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Feb 21, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Thule has released its first vehicle-specific bike rack with this Wanderway carrier specifically designed for the Volkswagen T6. The T6 is the van of choice for many mountain bikers and this rack is designed to make it easier for them to take their bikes with them. Thule already makes towbar racks that would fit on a T6 but the large tailgate means you can't have the rack on while also having access to the rear of the van. This new rack can hold two bikes as standard but you can fit 4 if you buy an extra upgrade kit. It is secured at the top of the tailgate and just above the rear lights, can be folded upwards when not in use and does not stop the tailgate from opening while fitted. The pice is £449.99.


Madison had a new pair of trail riding trousers on display that use the brand's downhill pants as a blueprint. Built with all-day riding in mind, they have laser-cut holes and mesh behind the knee for ventilation. A shaped leg, lower back coverage and a gripper mesh should keep it comfortable while in the riding position. There is also extra knee material to allow for knee pads underneath. The garment is priced at £74.99


Lazer’s budget Chiru helmet also got an update this year. It looks the part with deep coverage at the back of the head, a fixed visor and a turn fit system to keep it secure. The weight is 305 grams for a small. The non-MIPS version is £40 with the MIPS version at £60. It passes all international safety standard for mountain bike helmets and we think it's great that Lazer are bringing decent head protectoin down to this price point.

Park Tool

Park Tool had a new range of hex and Torx T wrenches on display at the show. They are free spinning and can be adjusted for fine work. Both sets are priced at £110 each.

The bar can be moved to provide more leverage
This end is used for freeing partially rounded out bolts

Park Tool also launched universal bleed kits that should be able to service most mountain bike and road disc brakes. The one pictured above is for DOT fluid but they also offer a kit for mineral oil. Both are priced at £99.99


There were just some color updates for ODI but this Army Green option has already been snapped up by the UK's army mountain bike team.

This bit of plastic in the packaging is recycled from pool filters.


Shimano had this chrome finish Orange on its stand to show off some of its mountain biking component range.


With Zwift adding steering sections for mountain bikes this year, Elite has released this spring-loaded stand that should add some more realistic feedback to your ride. The stand brings your front wheel back to a forward position so you don't have to turn the bars back straight yourself, much like being out on the trail.

At the moment, you still need to use your phone on the handlebars for Zwift to recognise the steering input but Elite apparently have a smart version ready to go that will mean you no longer have to use your phone. Apparently they are just waiting on some code form Zwift but that should come in the next 60 days. This mechanical stand is priced at £34.99 and the smart version is expected to cost double that.


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 Whether it's actually 'chrome' or not, that Orange is looking pretty hot.
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 You can’t polish a turd, but you can polish a filing cabinet!
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 @me2menow: Mmm, just the way I like it
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 if there ever was a bike the orange fugly fox fork may look somewhat at home on...
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 I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed the rear tyre is mounted backwards?
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 @BobChicken: do you mean...like, it spins the other....wait, what do you mean?
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 Who drives a VW T6? A true mountain biker knows you are only allowed to drive Toyota Tacomas
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 You have never been to any UK trail centre Big Grin
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 Plumbers and electricians who mountain bike!
Why else would you have a van but still need a bike rack?!
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 They don't even sell them in the USA, much less the state they're named after.
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 Peaty. Brendog.
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 T6s are like a clitoris, every c@#t has one!!
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 I love those spinning hex tools. I've had a set for a few years. Although a full set can be bought for $40 without the name Park on it. These look to be the same Chinese version I have. I doubt these will be made in the USA.
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 What search term do I use to find them? Spinning hex? I was going to buy some drop shipped t-handles but this style would be better. I didn't see any when searching.
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 @eh-steve: They're sold under the Powerbuilt brand here in the US, Amazon's product page isn't loading right now for some reason or I'd give you a link, but they're $56USD for the set on there. I have not used them, but a bunch of pro mechanics have them in their kits, so I imagine they're at least sorta decent.

Edit, works now www.amazon.com/Alltrade-941645-T-Handle-Wrench-Pieces/dp/B074PXK2BN/ref=sr_1_2?crid=9FMTM95EK0PO&keywords=powerbuilt+t+handle&qid=1582301468&sprefix=powerbuilt+%2Caps%2C233&sr=8-2
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 @maxyedor: sweet thanks, I was looking for these last week but didnt know what the brand was called and google searches kept bring up normal t handles. Appreciate it
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 @maxyedor: Decent set, but its not apples to apples.. The Park set combats the slightly stripped out hex whereas the Amazon set does not do this. Hence the price tag on Park, you arent just paying for the name. (If you want to pay for the name, there are tool manufactures that do it much better than Park!)
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 @ClassyKilla: I have a set of Fav Tools t handles with the same stripped removal feature.
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Anyone can see that they're not the same tool and visibly not the same quality. The Powerbuilt ones look cheap.
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 @eh-steve: Parktool.com, select tools from the first age, on the second page click on, "New Product, thee they are in all their glory.
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 @ClassyKilla: Wasn't claiming them to be the same, just a good lower cost option if you want T handles with the spinning Al body on them like the OP was talking about. Not worth the dough for the stripped bolt removing function for most people IMHO, but definitely worth $50 for a good set of t-handles for a home mech.
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 Park does nothing but copy other companies in a cheaper shittier version. As a professional mechanic, park tool is my last option for purchase.
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 @5afety3rd: I was extremely disappointed with the park tool cone wrenches I bought, bloody near had 1/2 a mm (20 thou for you backwards country’s ;-) ) play in them !
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 @maxyedor: Thanks!!!

"Speed sleeves" eh. Now to see if I can find them even cheaper on Ali, or bg or whatever.
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 @5afety3rd: what is your preferred tool mfg
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 @wfo922: Wera for screwdrivers, Knipex for pliers, cutters, etc. (modifies knipex for cone wrenches, tools from manufactures of products. EVT. PB Swiss, Silca, Matco. You know, reputable tools makers who produce things that won’t break in a couple uses, preferably several years before dreaming of replacing
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 @5afety3rd: Wera for everything they make. I wish they would make everything
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 and when pinkbike says chrome, they mean silver paint
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 To Valhalla WE RIDE!!
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 No. Its chrome powder coat. It's actually a thing, I've literally just installed a custom curtain rail that was powder coated in chrome. It's not quite as bright as actual chrome plating, but it's a damn nice finish in the flesh, somewhere between high gloss silver and actual chrome.
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 @inked-up-metalhead: Who cares?? Its on an Orange Big Grin
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 I was actually bummed when I saw the same dull black components. I saw the tag and was thinking we were getting chromed components again.
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 @inked-up-metalhead: I would quite like to have my frame done that colour. Can anyone who does powder coating do it do you reckon?
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 @jaame: probably. The guy showed me the stuff, it's apparently 300 quid a box instead of 200 for the standard finishes, and surface prep is everything with it (though still nowhere near what actual chrome plating needs) but otherwise it's just powder coat.
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 @jaame: also, my powder coater is about as low tier as it gets, just a little unit 2 guys plod along in, if they do it I'd imagine anywhere bigger definitely does.
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 @iduckett: Ride , shiny and chrome!
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 @inked-up-metalhead: Does "curtain rail" mean the same thing in American English?
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 @drunknride: I dunno. It's a rail. For a curtain to hang on.
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 curtain rod
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 Hate all you want, that orange looks goooood.
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 Those Madison trail pants look rad. Ive been looking at some pants to wear for average trail days. Any other recommendations?
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 I've got a pair of 100% R-Core X pants that I really like. Very comfortable. The waist cinch is really easy to operate. My only complaint is the pocket sitch. Only one cargo pocket. Since I ride without a pack this is not quite enough.
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 For long days in the saddle, durability and a great fit you can’t go past these. They’ve got me through 5 seasons now with no holes a barely any chafing.
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 @Ryanfitz81: I feel really stupid for paying for those 100% pants now. Those look way more comfortable and it looks like they get a lot of stand-up reviews!
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 I know there are some strong feelings out there towards this brand- but I got a pair of Lulu Lemon Wilderness Collection pants from a family member who works with them and was able to swing a really good deal. Political and social history of the company aside- the pants are super comfy, well vented, and seem well made. They do come with some teasing from fellow bikers though.
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 @Ryanfitz81: You got me!!
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 Cheap sweat pants from Costco.
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 @Ryanfitz81: and this is why reading PB at work is frowned upon. Dang man!
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 maxxis tyre wrong way on the rear of that orange?
  • 8 14
flag porDIOS-porSANTO (Feb 21, 2020 at 7:42) (Below Threshold)
 DHF on rear must be installed backwards for braking traction.
  • 23 41
flag WAKIdesigns (Feb 21, 2020 at 8:01) (Below Threshold)
 I would love that with Chinese accent... Maxxis taya wong way on the weaw of dat owenge
  • 2 1
 @porDIOS-porSANTO: The Branding and all the other writting is always on the drive side - so hhaaiirry is correct in saying the rear is incorrectly mounted.
  • 4 0
 @porDIOS-porSANTO: ummm no! ????
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 Love a good bit of misinformation lol @porDIOS-porSANTO:
  • 2 0
 @porDIOS-porSANTO: what are you on about LMFAO
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 @porDIOS-porSANTO: Like the old Tioga Psycho. Make sense... But why don't use a dhr?
  • 8 10
 @WAKIdesigns: Why not drag back the corners of your eyes while you're at it eh. Jesus, having no class is one thing, but indulging in racist/xenophobic stereotyping is another entirely.
  • 14 12
 @mgolder: yeah, please keep assuming the worst... stereotypes? And that was so bad indeed, compared to what actually happens everyday everwhere, outside of Social media. I just sat on the bus and there was a beat up homeless dude (white Swedish) on the way to the hospital. He was telling another guy how he got mugged by teenagers who he asked for some change. Some old guy said: what is wrong with the world today! I got irritated and said, a*sholes are everywhere and always will be, in your times it was fine to beat your wife, so give us all a break

You may get as offended as you want subrscribing to bullshit propelled by kids of parents who tried to protect them from everything and fixed everything for them. Be my guest subscribe to this idiotic culture where everyone is offended and pretend they protect other people’s rights. Nobody can take any joke. I didn’t expect ovations, or positive props or other socila media bullshit, so sorry I won’t take your cheap umbrage and calling for xenophobia and racism. I was born 1h drive from Auschwitz I know what racism is sweetheart. Sorry You’re such a Gentleman
  • 7 9
 @mgolder: oh and BTW, under golden Spengle article I laughed at Russian mobsters. I expect no less from you there...
  • 1 0
 @porDIOS-porSANTO: That makes no sense, now does it? Maybe if you wanted climbing traction, but for braking traction it's the same direction as the front.
  • 8 6
 @WAKIdesigns: Are you saying that I can make all sorts of racist comments as long as I say it was a joke or that there are worst things going on in this world. You are a douche.
  • 5 8
 @WAKIdesigns: So now your being openly racist, unapologetic, and doubling down on it.
How do you think a Chinese person feels when they read things like that?
Where you were born has nothing to do with you being a racist a*shole, a*shole.

I've previously seen you suggest to people with environmental concerns that maybe they should just commit suicide to minimize their own impact on the environment. Do you realize what a scumbag you are for saying things like this?

How have you not been permanently banned from this site?
How do you get away with it?
  • 7 1
 @ButtermilkBar: wait, is imitating the Chinese accent racist now ? So do you also complain when people make fun of zee German aksent? Do my friends and my gf have to stop making fun of my french accent ? Sad world
  • 2 6
flag ButtermilkBar (Feb 21, 2020 at 23:54) (Below Threshold)
 @zede: I'm actually trying to be part of making a happier world.

  • 4 1
 @ButtermilkBar: the article is written by an overly sensitive Indian that obviously has double standards. Tell me people from London don't make fun of scottish accent?
I could also write an article that says I'm deeply offended and I find it racist that Indians don't respect my sense of hygiene. This is beyond ridiculous
  • 5 4
 @ButtermilkBar: you’re not making world any better. Good luck feeling good about yourself for being a high horse moron. All people make fun of other people’s accents. If you call that openly racist then you have no perspective and ability to view depth what so ever, you basically putting me into jail for going 5miles over speed limit, oh how wonderful NOT you must be to people around you with that ideological stick up your arse. It’s your own problem how much collective Anglosaxon guilt you feel for your racist past.
  • 6 5
 @adhd: I strongly recommend you to learn the difference between joking at Wong Adwess and saying that “Nigs are Apes and should be kept in cages” followed by “just kidding” stuff I heard on the gym from an Arab guy getting annoyed with Somalians being loud when doing bench press - Good night in your comfy world. There’s nothing that is more contemporary white than whites virtue signalling about racism.
  • 5 2
 @ButtermilkBar: it is not racist, it is true. Don’t confuse your stupid social justice feelings. My wife grew up 30 minutes from Auschwitz, you need to learn what racism is, maybe you can visit.
  • 3 2
 @ButtermilkBar: you pissed me off, so you failed at that.
  • 2 4
 @SLBIKES: Maybe not racist, but racially offensive to minorities who hear it from white people and also don't appreciate the stereotyping that often goes along with it.
  • 5 4
 @ButtermilkBar: Asian minorities hahahha - you are so progressive and getting so far ahead you went around the globe and ended up in your own a*shole. We’re not buying it. You feel in minority, it is called minority complex and you are projecting it. You are not an awareness warrior. You are not getting any medals from anyone. Find me the offended people and I will apologize to them. Bye mr moral supremacist.
  • 4 4
 @WAKIdesigns: All people meaning you. Nice generalization. Are you even listening to yourself? Do you tell your kids this? Go ahead and imitate two people talking Chinese or whatever language or imitate someone with a speech impediment. It’s ok. If they call you out just say it was a joke. Actually don’t bother answering this. You probably tell them that it is ok.
  • 3 4
 @WAKIdesigns: what is the difference when you mock someone’s language and or when you tell someone to back to where they belong. Tell me. Are you saying one is a little racist and the other is very racist? Isn’t that the point you are trying to make with your driving over the speed limit analogy?
  • 4 5
 @adhd: yes there is a dramatic difference between impersonation of ones language and calling someone an Ape. Unfortunately telling someone he is a racist can mean anything from saying something like Fat Americans, drunk Russians to saying someone is of a lesser race race with worse genetics. So yes I am saying something is little racist and something else is very racist, and if someones to use word xenophobia in relation to impersonation of ones accent, then well he really missed it with this one. It actually points at offendophobia. I’m done here. I can’t believe we have to go through this... I hope things are a bit clearer for you... I don’t know how racist you think I am, I honestly don’t give much sht. I know how Actually racist people talk of other races, I met them In Poland, I met even more of them on Swedish course, where majority of immigrants from Africa and Middle East who were there, were the most racist people that I have ever met. The actual hostility was high. Off course some White morons think it’s fault of white people...
  • 9 0
 Last time I point out that a tyres the wrong way.
  • 4 0
 @hhaaiirryy: *mic drop*
  • 4 5
 @WAKIdesigns: I am also done with this conversation. You have a hard time recognizing that what you said is not appropriate and keep trying to justifying it. You hinge your justification on the idea that it is a joke and/or the degree to which it is offensive to people who called you out. It is not how you feel about something but rather how others take what you say. It is no different when I hear kids saying, I don't know what the problem is, "I wouldn't mind if I was punched kicked, teased etc to justify their actions." It is not about you. I was offended by what you said. I probably shouldn't have called you a douche and I would like to apologize for that. I disagree that saying something a little racist is ok especially on a public forum. I am sure you would correct your children's' behaviour if they did that in a mall or a restaurant to any minority group be it physical or ethnic. I would hope you do. I don't know you or if you are racist or not. I did not call you a racist. What I did call you out on was your comment that was offensive to me as someone who is Asian but my ethnic background is irrelevant. I hope I can get you to reflect on your comment and my thoughts as oppose to be reactionary which I did with my first comment to you.

Obviously you do give a shit what people think otherwise you wouldn't respond in the way you did.
  • 4 5
 @adhd: then next time say you are offended and be done with it. Being offended is partly your own problem, I acknowledge it but will not tolerate calling me a racist, you are in no position to do it so keep it to yourself. And you can shove disciplining your kids you know where. You have certain problem with talking down to people. If you want to discipline your kids be my guest, I am not your kid and you will also mot tell what I could or would do with my kids depending on how they reacted. Mind your own business, and I honestly could not care less what you thought of me since we obviously come from two completely different cultures, and I mean cultures of how you were raised and how you carry yourself in your own environment. Take a moment to understand that there is no such thing as universal values, your neighbor can have a completely different view of the world. Bye anonymous defender of good manners...
  • 6 2
Mind my business in a public forum. Funny guy
  • 5 2
 Be quiet you little virtue signalling “offended on behalf of others” white knight @adhd:
  • 4 1
 And you too @ButtermilkBar: sjw
  • 2 0
 @adhd: It was a lame ass attempt at humour and nothing more, emotional f*ggots (not cock-f*ggots, mind you) get in a tizzy over everything these days. f*ckin hell, we're not in control of what other people say or have a right to say, what kind of nutcase even wants that kind of responsibility?
  • 3 1
 @adhd: Thanks for making the point, even if it does seem to have fallen on a few sets of deaf ears.

Also, did you know somebody made a Chrome extension to block WAKI's comments? It's nice.
  • 1 0
 Another sjw pussy to the party@jonodavis:
  • 2 1
 @CrispyNuggs: I'm a CJW, WTPOS.
  • 1 1
 @ButtermilkBar: or otherwise known as a c#@t
  • 2 1
 @CrispyNuggs: Ok if you prefer that name for yourself we can call you that.
  • 1 0
 Awesome comeback you low testosterone, beta male, simply awesome @ButtermilkBar:
  • 3 1
 That massive plastic waist adjuster on the Madison pants hurts just to look at. Otherwise they look sick. Huge fan of pants for dh all the time and shoulder season trail riding.
  • 6 1
 ODI? never heard of 'em.
  • 3 0
 Interested in the bleed kit ... however the $19 universal kit I bought from Amazon 7 years ago is still going strong. I’ll be good.
  • 3 3
 “The T6 is the choice for many mountain bikers” Not in Canatard where we only have the choice of a Promasturbator with a minivan engine and Twatbox, a Tranny with a megarange twat box, and an overpriced Sprinter with megarange twatbox.
  • 4 0
 That Orange is gorgeous Drool
  • 3 0
 I'm going to run an ebike on zwift and smoke all you fools.
  • 3 0
 Just use a dewalt, then go hang a shelf.
  • 2 0
 People actually do this ????
  • 2 0
 If they make that zwift steering into the pivot without a phone mounted I'm in.
  • 3 1
 Universal bleed kit. One for mineral oil, one for dot fluid. Maybe someone should explain to Park what universal means.
  • 5 2
 The Orange is sweet!!
  • 2 0
 How about a review on that Saracen?I want one.
  • 2 1
 Why does that Saracen look like a 5 year old Rocky?
  • 1 0
 From whence comes the name Thule? Not the society I hope.
  • 2 3
 Parktool is making some fine tools but its still most overpriced brand in the most overpriced industy.

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