Video: Rad Company POV With Graham Agassiz

Jun 5, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  
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Graham Agassiz’s gets loose and nails his line while filming for Brandon Semenuk’s RAD COMPANY in Kamloops. The film will be available worldwide Monday, June 9th. Preorder and more info at
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  • + 152
 1:02 - Avid's like "Listen to the Sound of my People!"
  • + 76
 Are you trying to slow down? Allow me to play the song of my people. "HRNRHNRHRNRHNRHRNRHNRHRNRHRNHRNRHRNRH"
  • + 29
 I am glad that not only my Avid brakes makes such sounds.
  • + 37
 Had the same Problem 2 weeks ago - since 2 days i'm a proud owner of Saint-Stoppers! Wink
  • + 56
 It's a safety feature Avid throws into their lineup of brakes so riders know if there are other riders in front of, back of, or anywhere around them when hucking their lines in the deserts of kamloops and utah. Don't worry, this feature comes standard so you don't have to pay extra.. Wink
  • + 7
 Shit, never thought about this... Ehm.. does anyone needs Saint brakes? I'm selling mine now haha lol
  • - 20
flag triptex (Jun 5, 2014 at 10:03) (Below Threshold)
 Honestly I've never heard my Avids make a sound... just dont use them. haha
  • - 32
flag wuzupjosh (Jun 5, 2014 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 ffffformulaaaa fuk da haterz lol super touchy and super stoppy . they do not sing either and are very light . if youve learned to not to panic brake tthen they are the best . its all about one finger on my sexy machine
  • + 7
 Also never had good experience with Formula. And i also brake with 1 Finger (did brake with one with hope, avid, magura, shimano,.....) Razz
  • + 13
 shimano 4 brake president
  • + 0
 Formula ROs, change the pushrod to make lever stoke closer to bars unless yer a yard ape and can crush paintcans with one hand, no sound, one finger, stop on a dime. No Bullshit
  • - 5
flag MickB (Jun 5, 2014 at 15:37) (Below Threshold)
 pfft look at all there riders that use b-braakess?f*ck is that? brakeless bitcheeeesss!!! Wink
on another note. AGGY IS THE LINE SLAYER!!!! My f*cking man, good job!
  • + 18
 My avids dont squeal, is something wrong with them?
  • + 11
 They suffer from the you don't ride them hard enough sindrome... Big Grin
  • - 2
 thank you brian tod they are the best.
  • + 0
 Shit man, i think from Avid had the same problem with their brakes but they just don't know what is goin on...;D
  • + 5
 Awesome-ass video- let's bicker about brakes. Haha. I like my Avid brakes. They sound like I'm clubbing seals on the steeps.
  • + 2
 I would never buy Avid. My choice will always recline to Hayes or Hope.
  • + 3
 My avids would squeal the whole way down, not just at the end Big Grin
  • + 2
 I've got avid juicys on both my bikes don't make a noise
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  • + 60
 My balloon knot would be twitching like a rabbit's nostril at the top of that line. Holy Mary Mother of God.
  • + 9
 Balloon knot... haha
  • + 6
 Well....I just spit my soda out all over my keyboard hahaha
  • + 3
 hahahah Gonna have to remember that one
  • + 3
 Took me a minute to figure out the balloon knot. Then I pictured it and it all made perfect sense. Mountain bikers are great abstract thinkers.
  • + 28
 I think Graham is my favourite mtb free rider! Very ballsy and stylish but always calculated too. Making Kamloops proud...Go Aggy!!
  • + 19
 I sound like aggy when I'm in the air but usually jumps half the size. No maybe half is still an overestimate
  • + 10
 i thought the same thing.
  • + 14
 "Yuuu, Yeheee, Woho". Looks simple.... for him.
  • + 5
 They should host a fest series on this line, its huge. I was really hoping to see the pov of the 270, oh well, Aggy is the man.
  • + 3
 this line got taken down
  • + 4
 That second hip was nasty!
  • + 5
 Hold my beer moment!
  • + 2
 i know where those jumps are.. i passed them and was wondering if they were dirt bike jumps.. sick line!
  • + 2
 This video really makes me want to go out and build something big and floaty.
  • + 2
 mine dont squeak...oh thats right they dont work
  • + 2
 will Rad Company be streaming on pinkbike?
  • + 2
 How the hell do you get comfortable with that kind of airtime? Jesus.
  • + 2
 Man i love hips like these but if you are too fast you are fucked...
  • + 1
 Those hips where huge!!!!!*
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  • + 2
 Holy fragging AGGY!
  • + 1
 Well I feel like a candy ass now considering the jumps I won't hit....
  • + 1
 so sick!
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  • + 1
  • + 1
 loved! Big Grin
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 Cool guys!
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 Like a BOSS!!
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 Aggy ley...
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 Huck You! That was Rad!
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