Rachel Pageau is OnlyFans' Latest Sponsored Mountain Biker

Feb 20, 2024
by Sarah Moore  

In news we weren't sure was true back in January of 2023, OnlyFans signed Lewis Buchanan. They also sponsored Stefan Garlicki early last year. Now, the digital media platform best known for adult content has picked up Canadian enduro and downhill racer Rachel Pageau. The brand continues to at least appear to work on cleaning up its reputation and expanding its offering by attracting music, fitness and sports creators.

bigquotes2024 is gonna be a year! Fired up to be supported by @onlyfans to race my bike around the world this season. Catch more behind the scenes content about my life, travels and preparation for World Cup racing!Rachel Pageau

Pageau's OnlyFans account can be found here, but you'll have to pay $5.99 per month to access content on it.

OnlyFans now has over 120 million registered users and has paid out a total of over $5 billion to creators since its inception in 2016, according to TechReport.com. The site has an average of 420 million monthly active users and an estimated 1.25 million daily active users.

Pageau took top honours in the Costa Rican Open of Downhill this past weekend and so it looks like, while Lewis Buchanan may have been banned from competing at UCI events because of his OnlyFans sponsorship, she has not encountered an issue as of yet or is willing to pay the fine to race.

The regulation that Buchanan was found to have violated in the official UCI Cycling Regulations document falls under "Sponsorship". Article 1.1.089 reads:

Without prejudice of the applicable law, no brand of tobacco, spirits, pornographic products or any other products that might damage the image of the UCI or the sport of cycling in general shall be associated directly or indirectly with a licence-holder, a UCI team or a national or international cycling competition. As defined in the present article, a spirit is a beverage with a content in alcohol of 15% or more.

Breaches of articles 1.1.089 and 1.1.090 may be sanctioned as follows:
- Refused start and/or fine of CHF 1’000 to 25’000 for a licence-holder (art. 1.1.089 only);
- Refusal or withdrawal of the registration, refused start and/or fine of CHF 5’000 to 500’000 for a team;
- Refusal or removal from the calendar and/or fine of CHF 5’000 to 500’000 for an organiser.

We reached out to Pageau to see if that is something she is concerned about and she said:

bigquotesThe whole World Cup situation isn't fully settled yet, the UCI and OnlyFans are still in talks and are exploring options. We will find common ground allowing me to race World Cups for sure. All in all, this new sponsorship will greatly help me focus on training and racing my bike and everyone at OnlyFans is so nice and supportive, it's a great partnership to be in.Rachel Pageau

From what we can see on Buchanan's Roots and Rain profile, it doesn't look like he has competed in any UCI-sanctioned events since January 2023 when he announced his OnlyFans sponsorship. We've reached out to see if he's been able to reach an agreement with the UCI ahead of the 2024 season.

At a time when many athletes are being forced to step back from racing due to lack of sponsorship, it's great to see that Pageau has found a way to make her racing dreams come true and we wish her all the best with the partnership.

Editors' note: we're reporting on this because it's MTB news and also because we reported on Lewis' news last year. We're reminding everyone to not be gross in the comments, we'll be handing out bans for sexualizing athletes—if in doubt, don't be a creepy weirdo. Smile

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 And people curious about how I make money LOL
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 The only curiosity I have is will pinkbike band Lewis Buchanan when he reaches out for an awkward collaboration.
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 @reecewallace I was thinking the same thing lol
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 dont be so humble, having won rainbow stripes will have you covered champion ! keep it up this 2024 racing season , you fas mad man. waiting for muddy races for sure
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 @Lagr1980: hahahahahah
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 Everyone just wants to know more about the World Champ. Like what’s his fav color, fav food, any allergies, fav movie, floss before or after brushing? Y’know the important things in life…
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 @Lagr1980: Reece giant hits
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 once a world champ always a world champ
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 Still waiting for you to offer bath water
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flag epoit (Feb 20, 2024 at 21:00) (Below Threshold)
 You win the internet for today, well played.
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 Well played haha
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flag AsafGurfinkel FL (Feb 21, 2024 at 3:46) (Below Threshold)
 @Lagr1980: you got the wrong Reece haha
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 @AsafGurfinkel: this is continuing the joke when back in 2020 when reece willson won the world champs pinkbike announced it as reece wallace
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flag mi-bike (Feb 21, 2024 at 5:44) (Below Threshold)
 @averagerug: wrong willson
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 @mi-bike: lmao what
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flag mi-bike (Feb 21, 2024 at 6:39) (Below Threshold)
 @averagerug: Reece Willson ain't no World Champ
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 @mi-bike: how many grams of heroin have you ingested this fine evening?
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flag mi-bike (Feb 21, 2024 at 6:43) (Below Threshold)
 @averagerug: I beg your pardon?
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 @mi-bike: how many grams of heroin have you ingested this fine evening?
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 @averagerug: Thanks for elaborating. You are too kind.
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 @mi-bike: No problem. Anytime.
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flag deeeight (Feb 21, 2024 at 9:46) (Below Threshold)
 My friend Alia started her OF ( onlyfans.com/u306404531?rec=26965750 ) as a means to supplement her travel expenses for international rope rescue competitions. Airfare for the current event happening now in Brazil was on the order of $8,000 as I recall. Her team of all women get invited to a lot of the international grimpday series events but since sponsors in climbing don't really pay any better than in mountain biking, they're pretty much all doing this at their own expense, and that's why they can't only afford two or three events each year.
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 @mi-bike: 2020 leogang world championships winner. Also got first at snowshoe in 2021.
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 @uponcripplecreek: that was Reece Wilson
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 @mi-bike: was it though? we've never seen the 2 of them in the same place...
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 @sportstuff: Reece Willson doesn't even ride a bike as far as I know. More like a car and caravan man www.flickr.com/photos/62456969@N04
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 @mi-bike: correct, but you are being willfully misleading by not pointing out a simple spelling mistake in a way that is understandable, and making it look like you don't get the joke. It looks pedantic and obfuscating at the same time. By the way, I generally enjoy your comments.
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 @uponcripplecreek: Thanks for explaining to the masses what was going on Smile
In this case my first comment was simply a joke. @averagerug obviously didn't get it and I could've tried and explain it. However, when he (obviously) so quickly escalated his replies I simply went along for the ride. I agree that it bordered on pedantry but I should add that it is not my responsibility to point out people's typos or neg-proppers' inability to spot them.
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 @mi-bike: i was only trolling (as is normal on pinkbike comments), but your joke didn't come across lol espiecally with this font on a computer which makes it hard to see two Ls consecutively without studying a word for 5 minutes
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 Home renovations, isn’t it?
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 "...or might damage the image of the UCI..." don't they do that to themselves? Guess the UCI should fine the UCI and discovery for damaging the image of UCI.
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 This. Note that they mention "tobacco, spirits" but for some reason leave out performance enhancing drug sponsorships. Coincidence? I think not.
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 @axelerate: Who's sponsored by PEDs?
  • 18 10
 @warmerdamj: half of the TdF field
  • 13 2
 @warmerdamj: The Amgen Tour of California. Even pre-Landisgate Lance Armstrong found it bizarre that the UCI was so eager to cash checks by one of the planet's biggest manufacturers of EPO. If you think that was just then, watch Icarus, and then reflect on how the 2023 TdF smashed EPO era speed records for climbing etc. left and right. The "Medical Program" of each and every UCI World Tour team is a PED sponsorship. There is no way to get that genie back in the bottle in endurance sport.
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 @warmerdamj: cofidis! I hear they're vampires too
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 @axelerate: If they'd strictly ban performance enhancing drugs as well, they'd ban any athlete sponsored by an energy drink like Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster. Heck, they'd ban the Gehrig twins too for making coffee.

Not too familiar with Only Friend but considering it is primarily North Americans commenting here, they're just not that well known over here in Europe I guess. I only heard of them when they started sponsoring Lewis so maybe they're just trying to build a different reputation in other markets by sponsoring more creators outside the porn scene. What UCI is doing here isn't quite helping anyone. As for the reputation of UCI, what they're known primarily for now is for extorting money from podium finishers (when they rock up in clothes the UCI doesn't seem fit) and changing rules last minute yet not responding to questions from both media as well as the rider union (shifting certain XC athletes up in the WC start order) among others. The reputation of the UCI really won't be hampered by whatever sponsorship athletes negotiate to make ends meet.
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 @vinay: It's a chronically online thing, I doubt anyone with a life actually cares.
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 The UCI doesn't organise events. The UCI only sanctions events (essentially lends it's name to it).
Events are individually organised and controlled overall by Discovery. The americans at Discovery are the people you need to be angry with for ruining the world cup series.
The UCI has expertise in areas such as controlled substance testing, which can only be a good thing for the sport.
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 @Upduro: spoken like a true person who can't get their ftp passed 190
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 @powturn: Glad someone else is onto it. I found it so bizarre when Amgen sponsored that tour. Given the shady events in pro cycling, I wouldn't have thought it would be in cycling's best interests to be sponsored by the company who makes EPO.

It's not PEDs though, it's only the cumulative effects of marginal gains

When I watch a tiny bit of the TDF or the Olympics these days, I just want to see the freak show. Please entertain me with ridiculous record breaking performances.
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 @Upduro: Half?! All of them.
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 @tempnoo1: yeah just like porn in general
Right? Lmfao
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 @nvranka: everyone would probably use pornhub I guess. I doubt youd find anyone who uses onlyfans who doesn't have any other social media.
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 So if you make a sexual comment about an athlete sponsored by a sex site you get banned. But if you are a complete fucking psycho in the comment section towards other users and just absolutely go off a cliff with every comment you make it's fine. OK.
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 yeah dude thats why pinkbike is so great.
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 It's pinkbike, so nothing new they ban people for ridiculous reasons. The comment section about trans women was a mess as well
  • 14 4
 i was about to say - they get sponsored by porn shekels, but you dare making a sexual comment...
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flag tremeer023 FL (Feb 21, 2024 at 6:54) (Below Threshold)
 It's all part of the slow trickle erosion of freedom of speech. Enhanced censorship. Interestingly I see in the news today that a transgender cyclist is taking the UCI to court over their ban:
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 *British Cycling, not UCI.
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 My favorite double standard is if you say nice legs about a female athlete you get downvoted to hell or maybe even put in time out...BUT when you say nice things about that dude Dangerholm's legs you'll be one of the top comments. It's hilarious
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 @bashhard: Appropriate, since the subject matter is a mess
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 @Sycip69er: You know the saying: "Dangerholm. The girls want to be with the him, the guys want to be him"
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 Does anyone know what an onlyfans charge appears as on a credit card statement?
  • 125 0
 As a direct deposit on mine.
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 Asking for a friend?
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 Forearm Strengthening, LLC
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 Test. Huh, it works now. PB said 'You don't have the right to post' when I tried to post the below message several times. Thought my flesh got suspended again....

I said: Get the free CashApp Visa debit card. They are sexy-looking cards, too - esp the black heavy aluminum version.
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 Armchair Armpump Inc
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 @RonSauce: that’s why we call you the Deposit Daddy.
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flag deeeight (Feb 21, 2024 at 9:28) (Below Threshold)
 when you get the text message for authorization code for a fresh subscription it lists a corporate name for a UK business that does their CC processing. The statement on your card simply has OF as the description, with a London UK address and postal code.

My friend Alia ( onlyfans.com/u306404531?rec=26965750 ) started one a year and a half ago to help fund her international technical rope rescue competition climbing events. Hell her entire team has to sell team jerseys for each competition to supplement themselves, as they're all paying their own way to events and airfare is expensive when you're flying from Surrey BC (in Alia's case) to Sao Paulo, Brazil, as the current Grimpday event is taking place at right now. They're the first ALL female team invited to the international grimpday competition series, including at the world championships in Belgium last year. I think her airfare each way for 2 people for the current competition is in the order of about $8,000 and there isn't going to be that sort of money paid out even if their team won. One of the women flies in from Taiwan each event, another is coming from the USA, another Belgium, one is in Panama and I forget where the other one comes from.
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 The UCI was probably the worst thing that could have happened to enduro. Oh well, support your local races. It's even more fun than TV.
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 Depends what kind of enduro you're talking about
  • 53 6
 What a world. Imagine paying $6 / mth to follow a mtn biker. Flame away PB.
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flag i-race-downhill (Feb 20, 2024 at 17:54) (Below Threshold)
 Pinkbike had to include a hall monitor “I’m watching you” tag also on this post. Does anyone remember when pinkbike was actually cool and not the PC police?

Matt Beer/Henry Quinney posts, and the buy and sell are the only thing pinkbike is good for now.
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 Came to say exactly this, I mean I kinda get the porn thing (even tho there's free porn out there) but what do followers get from an athlete or an artist that they can't from insta? So it's exclusive content? Well.... I can't see that sitting well with other sponsors? I mean, we (other sponsors) pay you to promote our product, but now that promotion is behind a paywall??? It amazes me, in the online world what consumers will actually shell out for as much as what companies are offering when it's available for free elsewhere
  • 21 2
 I imagine people just think it's cool to have a more personal connection with an athlete they look up to or like? An NFL/EPL/NHL etc. jersey are easily $100 and people scoop those up without most people criticizing them.
  • 4 1
 Doesn't that also mean the OF riders' other sponsors get less coverage?
  • 41 1
 Typically you just pay because you like what a someone (or a group) is doing and would like to support them. I support a French comic artist called David Revoy because I appreciate his work and his tutorials, I support Manjaro linux because that's what my computer runs on, I support Signal because it is a convenient messaging service (and required to communicate with the school of my daughter) etc. You get pretty much nothing in return and that's ok. It is like the artist in the street. You can enjoy it for free but if you appreciate what they're doing it doesn't hurt to drop a coin in that hat or guitar case. It isn't anything new, really.
  • 29 2
 @naptime: seriously, god forbid someone who is creating content you consume actually get compensated for it.
  • 5 3
 @sino428: but, i'm not consuming it..............?
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 These riders aren't out to amass huge paid subscribe followers. They are being paid well by only fans to go ride and rep their brand. If everyone wouldn't have thrown crap at lew buchannan he tried explaining that to the world. This company is taking care of their riders better then most bike brands at the moment.
  • 2 1
 @i-race-downhill: and yet. Here you are.
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 Imagine paying $6 / mth or more for a YouTube content creator. For content that is more/less free, people shell out hard earned dollars to creators. In a way it doesn’t feel much different to me. If OF didn’t have its reputation it’d be another Patreon.
  • 1 1
 @naptime: yes you are.
  • 2 0
 @korev: Creators with less coverage generally make more on only fans
  • 1 2
 @Superboost: so my first reply was deleted by the censorship police but,
I have never been on only fans and never will because (deleted content)..................
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 @naptime: yeah PinkBike is deleting comments like crazy on practically every article. It’s actually pretty brutal and complete garbage. What are you going to do I guess.
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 People should get off their high horses and be happy that riders are getting sponsorship from outside the sport.

Nearly every interview or podcast from people in the bike industry say that the sport needs outside sponsorship to survive/grow, especially in times like these and yet when people do find the deals to support themselves and their families all the biking forums are up in arms because they don’t like it. Get sponsored by Only Fans - “it’s a porn site” (apart from all the artists, content creators, etc that aren’t adult content).

It seems that all people want to do is whinge and bitch about everything and can’t be happy that other people are being successful.
  • 39 6
 This puritanical mindset needs to go and everyone pearl clutching is absolutely ridiculous. This think of the children is just typical BS that is used to force the world into a very narrow mindset. There is porn everywhere and especially everywhere on the internet. Kids know this and kids will find it without the help of a site that keeps all the porn locked behind a paywall. Even those of us who are old enough to remember a time before the internet were accessing porn pretty easily and we actively sought it out. To my fellow parents if you are concerned then sit down and have a discussion with your kids and discuss what and why you are concerned with viewing it. And if you do a good enough job the kids will make the proper decision for themselves and if you would rather hide them away rather than educate, this never works by the way, then lock down your home network with parental controls.
  • 21 0
 But, then parents would actually have to parent. It's easier to attack the paywall blocked website than to take phones away from their kids and have a conversation.
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flag irafd (Feb 21, 2024 at 6:06) (Below Threshold)
 you're missing the point. the real problem is normalizing selling your nudes - and that's what promoting OF does
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 Rather spend that $6 on guac-toast thanks.
  • 5 1
 what if youre not hungry
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 @mariomtblt: you might be thirsty as hell, tho.
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 It's interesting that spirits are banned from sponsorship but beer is ok and of course there is the champagne they hand out to winner. Kinda seems like a double standard as most champagne is ~12-15% ABV and there are some beers out there which are over the 15% ABV threshold that the UCI has set for spirits.

May seem off topic but she is also sponsored by Oskar Blues Brewery, the makers of Dale's Pale Ale. You can argue whether or not Dale's is a good beer but I'm going to buy it regardless cause it has my name on it.
  • 23 1
 When a cyclical industry is dying, it's best to make as much money as you can. If you have doubts, read Tony Hawks biography. In 1994 he was nearly broke and making no money. He got clowned for making a video game. One of the top selling games of all time. Tony laughed all the way to the bank.
  • 23 1
 if u wanna support her sponsor:
  • 17 2
 the $6.99 could be looked at in a different light... You could look at it as a way of helping out a rider who wants to continue, think of it not as Pay-per-view, but helping someone out who can't race without additional funding. It's easy to get all weird about OnlyFans but if 50 people put in $6.99 a month it could be the difference between the rider getting to a race or not. You don't even need to view the content, just help the rider.
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 Yeah i'm alright thanks
  • 1 0
 I mean she could start a lot of things instead of onlyfans. You can send money from youtube with the superlike button. You can have a go-fund-me, or Patreon. What you don't need is to push sexual content onto young aspiring bikers.
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 Explain that to the wife on your bank statement.
  • 23 22
 Why is the wife reading your bank statement?
  • 34 2
 @LukeMorgan42: because we only have one bank account?
  • 15 4
 @Cerberon: lots of people keep separate personal accounts for fun stuff and a single joint account for bills and shared expenses. It’s nice to maintain some financial autonomy as long as joint expenses and savings are covered.
  • 47 6
 @LukeMorgan42: because hiding things from your partner isn't a healthy lifestyle
  • 8 9
 @Cerberon: never only share accounts. first Rule of Marriage.. forever and always
  • 4 21
flag HeatedRotor FL (Feb 20, 2024 at 20:16) (Below Threshold)
 @BalfaPleaseComeBack: not hiding, modern marriages are terrible as people try spend more and more time together, humans naturally dont work like that.
  • 15 2
 @HeatedRotor: sounds like you don't work like that. Most humans are very social creatures
  • 1 8
flag HeatedRotor FL (Feb 20, 2024 at 23:06) (Below Threshold)
  • 14 1
 @BalfaPleaseComeBack: It's not about hiding things. I do not recommend or condone that. But having a strictly singular account makes no sense to me. I make my money and my fiance makes hers. We share the bills and the rest of the money is ours to do with as we want. Sometimes that means me buying a bike, and her buying whatever and then we share vacation expenses. Works well for us, but certainly not for everyone.
  • 6 0
 @LukeMorgan42: This is how my wife and I have done it for the 13 years we've been together. One joint account where we deposit an agreed portion of our salary that meets our needs for bills and our savings goals. Leftover money is for us to use. We sit together and go over the budget regularly, making sure it meets our needs. It has changed a lot recently, especially with kids, but we both agree it's important to have some financial freedom to just buy some dumb stuff every so often without having to clear it through someone else.
  • 4 1
 Why even use a shared account? Too much hassle for me. We just have our own accounts with financial freedom and we both pay part of the bills. Currently I do most, before C19 it happened to be my wife. Vacations, dinner, the person with the card handy pays. Leftover money for goes to extra payments on the mortgage.
  • 2 0
 @mi-bike: I find it easier to just have all the bills get paid from one account, and not have that be a personal account, makes it easier to track for me but at the same time we both have access and can check how the account is doing. There are various ways to do it of course, all valid. The main point is no one is hiding anything, we're just individuals making personal decisions on how to spend our fun money.
  • 3 0
 Not sure how things operate in the town of Dudley, but nowadays people have all kinds of accounts - it ain't 1962. Neither me or my wife get up in each others financials - we just keep the bills paid.
  • 4 0
 My gf has a fansly so I don't have to explain anything to her.
  • 6 0
 “Are you looking at bikes again? Can’t you just look at porn like a normal husband?”
  • 13 2
 So we have a adult subcription site giving more money to riders than the world cup title sponsor subsciption service.
  • 8 0
 Sponsors don't pay terribly well, the Canadian government sucks for paying athletes who they count on to win at the Olympics also. And really, the UCI, one of the most corrupt sporting organisations in the world is worried about their image ?
  • 12 4
 Let’s pray for Lewis Buchanan because we are about to witness real desperate times.
  • 5 0
 So the UCI calls this "damage" to its image, while they themselves are happy to give brutal dictators awards - velo.outsideonline.com/road/road-racing/the-uci-just-gave-its-highest-award-to-a-dictator
double standard?!
  • 4 0
 I know it only says the rule applies to “sprits” and is not technically one, but still alcoholic nonetheless. Dale sponsors Pageau and Neko, which seems to be a fine line as they make beer.
Not to mention Monster makes spiked beverages (and beer?), but I think that is different division of the company entirely.
Not saying they shall be banned but still interesting.
  • 45 1
 If they've banned spirts, are Ghost bikes not allowed?
  • 3 0
 @korev: I don't know, but you've got Banshee worried now.
  • 1 0
 @commental: I do, but will never do a UCI sanctioned race cuz iam slow as.
  • 12 5
 “The site has an average of 420 million monthly active losers and an estimated 1.25 million daily active losers.”
  • 8 1
 And I thought euros were more laissez faire about sexuality...
  • 3 0
 "or any other products that might damage the image of the UCI or the sport of cycling in general shall be associated directly or indirectly with a licence-holder, a UCI team or a national or international cycling competition."

LOL, so how is it that UCI World Teams like UAE Team Emirates, Bahrain - Victorious and INEOS Grenadiers are allowed? ‍♂️
  • 7 1
 It's peanut butter jelly time !!
  • 5 1
 Is anyone bracing themselves for when Lewis Buchanan changes his IG account name to Lewis22?
  • 6 2
 OF in 2024: you came for the downhill bikes, then you discovered there is so much more to riding
  • 3 2
 OnlyFans could perfectly well have spun up separate copies of their site or even company called something else OnlyArts, OnlySports, etc. to avoid all the inevitable controversy and complications that would come from mixing adult-only content with general content. If you were cynical you might think the reason they didn't do that is because they want you to have a reason you can justify to either yourself of your parent/significant other for getting an account - "it's just so I can watch mountain biking...". And then further down the line, you have a login, they have your/your parent's credit card details and you are all set for adding some more adult content too.
  • 9 0
 What is this like a gateway drug or something? It starts as mountain biking content and next think you know your hooked on fisting videos?

People who are looking for adult content will find adult content, on Onlyfans or elsewhere. They aren't drawing in any new porn customers through hosting some mountain bikers on the platform.
  • 1 0
 Now I'm all for content creators making money, but if your interested in saying 10 different people all charging £5 a month things are getting out of hand, netflix and co are way better quality content and value. There's noway what she's putting out monthly is worth 5.99 a month
  • 11 10
 I hope they find a way past that rule. It would be great for the sport to get more sponsors in and give riders another stream of revenue if they were to put out behind the scenes training content or something like that.
  • 16 10
 Not that I’m a fan of the UCI and their decisions but at the end of the day the they have the right to who they want to associate their brand with and a handful of real athletes will always live in the shadows of what only fans really is. OF tried to band adult content and immediately retracted that decision because it would impact their revenue flow too much.

Look who rides for them… Lewis Buchanan the guy literally makes videos about chains falling off his bikes…
  • 5 0
 Idk man, how about athletes with Marlboro patches on their jerseys. I can see why certain sponsors aren't desirable. End of the day, it's the UCIs choice, they don't want to harm their own reputation. Too bad brands like Dewalt or Ryobi don't start sponsoring athletes.
  • 5 0
 @DylanH93: interesting take on those tool brands. Seems like a major tool brand could advertise and we bikers would start to think their Allen wrenches are made for bikes just like park tools lol
  • 4 0
 Not just live race coverage moving behind a paywall......
  • 2 0
 Discovery's coverage of Enduro is so poor it's beyond racy. But that's who the UCI made their bed with, and they're not sharing with Only Fans.
  • 3 0
 When will we see cannabis companies enter the sponsorship game and would UCI be cool with that?
  • 4 2
 Signed up for an OF account today just to throw some support to her and Lewis. Its nice to be able to support these atheletes in a more direct way.
  • 6 2
 Shell Out Folks
  • 34 35
 Even if it just riding content her link tree states. 'This link contains OnlyFans content, a platform limited to users and visitors of 18 and over.' Should we be pushing adult content in front of young eyes even more than it already is? Just my 10c
  • 27 14
 How is it pushing adult content if it’s just riding videos? Just because Onlyfans has an 18+ policy doesn’t mean it’s all adult content. If you click that link to her OF page there is no exposure to anything inappropriate.
  • 26 4
 @sino428: Yeah it's only 99.9% adult content...

(I don't know the actual number and I am legitimately curious)
  • 19 9
 @sino428: I'm not saying she is posting anything inappropriate, only that it takes young mtb viewers to a website that is predominantly (lets be real, 99.9%) adult content.
  • 19 4
 @macyp: young people on the internet can (and do) access the endless amounts of free adult content. There’s nothing on only fans they haven’t seen, hopefully they are smart enough to not pay for it
  • 1 0
  • 11 5
 @sino428: would you drop off your kids off to an arcade next to a strip club?
  • 55 0
 @Diesel2007: how else would i get the time to visit the strip club??
  • 12 0
 @Diesel2007: I'm less worried about the strip club and more worried about whatever business is using an arcade as a front. I mean.......do those things even exist any more?
  • 11 4
 @sino428: lets use an old school example. Playboy magazine. Its 99% porn but hey! there is a tech article. let me give it to my kids. Just tell them not to look at the milkers
  • 7 0
 @Diesel2007: yea why not. I would evaluate the safety of any general area before leaving my kids anywhere, but the simple presence of a strip club alone would not be a deciding factor.

What do you think kids are stupid? There was a strip club not far from where I grew up. We went to other stores and businesses near it. Drove by it all the time. We all knew what it was as kids.
  • 4 9
flag pnyberg (Feb 21, 2024 at 4:18) (Below Threshold)
 @xciscool: @xciscool: But does said adult content need to be pushed by athletes who, most likely, have more influence on kids than say -insert pornstar name here -
  • 7 0
 @PregoRoll: but if you show your kids a riding video on Only Fans they can’t flip the page to see naked women. They’d just see more of the rider.
  • 7 0
 @PregoRoll: Except on a pay to subscribe website where if you want to view any other content from other users you have to sign up and pay for a different subscription. Kids could just type in 'nude' on any search engine and get what you all are are worried about here at no charge w/ no sign up. Maybe search engines should be banned for anyone younger than 18?
  • 6 1
 There is a UFC fighter named Angela Hill that has an OF account and she only posts fight training stuff. She talks about it a lot on her IG, but goes out of her way to let people know not to expect booty shots. LOL. Just simply having something like an OF sponsorship is nothing like putting actual sexual content right in front of kids. Not even close.
  • 1 0
 @macyp: She hasn't so far. Its currently just the same sorta stuff as on her instagram and twitter.
  • 1 0

Yes. There's even a town in the USA in Illinois I believe that's got dozens of arcades machines in their core business district, its located off famed Route 66.
  • 1 0
 @PregoRoll: I was going to respond and tell you why your comparison is silly but a few others have already done so.
  • 5 4
 @CustardCountry: @sino428: I just googled, from a blank slate PC, "ONLY FANS". Clicked the first that came up on Google - which was the first page on Onlyfans.com.

These were 3 posts showing first:
Spent a Week in Vegas with 8 Adult Stars | Plug Talk TV
Go behind the scenes of the AVN Adult Awards & Expo with @plugtalk! Find out what it's like to see over 3,000 fans, and take home some awards! "
@newlolabunny invites you to a calming ASMR experience with the new Apple Vision Pro! She gently unpacks and explores every aspect of this technological marvel!

"Riley Reid Full Interview | Holly Randall Unfiltered
@holly is sharing a special interview with the one and only Riley Reid, where she discusses her rise to the top, how she stayed humble while becoming one of the biggest pon stars of all time, and how being a mom has completely"

Onlyfans found it suitable to show these 3 posts. I never typed in "nuude" "p0rn" or anything else related to adult content - just "onlyfans".

This is my point. Yes kids can, but shouldnt, access any type of content. Normalizing adult content to a kid who is not equipped with the tools to understand that this shit is not real and should not be something to look up to.

When athletes push Onlyfans logo and webpage to kids who look up to them - they are also pushing explicit content straight into their faces. If Onlyfans is "ok" to sponsor athletes ...why not just go straight to the core and call up Pornhub and ask for money in exchange for a audience they cannot market to.Racers gets their bills paid and get to race. Which is a great result...and never mind side effects.

Mabye McDonalds will be next to sponsor an event with the Mcflurry rock garden and the Super Size finish booter. That would be awesome Starting gate is an giant McD logo
  • 8 0
 @pnyberg: Not sure what your point is. None of the adult content can be accessed on Onlyfans without signing up and paying for it.

Do you just want to pretend adult content doesn't exist? I grew up in a much different time before the internet is what it is now, but even in the print days they still sold the dirty magazines right there at the news stands and bookstores at the mall, the local convenience store, etc. Sure you had to be 18 to buy it but it was right there being sold out in the open.

Maybe you should take the time to educate your kids about this type of stuff (since you know it does exist) instead of trying to hide them from it and pretend it doesnt exist.
  • 3 0
 @Diesel2007: why not? It’s not like they’d see anything and I’m pretty sure the door staff wouldn’t let my kids in as they’d be underage. We’re not prudish in our family so by the time they’re old enough to be left in an arcade unattended I’m sure they’ll know about exotic dancers. It’s a job, a job that pays well
  • 1 0
 @Diesel2007: Would you drop your kids off at an arcade at the hours strip clubs operate?
  • 2 0
 @sarahmoore "we'll be handing out bans...don't be a creepy weirdo."- you all are going to have a busy day looks like.
  • 2 0
 Hey companies that are not sugar drink or naked pictures based, open up those corporate wallets and sponsor rad athletes!
  • 2 0
 Sad state of the sport when riders are having to turn to porn sites for sponsorship...
  • 4 1
 Speed and Power
  • 3 1
 I think the helmets look sick ‍♂️
  • 13 15
 The athlete needed the funding and took it. What doesn’t sit right with us is the deliberate age and gender demographic targeting this brand has set sights on. Our sport is loaded with youth. Children for heaven’s sake. Nothing like enrolling ‘em young, eh?
  • 15 4
 What's the difference with this and with energy drinks that are extremely bad for kids and bike clothing made in a sweat-shop somewhere thousands of miles away. Absolutely no difference whatsoever. It's all money. Get used to it.
  • 2 13
flag spokeapparel (Feb 21, 2024 at 4:57) (Below Threshold)
 @thewho07: We will never get used to children being targeted by the adult industry…..no matter how it’s
vailed and no matter what energy drink companies and clothing brands are doing…..nor will we ever take the approach that money is everything.
  • 22 3
 Just to be clear: riders on Only Fans aren't sponsored by Only Fans. They're getting their money from fans. And only adults can sign on to Only Fans to support the riders. So no children will be getting exposed to sexual content. And in any case - I have to scratch my head at the fact Americans are such prudes in regards to nudity and sexual content but seem totally OK with exposing them to guns and violence. Nothing like enrolling 'em young on the violence path, huh?
  • 5 0
 @Fill-Freakin: Im not sure if thats correct. She says she is sponsored by OF. This looks like she is promoting the platform as well as her own content on it.

Not that it changes anything about the rest of your comment which was correct.
  • 1 1
 In more successful canadian athletes on onlyfans, we have Olympian Pole Vaulter Alysha Newman.

  • 8 6
 Whos going to be the first rider sponsered by PornHub?
  • 3 7
flag CustardCountry (Feb 21, 2024 at 4:36) (Below Threshold)
 Pornhub is a very different online service, it is just porn and adult content. Whereas lots of artists and content creators use Only Fans to support themselves without adult content.

Lots of people subscribe to these people to show support for them and get exclusive content in return. It’s not all foot fetishes and gamer girls showing their boobs.
  • 3 4
 @CustardCountry: well I wasn't expecting a response from anyone, let alone anyone describing people on only fans as content creators and artists so I'm not one to dismiss someone's comments straight away without taking a look.....Google search, home page....Kerry katona is one of the people on the home page.....adult content.....I'm out! Ha
  • 1 0
 wasn't there a lappiere team around 2008/09 that sponsered by playboy or am i mis remembering that
  • 3 0
 There was a Honda MotoGP team who was sponsored by Playboy
  • 2 2
 I came here for the comments, wasnt disappointed Feel free to take that either way Thats what she said
  • 2 0
  • 8 7
 RIP Rachel's racing career
  • 6 6
 Dh and dirty films? Cool I guess but man is this what kids have to look up too? Lol
  • 4 1
 There's a lotta dirt in this industry already
  • 8 6
 Who ?
  • 1 0
 My #BikePorn sticker will get me out of UCI races!
  • 2 0
 hahahaha kill me now god
  • 1 0
 Is that a @paintbypisgah helmet!?
  • 6 5
  • 8 8
 Are we supposed to know who this is?
  • 1 11
flag deeeight (Feb 21, 2024 at 9:42) (Below Threshold)
 More people who know she is now thanks to this article than did before probably. I know my friend Alia's OF ( onlyfans.com/u306404531?rec=26965750 ) gets a bump in members after each international climbing competition as the male members of other teams friend her on FB and see her OF link. But what's not to like about a 30 something 6' tall woman with bigger muscles than most men.
  • 1 0
 Masher and spinner
  • 1 1
 I wonder if I can get sponsored by Santa Cruz for showing my bum online?
  • 2 3
 Who would spend $$$ on OF??
  • 3 1
 1.25 Mil according to the article
  • 3 3
 @mi-bike: can't the incels just rampage instead of giving their money to the thots?
  • 2 2
 hundred of millions of people. Its not all porn you know. Quite a few comedians who feel stiffled having to work clean to get Netflix shows and things do stuff on OF because they can swear and do as much dark humor as they want. The Roast of Bert Kreischer was done on OF last year for that very reason.
  • 2 4
 @deeeight: sounds like what you tell yourself or your significant other.
  • 3 2
 @lukemech: Lemme guess, you want pierre poilievre to win the next election ?
  • 2 1
 @deeeight: I don't abide by your western dualistic thinking.
  • 1 2
 Goofy ahh.
  • 4 7
 nothing is taboo anymore. If a Pro Rider was sponsored by Hustler or Playboy magazine 10 years ago, there would be uproar.
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