also ruined Tahnee's run so I wonder if she would have been so critical of the section if she had taken the win, who knows?

She says that a 10 second section of track shouldn't be the making of an almost 5 min run - I may agree to some extent but as I wasn't there cant comment on the section - she said it was dangerous.

The truth is though that aside from Danny the mens podium was all of the expected guys, Gwin didn't have a slip up in that section as it was a little way after.

Was the section dangerous, or was it just difficult?

Like someone says here - The riders want technical and seem to moan when a section is too hard, can the even organisers win?
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 It was in really bad condition during the race. Yes everyone had the same bit to deal with, but even F1 will reduce flag a race if conditions get too bad. I dunno if there was much that could be done, but Tahnee does say riders had been making suggestions all week that weren't taken into account. If that's the case then that's disappointing. Tough conditions are a fact of life in an outdoor sport, but it there has to be a bit of balance.
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 @BorisBC35: I agree with that, though she is the only rider now publicly making her point - I think if riders had truly felt like there was a big issue team mangers would have petitioned the organiser to make alterations, but that didn't happen by the sounds of things.

In F1 etc, the teams will put their case to organisers or safety concerns will prompt a change to the competition, did anyone actually get injured other than rach in there? - Didn't seem hugely dangerous, just a bit mickey-mouse and disappointing to see top racers foot down shuffling in the mud.

Personally, it looked a mess in there and it was bad to see so many ruined runs because of it, but it did separate the men from the boys so to speak and as I say, not everybody is moaning.
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 @Racer951: Pom Pom agreed with her on Tahnees Instagram post if I remember rightly. Loic commented at some point too but seems to have been removed. I don't know other riders Instagram handles.
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 I'll just leave this here.... www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOkERAvUkT8
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 @redridesrule: lol, that kind of puts things into perspective....
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 Get well Rachel, hope to see you back for Leogang
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 Sucks that she is out. But man. What a great story for the guy that helped her pop her shoulder back in.

Lucky dude- "Hey guys remember when you left the side if the course cause you were cold and wet? Well guess what happend after you all left."

Friends- "Shit......"
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 aaargg, dislocated shoulder. i had a dislocated shoulder from kayaking last season. very minor dislocation-it went back into place spontaneously, and immediately. still, hurt like a mofo for months after...good luck rachel. speedy recovery
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 So nice to see someone win other than Rachel. That's not really the way I wanted to see it happen. These ladies didn't really beat Rachel. She kind of beat herself. That sucks and that's racing. Can't wait till she heals up and actually see a proper race where someone will finally beat her.
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 Unlucky break for Rachel, it'll give the others a glimpse of hope
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 She should have raced. Even with one arm she'd have been in with a fair shout of winning. Speedy recovery RA, look forward to seeing you back.
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 I hope you heal up soon !!!
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 Dislocated shoulder and they think she'll be back on the bike in a week?

I dislocated my shoulder in June 2016 and I'm still recovering. It was a month before I could ride road and 3-4 months before I could ride MTB. This was with PT. Jealous she'll be back that quick.
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 All of this technically she didn't race/ she is still undefeated is nonsense.

She rode the practice sessions, did her quali and came off where others didn't before her final run. I'm all for her winning run which has been awesome but the official UCI points standings have given her points for the event and so she raced. If she technically didn't race, take her qualifying points away too.

Fair play to all of those who made it down in one piece and finished the race, that section sucked but far more got down it than those who didn't.
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 You want exciting women's competition? Now lets watch Rachel with the Red Mist on as she claws her way back to first place in the rankings!! I think it'll look a lot like Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One....... go girl!
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 man i was in the woods when i seen rachel come off and it was not nice to see i was really gutted for her, but like rachel said every one still cheered for her i hope you get well soon rachel Smile
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 I hope she didn't say #lastone or #onemore... Gets you every time...
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 Heal up quickly Rachel. Injury suck may your recovery be as Speedy as your downhill runs.
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 Miranda Miller was also injured...where's her article?
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 classy. really appreciate her expression of both her disappointment in her dns , and respect for her fellow competitors
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 she still remains un defeated...she wasnt there physically on the trail for the finals..her streak still is on.
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 Bollox dont matter mechanical or crash or injury its over hahahaahaha good to see as well let some one else have a go.
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 Was I the only one reading her Instagram comment with a British accent?
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 gws Rachel ????????
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 God save the queen
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 That section where she fell was awful looking. Shoulda been set up a little better
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 Heard they'd tried to heli lift a roller in to smooth the track out but didn't have the right weather
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 Everyone asks for more technical tracks, that is what all the riders got.
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 @ibishreddin: I totally agree. it was a slow, technical section that honestly, highlighted the skill level of he riders. Many riders excelled, may suffered the consequences of it as well. So sorry to see Rachel injured, but I'm happy to see some raw tracks showing up on the circuit.
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 I wonder how the techy wood section would of held up without rain/mud? In other words, same route in dry conditions?
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 @JDFF: The wooded section followed exactly the same route as last year and some of the major tree stumps were removed to make it easier, had it stayed dry it would likely have still been a major challenge but would not have decided the race in the way it did yesterday.
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 I wonder if Rachel didn't make that same jump Tracey landed short on her race run?
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 You didn't read the article did you.
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