Rachel's Winning Run - Video

Apr 28, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 So the article is titled "Rachel's Winning Run".

Just a though PB, I would save this article as a template because you'll be using it again soon.
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 Damn she's fast. Rachel for the win.
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flag RedBurn (Apr 28, 2016 at 12:01) (Below Threshold)
 she won mate, it was a week ago
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 Male or female, nobody dominates the sport like she does.
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 3'49" : "she's 7,5 seconds DOWN"? must feel so bad to here during a run Big Grin
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 Let's get a Warner vs Rach race on! See what he thinks of women in DH these days!!!!
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flag RedBurn (Apr 28, 2016 at 13:55) (Below Threshold)
 He could go faster imo, not here but it depends on the track
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 @RedBurn: may be the case - just wanna find out! Also if it were set up, I bet he'd train harder than when he was racing worlds not to be beaten!!!!!
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flag RedBurn (Apr 28, 2016 at 23:44) (Below Threshold)
 men underestimating men
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 The last time Warner raced at the BDS he was around 10% off the fastest time of the day. Rachel was 12% off from Bruni in Cairns. Would be pretty close if those figures are anything to go by.
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 @karaknic: let's make it happen!!!
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 My money would be on rach handing him his arse. Warner would not even qualify for a wc these days. Not saying he's bad, just she is so fast.
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 The other girls must want to beat rach so bad.
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 She's so fast! What's sad is the time it took to watch her complete run we would have seen half the ladies or a quarter of the mens race runs. I know we can't watch every run in it's full length but for this track especially you got to show how fit these riders are. There's a reason they get so winded come the finish sprint.
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 I really like this winning run gopro video deal!!! take us slow guys along on your rocket run!!!
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 FUCK IT, let her race both men and womens. I'd like to see her show dudes how it's done. If I had half the skill.....
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 Although it wouldn't happen, I sometimes wonder how things would change if, perhaps, there were weight classes or something instead of mens/womens.... Chicks like Rachel would have more competition and, I believe, probably be pushed to go even faster.

Also something fun - Looking at her times from Windham last year, she went as fast as guys who, when I race them, smoke me. I'm sure they were in much better form for a WC race, to boot. So yeah, next time you see some bro pounding his chest about his macho riding or talking down about girl riders, remind him that there are numerous junior riders and girls that can blow his doors off
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 she is incredibly fast, she was like 5 seconds slower in Andorra than our men national champion.
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 @JoseBravo: hahahahahhaa epic
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 The difference in speed between men and women's is obscene. Although Rachel is much faster than all other girls, she barely cracks the top 10 in junior men's times, let alone elite. The difference in physical strength is just too big a gap for anyone to close, no matter how technically flawless you are.
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 Rach is so Boss, her line choice and ability to handle the terrain smoothly is very impressive!
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 "you didnt have to try so hard on the pedals" i loled.
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 Amazing how some people are comparing men & women performances here.
You wouldn't compare Bolt & Campbell-Brown or Williams & Djoko wouldn't you ? Or tomatoes & carrots ? (haha)

Women & men are two differents categories for... reasons.

Don't get me wrong I am not understating Rachel's performances (am I a huge fan) but you got stop being like "within the man she would be top XX".
We are talking two different things.
I am so tired of hearing 'oh she is fast... for a girl'. No she is just fast. (maybe too fast for us humans).
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 I'm not the only dude who watched this who's now wishing they were as fast as a girl... Rachel is a beast.
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 Rach is both a awesome rider and an inspiration to us women but what really makes her stand out is her personality it shines in everything she does, Well done girly and keep it up its brilliant to watch you :-)
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 Like shit off a stick.superb
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 That track looks a lot harder than it seemed in the live coverage!
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 inspiring, even for us mere mortals of men ...
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 I really respect chicks that ride dh, and have utmost honor and admiration for Rachel and her continued legacy. There's something sexy about those little grunts she was making around the alien tree section haha.
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 How is Rachel so fucking fast.
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 Sarcasm ahead...hehehe...

Let's see...she has two brothers. One is named Dan and the other is named Gee and they're both destroyers of mountain biking :-).

But seriously, for those of us on here who know anything about mountain biking, there's really nothing to be said Dan, he's a pure monster. Gee races not too long after her, doesn't do very well, but, for Rachel, growing up in a house like that, with brothers and a Dad who raced dirt bikes and honestly have no fear, it's just bound to be that she'll dominate this sport for a long time. She used to ride/race motorcycles as well in her younger years. All the top UK riders seem to have some kind of tie to motor cycles/dirt bikes. I think some of the funniest video I've seen is Rob Warner and Peaty doing trials racing when they were like 12, skinny kids. Check the Peaty bio video :-)

I've found that (for me) dirt bikes have made me a better rider cause they've taught me a bit what it feels like to go REALLY fast and hit bigger jumps with more confidence once you get back to my pedal power bikes.

But I certainly can't relate to living with two brothers like Dan and Gee. Obviously huge influences on her riding style and commitment to biking.....
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 @ruckusrider74: I always think about this. Hitting jumps, berms and all everything else at high speed, must definitely improve our skills and give us more confidence!!! I wish I had a dirt bike to test that Frown
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 Perfect camera angle to show off the one sponsor that everyone wishes they could have Wink
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 Curious to see pov footage from Gee's run and how similar their line choices are.
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 It would be great if she could narrate what is going through her head as she rode the course.
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 Anyone else catch Rachel cuss at the finish "F**K.. AH F**K" then Tracey Hannah Say "you didn't need to try that hard on the pedal". This made my day.
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 She likely COULD HAVE stopped and soaked in the rock garden atmosphere and STILL won! Well done.
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 I think you're in pretty good elite company period when you're fast enough that your GoPro invokes the Doppler Effect. Around 1:24 is a good bell, but she blazes everything.
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 After seeing this I might sell my big boy pants. Damb you Rachel
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 A flawless run that was a privilege to watch!
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 Yeah that looked pretty clean all the way down. Well done Rach
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 Nuff Said.
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 That was Killer!
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 Ridiculously good.

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